Simplisafe vs ADT: Which Home Security System is Right for You? (2023 updated)

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If you’re looking to start or upgrade your home security system, ADT and Simplisafe are both names that come up in discussion quite often. Both are great options, but which one is right for you? This article will compare these two companies and look at what they have to offer so you can make an informed decision about the right system for your needs.

Are you looking for a home security system that you can trust?

Finding the right security option for your house is not an easy task. There are numerous home security companies offering a variety of home security systems and emergency services. It is not about just fitting security cameras with a good resolution. Instead, you need to find the right security system that is good enough for professional monitoring. The type of security system you choose should depend on your personal preferences and your budget.

SimpliSafe and ADT are two of the most popular home security systems available. If you’re looking to protect a small apartment or a big house, either company can provide what you need. Learn more about their services, pricing, and installation practices in order to make an informed decision about which home security system makes sense for you. While you cannot analyze the entire home security system to buy just one piece of security equipment, you need to compare best home security systems to find the a security monitoring device and service ideal for your house.

Why do you need a home security system?

If you live in a safe neighborhood or have close neighbors, it might not seem like you need a home security system. But everyone should be protected, regardless of where they live or what type of neighborhood they’re in. A burglar alarm doesn’t just protect your valuables from being stolen; it also helps deter crime, by letting criminals know that your home isn’t an easy target. That’s why we’re here to tell you about SimpliSafe vs ADT—both companies are respected providers of home security systems, but there are a few key differences between them that might make one more appropriate for your needs than another.

Now, let’s look at the following companies – ADT security and Simplisafe, two of the best home security providers that are rated A+ by better business bureau and come with impressive monitoring services in the entire home security market.

Simplisafe Home Security System

Simplisafe systems, one of the best home security companies, can provide professional monitoring for all your rooms, including every door and window. In addition, Simplisafe offers a monitoring center where a trained professional monitors all your equipment 24/7 through security cameras.

SimpliSafe Security System

Simplisafe Pros

1.     Simplisafe security company offers professional monitoring all around the clock. The monitoring center will confirm with the owner before they can phone and alert the police in case of a break-in. In addition, the 24 7 professional monitoring system by Simplisafe is contract-free. You don’t have to sign any 36-month contract or sign any month-to-month contract.

2.     Simplisafe systems have indoor cameras to monitor your home in and out without any blind spots. Simplisafe monitoring includes motion sensors that will pick on human movement and ignore animals. So, a pet at home will not cause the alarm to go off because the motion detector picked some activity.

3.     The Simplisafe system is smart home equipment that can work even during a power outage.

4.     It comes with step-by-step instructions to enable DIY installation. You can install it on your own in no time and save a sizeable installation fee compared to a professional installation.

5.   Simplisafe provides you with a self-monitoring option to record and store live video for 30 days. You can access the footage from your mobile or computer.

6. The equipment selection packages start with just a basic monitoring set of equipment. If you have more area to monitor, you can opt for the basic essentials package or choose the hearth or Knox packages.

SimpliSafe Cons

1.     If you want to use the voice control on Simplisafe monitoring systems, you need to integrate it with Amazon, Alexa, Google, echo dot, or your apple watch. Simplisafe innovative home features do not include a smart lock control.

2.     Simplisafe equipment is not suitable for outdoors. Therefore, you will have to provide it extra protection from the rain.

3.     The customer support at Simplisafe is not very impressive. Though they offer phone support in case of equipment malfunctioning, you might have to wait for a long time before getting connected.

4.     If you want to get the best of Simplisafe home security monitoring, you need to avail Simplisafe’s interactive plan. Among Simplisafe’s many plans, this is the only plan that includes all professional monitoring options.

Best Uses Of Simplisafe

Simplisafe is a smart home automation professional monitoring wireless system that enables you to step out of your home without worrying about security. The mobile app access allows you to keep a watch over your home at all times at a very reasonable rate. You can use something as basic as the essentials package to monitor your home when you are away.

ADT Monitoring System

One of the traditional companies that offer security systems, ADT is the number one smart home security provider, well recognized for its professional monitoring services. Whether you are looking for a self-monitoring service or 24 7 professional monitoring, ADT home security can be an excellent option for you. ADT monitoring centers keep a professional watch over your home at all times.

The ADT system includes gas sensors, a panic button, smoke detectors, water leak detectors, smart plugs, yard signs, entryway contacts, and window decals. The ADT cameras come with high resolution, night vision, and a 2-way audio option. In addition, you can opt to self-monitor with their mobile App no matter where you are.

Want more? The ADT systems include motion sensors, touch screen security panels and various other hardware components. Their connectivity features include Alexa, Amazon, Google, and smart home integrations with as many as 10 different home security products. In addition, they offer professional installation service for all their equipment.

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ADT Pros And Cons

Let’s look into the ADT home security pros and cons.

ADT Pros

1.     ADT offers 24 7 professional monitoring service with mobile app access, smart home automation, and live video security to protect your home.  ADT home security enables you to control the system using their App, no matter where you are.

2.     ADT has a 24/7 customer care support, over the phone, and live chat. You can reach them anytime your ADT equipment does not function properly.

3.     Since ADT leases its equipment, you don’t have to purchase it right away. Your initial expenditure is low, and you can pay for the equipment along with the professional monitoring charges over your three-year contract.

4.     ADT systems are professionally installed and require no technical work from your end. The professional team will install and connect the devices, check if everything, including the alarm, is working correctly, and take you through the entire setup. In addition, they will brief you on how to use the mobile App, the control panel, touch screen, etc.

5.    ADT company provides multiple fully customizable a-la-carte options such as a key fob, motion sensor, remote control, glass break sensor, entry sensors, panic button, ADT pulse, etc. In addition, you can customize your package to get complete control and secure your home completely.

ADT Cons

1.     The customer support offered is not up to the mark if you are moving during your long-term contract with ADT home security.

2.     The average professional installation charge is relatively high. The ADT packages start from $28.99 per month. Both put together can be quite a sum to pay on a monthly basis.

3.     ADT systems offer only a six-month guarantee for their smart home devices.

4.     ADT equipment requires professional installation. They are not your typical DIY system. This increases the overall ADT charges.

Best Uses Of ADT Security Systems

ADT monitoring offers professionally installed systems that the ADT monitoring centers continuously track. The ADT professional setup is perfect for those who do not want to worry about anything back home when they are away.

The Best Professional Monitoring System – Comparing SimpliSafe vs ADT

Simplisafe and ADT are two companies that offer home security via professional monitoring and home automation. Let’s compare the two to find out which home security option is best to suit your needs.

What do ADT and SimpliSafe Home security systems have in common?

Both companies have a few key similarities. Some of the SimpliSafe and ADT similarities are as follows:


Both ADT and Simplisafe security equipment include base stations, an entry sensor, a motion sensor, and a wireless keypad. You can additionally opt for indoor security cameras, alarm systems, cellular backup and monitoring centers. Simplisafe and ADT are popular security systems with different equipment packages to choose from as per your need.

For example – With Simplisafe, you can choose the basic essentials package or the Foundation package. The foundation package has more entryway sensors, which can help in better monitoring for large homes.

Professional Monitoring

Both ADT and Simplisafe have six redundant monitoring centers that offer professional monitoring of the whole house using indoor cameras and video surveillance. In addition, both security companies have cellular backups, which ensures your home is protected even during an event of a power outage or flood and calls the police if required.

Smart Home Integration

Both Simplisafe system and ADT offer smart home integrations compatible with Amazon, Alexa, and Google assistant to use voice control options.

Mobile App

Simplisafe and ADT both have mobile App that allows you to access the live footage or recorded video clips from your phone at any time of your choice. In addition, you will get notifications via email alerts or text alerts simultaneously when the entry sensors, window sensors, or any other sensors are tripped or in the event of an alarm going off.

Key Differences: Simplisafe vs ADT

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Here are some of the significant differences when you compare ADT vs Simplisafe home security options.


While Simplisafe is completely contract-free, ADT has a long-term contract. The contract length expands over three years. When you compare the long term contracts or the lack of them, you will end up paying a minimum of $36.99 per month for ADT’s professional monitoring.

Professional Installation

When it comes to installing the home security equipment, Simplisafe falls under the DIY installation category and is easy to install. In contrast, ADT requires professional installation, which can add to your costs. The installation professional will walk you through the base station and all other equipment installation and monitoring setup to ensure you understand the system well.


Another significant difference when it comes to ADT vs Simplisafe is the shopping experience. ADT offers a qualified professional who will check your property, determine your home security needs to quote the price.

Simplisafe is a complete DIY experience. It would be best to decide on the package, equipment, and everything else all by yourself.


For home, security Simplisafe relies on the Wi-Fi network. ADT home security uses both Wi-Fi and Z- wave technology. The Z wave offers better connectivity than Wi-Fi. Z wave devices also provide a smoother feed compared to Wi-Fi.

Professional Monitoring

While Simplisafe outsources its monitoring to COPS monitoring, ADT’s professional monitoring is done in-house. ADT’s night vision is also better than that of Simplisafe.


ADT’s monthly fees cover maintenance of their equipment, while Simplisafe offers no contracts to maintain the devices.


Since Simplisafe sells its system, the equipment offered is limited. Simplisafe does not provide any outdoor cameras apart from the video doorbell. ADT provides both outdoor and indoor cameras, including a video recording facility.

SimpliSafe vs ADT Price plans

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Price is one of the significant factors to consider when selecting the right security company, especially for larger homes. Here is a pricing comparison between the two life safety products:

SimpliSafe’s pricing

Simplisafe offers two monitoring plans – the standard plan and the interactive plan. While the standard plan is the basic monitoring plan, the interactive plan includes smart home integration and a mobile app for better monitoring. Both these plans use the cellular system and not the landline.

Simplisafe packages start at $229 and go all the way up to $489. The standard plan will cost you $14.99 per month, and the interactive plan will cost $24.99 a month. In addition, the interactive package has an alarm verification which allows the cops monitoring center to access your home security equipment if one of the alarms goes off.

You can choose Simplisafe’s plans based on your travel plans. Changing your monthly monitoring package based on requirements enables you to cut back on costs. For example, if you want video storage, you can opt for the cloud storage plan at a monthly monitoring cost of $5. Again you can cancel this video monitoring Simplisafe offers, as per your need.

ADT’s pricing

When you choose ADT home security, your monthly cost can range between $27.99 and $62.99.

ADT has seven different monitoring options you can choose from, four of which have a cellular backup instead of landline monitoring. The ADT essentials and complete monitoring bundle use the landline while the other four use a cellular connection. Unfortunately, out of these, only two plans provide video security. So if you are looking for home automation, you have only one option, which costs $62.99 per month.

The basic monitoring plan does not include mobile App or video either. So, if you want better monitoring options, like remote access, glass break sensors, a good smoke detector, window sensors, your costs will go up accordingly.

The installation of ADT’s base station will cost you $99. The installation fee will vary depending on the number of components and devices you install. The more devices or components you install, the more will be your monitoring fees.

ADT leases its equipment so that you won’t be buying any of the devices. Instead, you will pay installation and monitoring fees for a month upfront.

The base monthly fee will be $36.99 and increase as per the devices and monitoring options you use. In addition, other features like mobile App, home automation, video package, etc., will increase your monthly fees.

ADT vs SimpliSafe contracts and extended warranties

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SimpliSafe has no contract to tie down its users. Apart from no contract, SimpliSafe also offers a 60 – day money-back guarantee. You can buy their DIY systems, test them once it’s installed. If you are not satisfied with its alarms, safety features, hardware, or anything else, you can return it for free. Apart from the money-back guarantee, they will also bear the shipping costs.

SimpliSafe equipment carries a three-year warranty. However, the warranty is limited.

ADT has a three-year contract that binds its customers in its contracts. If you wish to cancel the contract before the completion of three years, you won’t receive compensation. Instead, you will have to pay 75% of the pending monthly fees as compensation. The company will earn money at your expense.

ADT does not offer an exclusive warranty for its equipment. Instead, you can opt for the Quality Service Plan, which will increase your monthly costs by $5. In case of an equipment malfunction within the first six months, ADT has a money-back guarantee. The six-month guarantee is applicable only if ADT can’t get the system to work properly.

The biggest issue is the customer reviews and ratings due to insufficient customer support. According to customer reviews, the customer complaints are eventually resolved. Most customers are ok with it as long as the customer support handles their issues.

ADT vs SimpliSafe home automation

Man's hand hold mobile phone and using smart home application showing virtual screen. House control and Automation system

ADT offers home automation where its devices like wireless keypad, wireless keychain, and wireless keychain remote are linked via the Z wave technology. It can communicate with other Z wave devices too.

The ADT Pulse App allows you to control your thermostat devices through your smartphone when you are away. As a result, you can reduce the temperature on your device and save on energy even when you are not home. The ADT pulse App can even communicate with your smart light bulbs when you are away. These are some added benefits to the security features offered.

SimpliSafe App features are currently limited. However, young the SimpliSafe App for voice control via Amazon, Alexa, Google, and smart lock.

When you compare SimpliSafe ADT home automation features, ADT is a clear winner.

Best Product: SimpliSafe beats ADT

Standard quality control certification assurance guarantee

When you compare SimpliSafe ADT, Simplisafe company wins the battle marginally. The main reason is the costs and the DIY feature that enables every homeowner to have a good home security system.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice. Whether you want a DIY simple alarm system to protect your house or a portable security system with many impressive features, it is your call.

The good news is, home security SimpliSafe is one of the best systems in the world. It aims to provide service and benefits to even those on a budget. Though it offers few options to its customers for safety, it’s highly rated among customers for its affordable pricing and reliable hardware.

On the other hand, if you are keen on a professionally installed digital care system for your home, ADT company provides the best packages money can buy. Though the pricing is high, ADT is highly rated by its consumers for its ability to protect and satisfy the different needs of its customers.

Both companies are excellent choices, but SimpliSafe is the better choice when looking for customer ratings, competitive prices, easy DIY installing functionality, and a budget-friendly option.

Why we choose SimpliSafe Vs. ADT: How we decide on a Winner?

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Simplisafe company offers packages at an affordable cost. You can choose from the essential package, foundation package, Knox package, hearth package, or video package based on how much security you want for your home. It is an easy-to-install system that can protect your site and your family in case of an emergency like leaks, fire, flood, etc.

Once installed, it can secure your door at all times. You can operate your door via Google assistant; there is no need for physical presence. It is contract-free and allows you to upgrade if needed.

Both companies offer impressive packages and services. However, SimpliSafe – a relative newcomer to this business, wins by a close margin due to its simplicity, reliability, cost comparison, lack of long wait times, ratings, ease to install and buy with just a few links to click. The most significant difference is the prices offered by each company.

I hope you found this article helpful to decide on the perfect security system for your personal and business needs. You can find more information and tools in various links on the companies’ websites. Finally, you are armed with enough information to make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ADT as good as SimpliSafe?

ADT has many impressive features and many components to choose from. Though it requires professional installation at the site and is expensive compared to SimpliSafe, it offers good protection. In addition, it has more technology options than Simplisafe. The service package also has more options to suit your needs. So, yes, it is good, but SimpliSafe is simple and cost-effective.

Can either ADT or SimpliSafe security system be hacked?

Yes, they can be. Hacking has been common in this industry in recent years. Users have to take steps to prevent this from happening actively.

What is a better home security system than SimpliSafe?

Some of your other purchase options to consider in this industry are Vivint and Frontpoint.

Why is SimpliSafe bad? If at all…

Overall, SimpliSafe is an excellent choice when it comes to home security. However, there are a couple of small flaws with the system. First, there aren’t as many options for creating a fully-automated smart home with this system, and the initial cost and running costs can be quite high compared to other brands. The video quality is also not as good as you might expect in this day and age.

Is SimpliSafe compatible with ADT?

In general, SimpliSafe and ADT devices are not mutually compatible. That’s because the two run on different systems. For example, ADT uses Z-Wave to connect devices, whereas SimpliSafe runs on a cellular network.

However, both ADT and SimpliSafe can be used with voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. So, no matter which system you choose, you can control it quickly and easily using voice commands.

Can SimpliSafe still be hacked?

Hacking is a big concern with home security systems. However, hacking is considerably less likely with an ADT system; ADT far outperforms SimpliSafe in this regard. A few years ago, it was found that the system could be hacked with a very cheap dongle. However, SimpliSafe claims no reports of hacking in this way have been made. It’s best to do some thorough research before committing.

Who is ADT biggest competitor?

While ADT might be one of the main names in home security, which other brands compete with the security giant? As well as SimpliSafe, brands such as Vivint, Frontpoint, and Brinks Home Security are also worth considering.

However, it’s essential to do your research, as each company has pros and cons. For example, frontpoint and Vivint don’t require customers to take out a contract, whereas Brinks does. However, Vivint requires professional installation, yet Frontpoint and Brinks security systems can be self-installed.

How much does it cost to install a Simplisafe or an ADT system?

Most home security companies will have a basic security system that starts at around $30 to $40 per month. The higher-end systems, with additional features such as touchscreens and Internet connectivity, can cost upwards of $50 per month. Some companies also charge an installation fee in addition to their regular monthly charges. While there’s no set range for these fees, on average they can run between $200 and $350. Remember that you don’t need to pay these up front; many security companies offer payment plans so you can get your new system installed without paying a large lump sum all at once.

What are the differences between the two major systems, Simplisafe and ADT?

Simplisafe, founded in 2004, and ADT (American Descent and Trust), founded in 1874, are two of America’s most popular security systems. The biggest difference between these companies, however, isn’t their age or number of customers—it’s that Simplisafe doesn’t require a contract. Without one of these contracts tying you down, there are fewer inconveniences when it comes time to move out. Unfortunately neither service uses wireless equipment—they both require you to plug sensors into outlets around your home. However there are many other features that might be important to you. For example Simplisafe offers motion sensors as an add-on—ADT does not.

Pros & Cons of ADT Alarm Services vs. SimpliSafe Home Security

When comparing SimpliSafe and ADT, it’s clear that both companies provide excellent services. However, what they offer isn’t exactly equal. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite aspects of each company’s home security system. We’ll also outline what we see as a few downsides to each service as well so you can get a complete overview of what to expect from either option. If you have any further questions about either service after reading our guide, be sure to reach out to us!

The Bottom Line on SimpliSafe vs. ADT: Who to choose and trust?

It comes down to what you’re looking for in a home security system. If ease of use and no-frills protection are important, SimpliSafe is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a top-notch system with extensive monitoring capabilities, 24/7 support and added perks such as home automation integration, ADT is where it’s at. Whichever company you choose (and remember, there are tons of great options beyond SimpliSafe and ADT), make sure they offer free equipment installation so that it doesn’t add to your upfront costs.



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