15 Unique Bathroom Vanities Ideas

A contemporary modern bathroom design for a country home cabin. featuring a classic freestanding vanity and linen storage cabinet.

Your bathroom might have all the space, but the right vanities help put that space to good use. Large or small bathrooms, your choice of bathroom essentials either makes or mars your bathroom design. The following bathroom vanity decor ideas were carefully collated to reflect modern, antique, minimalist and other bathroom styles. Continue reading to find out the must-haves when drawing your bathroom plan.

Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Your Home

Finding balance in your bathroom space is when a vanity unit is at its best. Their designs and how they complement each other and your bathroom makes them a no brainer. But the many options leave homeowners with a choice overload, and it’s for this reason I have compiled this exhaustive list of trendy vanity ideas.

1. Double Vanity

Picture of a colorful bathroom with a double sink

The double vanity is one of those bathroom musts many people wished they had. But the amount of space required to install this bathroom vanity unit restricts it to only medium or large-sized bathrooms. If you have a tiny bathroom, you would need to check other options for you on this list. This bathroom vanity unit is highly sought after because of how much counter space it leaves the user(s). It is perfect for a bathroom shared by two people. If you have been considering his and her bathroom, a double vanity unit is not an option but a necessity.

2. Traditional Vanity

Master bath sink vanity with chandeliers either side

If you want a piece to take centre stage in your bathroom, you should look no further than adding a traditional vanity to the mix. These vanity ideas are reminiscent of the old, antiquated furniture style. It is this very property that makes them a beauty to look at. The colours are usually airy and necessitate that you make adjustments in your colour choices to reflect this colour feature. The presence of a traditional vanity adds some character to your bathroom design and is sure to get the everyday onlooker, and professional interior decorators fascinated.

3. Floating Vanity

Round mirror with wood floating vanity

A floating vanity is your go-to when you are trying to beautify your bathroom and free up space for additional storage. This feature makes this unit perfect for small spaces. You can easily store your bathroom supplies in the space created by this unit. It is crucial that you do not clutter the space and have items lying around. You can use baskets to store items away in an orderly fashion. Check out these vanity design inspirations to figure how best to incorporate this unit in your bathroom plan.

4. All White Vanity

Luxury white family bathroom styled with greenery and a wooden stool

This is one of the easiest bathroom looks to pull off. It requires the owner to paint the whole bathroom white for modern white bathroom ideas that are stylish. The advantage to having a white bathroom is that it is relatively little work. You don’t have to worry about contrasting colours. You just need to ensure that the drawer, mirror frame, dresser, bathroom cabinets and every other piece of hardware is white or coated white. Having white walls, white framed mirrors, and a white basin is more than aesthetics. It reflects light coming into the room and gives your bathroom the illusion of space. This feature of this ultra-modern look makes it perfect for a small bathroom and also large bathrooms. Setting up your home to sport this look involves only one step, shopping for any white bathroom vanity you can lay your hands on.

5. Matte Black Vanity

Luxury, black bathroom, with a double sink

Are you going for a cosy look? Then a matte black vanity is just the thing for you. Having matte black vanities in your bathroom means they will absorb the light, and you will need your lighting fixtures working overtime to keep your space lit up. The result is a bathroom that’s warm, stands out and looks really good. You can decide to go full matte black for all the vanities and accessories or use some contrasting colours to make the vanities pop. This works especially well with mens bathroom decor ideas.

6. DIY Bathroom Vanities

DIY style wooden bathroom vanity under sink

Sometimes the best way to get a bathroom vanity is to make one. You can design your custom vanity from reclaimed wood, recycled glass or marble. In one swoop, you are beautifying your home and bathroom and caring for the environment at the same. In the end, you have a bathroom designed by you. An excellent conversation starter, and this way, you don’t settle. You have your bathroom the only way you want it.

7. Contemporary Vanity Unit

Modern bathroom interior design with wooden vanity and rattan basket

Most people hear contemporary bathroom vanity, and their mind flashes to boring or the mundane. This is often not the case. Contemporary bathroom vanity ideas are modern looks that can bring your bathroom up to date with the introduction of one or more bathroom vanity installations.

8. Antique Dresser Style Bathroom Vanity

Old wooden vanity storage cabinet with gold tap

The inclusion of an antique dresser in your bathroom plan is guaranteed to help your bathroom stand out. This vanity unit helps with space as the drawers offer the users a lot of storage space to avoid the countertops or bathroom space. The presence of an antique dresser style bathroom vanity is often seen as an indication of class and style.

9. Rustic Wood Bathroom Vanity

Rustic double vanity with black taps

The best way to pull off this rustic look is with a wood vanity, single or double, that is fitted with door ring handles and iron hinges. The design makes this piece a functional and artistic piece that is guaranteed to help your bathroom look better when properly fitted. You can complete this look with a sink and a mirror above this vanity or attached.

10. Marble Countertop Sleek Vanity Unit

Modern grey designer bathroom with herringbone shower tiling

Imagine a bathroom, and the first image that creeps in your head is a white marble countertop. This is because marble is a natural stone and, as such, more resistant to heat, scratches, breaking and cracking. Despite being durable, it is soft and can be shaped into anything your mind can fathom. This blend of customizability and functionality is why you should consider having a marble countertop vanity unit in your bathroom.

11. Open Shelf Vanity Ideas

Open shelf vanity with white towels

Cabinet doors are overrated. Sure, you get to show off the handles and the wood finishes on the door but take them out of the mix, and you have open shelving vanities. Vanities with open shelves are the embodiment of space as you can see more of the room at every glance. They keep the room looking airy, and you can easily figure out where you kept your bathroom necessaries at every glance.

12. Unique Shape Vanities

A contemporary modern bathroom design. featuring a contemporary classic vanity and bathroom fixture, large mirror, and separate shower room

Break out of the norm, everyone has regular-shaped bathroom vanities, but you can defy this expectation with uniquely and sometimes oddly shaped vanities. You can construct your sinks in a barrel, diamond-shaped or a triangle. This guarantees that your bathroom experience is unlike anything else anyone would have come across and is truly custom/unique.

13. Vanity Storage Unit With Vessel Sink

White vanity with black countertop and a white vessel sink.

You can swap out your drop-in sink for a vessel sink. They are less common and would give your bathroom a facelift. The design means they take up less space than drop-in sinks and offer the user more storage. And because they are not recessed in the vanity, they are mobile, and their location can be changed more readily.

14. Bathroom Vanity With Storage Baskets

A contemporary modern bathroom design. featuring a round mirror, an above counter vessel sink, custom built vanity with storage.

One problem most homeowners run into sooner or later as long as bathrooms are concerned is storage. When the family settles in, they begin to use up space until there’s none left. One simple way to give yourself more room is the introduction of storage baskets. They are simple, inexpensive and easy to implement, and each basket offers plenty extra storage.

15. Make It About The Mirror Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom wall with two round mirrors over the two vanities and a narrow shelving

Your mirror is important. It is going to be used by nearly everyone that uses your bathroom, and you do not want it looking hurried. You should take your time with the quality of the mirror and the style of the frame. A framed mirror gives the bathroom more spunk and makes your vanity look classy than without the frames. The correct introduction of a mirrored vanity into your bathroom plan will reflect light around your bathroom, lighting it up and making it look bigger than it actually is when viewed.


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