Comparing Ring vs Nest Security System in 2023 (updated)

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Both the Ring alarm system and Nest Secure are well-known brands when it comes to home security systems. However, it can be difficult to determine which one you should choose if you’re trying to decide between the two. In this article, we’ll go over their similarities and differences in detail so that you can make an informed decision about which security system best fits your needs, preferences, and budget. Offering slightly different features and benefits, these tech giants both offer DIY installation, affordable equipment and home automation features. With so many home security options available we have created this review to give homeowners peace of mind when choosing which systems to go with when protecting their house.

We will give you all the information to decide what’s better Nest or Ring home security systems. This article will discuss the major difference and similarities between the two brands to help you make the right decision for you. Along with that, we have spent time looking at features and costs to support your decision making.

Google Nest vs Ring: Difference between Ring and Nest home security systems

Key to the house with a keychain on a lamp

Both Ring and Google Nest have similar features, however, the key differences are:

Price – Ring’s prices start at $200 cheaper when you compare to Nest Secure. Nest is definitely the more pricey of the two systems.

Video quality – Both Nest Secure and Ring offer great HD video recording quality, however, the Nest Video doorbell has facial recognition.

Two-way talk –Ring’s cameras all offer two-way talk meaning you can communicate with people from the app. With Nest’s you have the ability to record a message that it will playback.

Professional monitoring plans – Both Nest Secure and Ring Alarm offer self-monitor options. Nest cameras also have professional monitoring options for additional prices. The Ring alarm professional monitoring start from $10 per month whereas the Nest Secure starts from $19 per month.

Technology – Ring runs on Z Wave technology meaning it can connect to numerous smart home third party tech. The integration possibilities are endless.

Nest Secure vs Ring Overview

When we compare Ring and Nest home security systems we have looked at the two systems side by side reviewing, price offerings, features, equipment and monitoring options to allow you to make a fair assessment based on your needs.

Nest Secure Overview

Close-up of outdoor edition of the Nest home security camera from Google Inc

Our Take:

The Google Nest Secure security systems are Google’s offering to the home security world. With smart home compatibility and the nest app to control everything from your smartphone, you won’t be disappointed. The Google Nest Secure system can be DIY installed. If you do require professional installation, then Google partners with Nest technical specialists to install the system and devices, starting at a price of $99.

Nest Advantages

Nest’s main strengths include a user-friendly interface and strong integration with other Nest products. Once you set up your camera, Nest Cam will automatically turn on when you get home and off when no one is at home. Additionally, Nest Cam works well with most third-party smart home devices such as lights and thermostats. Most importantly, Nest Cam has excellent video quality with 1080p resolution during daytime and 4K resolution at night—and that night vision is very impressive.

Nest Disadvantages

Nest’s biggest disadvantage is that it’s more expensive than some competitors. Both Nest Secure and a Nest Guard cost $499 (including installation), while other DIY systems like iSmartAlarm can be installed for as little as $99. Additionally, Nest products are lacking in integration with non-Google devices, which might be important if you’ve invested in Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings. The lack of security cameras means you’ll have to choose between several standalone solutions like Ring or Arlo—none of which offer anything close to what a complete system would provide.

Best Features:

The facial recognition on the video capture with the doorbell

Option of 24 7 professional monitoring

Google Home and Google Assistant compatibility

Nest key fob

Nest app

Option of outdoor and indoor security cameras

Ring Alarm System Overview

"Protected by Ring" Yard Sign

Our Take:

Ring comes from one of the most well-known brand names out there, Amazon! Most people will think of the Ring video doorbell when they hear the name. It is by far the most affordable product they have, and it is effortless to use. Ring offers a complete home security suite of devices such as Ring alarm, Ring cameras, along with outdoor contact sensors and motion sensors.

The security cameras you get with any of the Ring products send notifications you can customize on your phone through the Ring App. One of the few differences with a Nest vs Ring camera is that Nest cameras have facial recognition.

Ring Advantages

When you start considering home security systems, cost is a top priority—and Ring doesn’t disappoint. For $100 per year, Ring users get cloud storage of their footage for an unlimited number of Ring cameras. This feature allows users to review footage from any device at any time, which is especially handy if you don’t have access to your phone or computer when an event occurs.

Ring’s motion detection system also makes it a standout among competitors. The system can identify suspicious activity and notify users as soon as possible so they can respond accordingly. And unlike other providers that offer similar features for a monthly fee, Ring offers free cloud storage via its premium plan and charges only for video recording if users need it.

Ring Disadvantages

Like most other smart home security systems, Ring offers a bevy of features including live video feed and battery backup. However, it isn’t compatible with an Amazon Alexa voice assistant or Apple HomeKit; there are also reports that its motion-sensing capabilities can be erratic. Also, while Ring boasts thousands of device integrations via Z-Wave and Zigbee technology, there is a very limited list of compatible devices for Alexa users (although Google Assistant support will reportedly be coming soon).

Finally, like other DIY setups, you’ll need to either pay someone to install it or do so yourself—and if you opt for self-installation, a $300 charge applies.

Best Features:

The Ring cameras with night vision, video cloud storage

The Amazon-owned Ring Alarm

Easy DIY installation

Video doorbells from as low as $99

No long term contracts

Option of professional monitoring from $10 per month

Ring vs Nest Packages

House and shield

Ring Packages

Ring Alarm offer 3 different spec packages. Each has 3 different offerings in small, medium and large. Depending on which you choose it will increase the amount of sensors.

The “Get Started” ring alarm pack comes with:

  • Small – 1x Base Station, 1x Keypad, 1x motion detector, 1x range extender and one contact sensor.
  • Medium – Small Plus 1x motion detector and 1x contact sensor
  • Large – Medium Plus 1x motion detector and 2x contact sensors

The “Get the Picture” ring alarm pack comes with:

  • As above plus add 1x Indoor cam to each package.

The “Get Complete” ring alarm pack comes with:

  • As above plus add 1x Video doorbell to each size package

You can also choose the following motion activated components that can be purchased at a further cost:

  • Outdoor cameras
  • Indoor cameras
  • Smart lighting

You can connect all of your other smart home devices using the amazon alexa app to provide full smart home automation. Equipment such as, smart door locks, smart thermostats, indoor and outdoor lighting and any other smart devices you have can use Alexa for integration.

Nest Packages

Google Nest Secure offers a front door package and an outdoor package along with an alarm security kit. You can add additional Nest smart home devices at a cost.

The front door Nest Secure security system contains:

  • Nest video doorbell
  • Nest hub

The outdoor security system contains:

  • Nest doorbell
  • Nest Cam
  • Nest speaker

The Nest Secure alarm system gives you:

  • Nest Guard which is the hub
  • 2 Nest detect sensors
  • Two Nest tags or a key fob that allow you to arm and disarm the alarm system

Nest also offer other smart home tech such as, additional cameras, indoor cam, carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensor options, window sensors and Nest thermostat.

Nest vs Ring: Comparing the Doorbell

Homeowner seen testing a newly installed WiFi smart doorbell

Both offerings are very accomplished the main decider being costs with Nest starting at $229 and Ring coming in at an extremely affordable $99. Ring’s also offers both battery operated and wired versions making it extremely easy to be installed. Video history access is also free with Ring albeit the camera isn’t quite as good in terms of quality.


Price – From $99

Monthly Fees – $3- £10

Installation – DIY

Audio Feature – Noise cancellation and 2 way talk

Video – 1080p

Additional – Motion zones you can customize


Price – $229

Monthly Fees – $6 – $12

Installation – DIY

Audio Feature – Message playback and noise cancellation

Video – HDR 1600 x 1200

Additional – Facial recognition

Ring vs Nest Pricing

3D Word COST with Target and Dart

Ring Cost

If you are looking for affordability, then look no further than the Amazon Ring system.

Products – Ring equipment prices range from $99 up to $300+ and the ring subscription price goes from $0 for DIY monitoring up to $10 per month.

Monthly services – You can pay as little as $3 to ensure video storage for up to 30 days. If you subscribe to Protect Plus for , it has some add ons to the basic contract. Professional monitoring is only available with Protect plus as is cellular backup.

Installation – Install yourself for free or

Contract – You are not tied into a contract as it works month to month. No long term contract fees apply.

Nest Cost

Nest and Ring both offer reasonable prices although Nest is the more pricey of the two.

Google Nest Secure offers a front door package and an outdoor package along with an alarm security kit. You can purchase additional Nest smart home devices for extra money.

Products – Nest’s equipment start at $298.99 and range up to $400+. Nest Secure subscription price goes from $19 – $29 per month.

Monthly services – You get video storage and professional monitoring from $19 per month with Nest Aware.

Installation – Install for free yourself or professional installation starts at $99 from approved partners.

Contract – You can either sign up to a three year contract or Nest’s contracts also work month to month.

Nest vs Ring: How Does It Work?

Home Security System Keypad

How Does Ring Work?

The Ring Alarm system works with a keypad and a chosen pin. You then use the pin to arm or disarm the Ring Alarm.

You can either opt to self monitor your home security and in this case, you will be notified when your alarm security system is triggered. Alerts will be received to your phone or whichever device you have chosen to download the app to.

If you have opted for Ring Protect Plus then you can check the alerts and if you deem it to be an emergency a Ring Protect Plus colleague will contact the police on your behalf if there is a threat to your home.

How Does Nest Work?

Nest secure and Ring Alarm work in a really similar way, however, The Nest Secure alarm is armed using either the Nest tag or Nest Guard/Hub. You either type in a 4 digit passcode to the keypad or you swipe the tag over your smart locks.

If motion detectors pick up movement it alerts the system and a notification is sent to the Nest App asking for the passcode. If the user does not input the password, then the professional monitoring services are notified. If no one can be reached then they will contact the authorities on your behalf.

FAQs: Nest Secure and Ring Home Security System

What Do Ring and Nest Security Systems Have in Common?

Both Ring and Nest secure offer DIY installation, smart home integration and neither require a contract. Both offer convenience with an excellent mobile app. There are products for both indoor and outdoor use and various monitoring options for your house.

What are the key differences between the Nest and Ring?

The most significant difference between Nest secure and Ring is pricing. For example, Amazon Rings price point for a basic Ring Alarm package starts at $199, whereas Google Nest Secure system starts at $399. The other differences are within the settings, products and quality of video. The above guide goes into more depth on these.

Does Nest security system work better than Ring?

Google Nest secure and Ring work fairly similarly. The Ring Alarm home security system works from the base station whereas the Nest’s works from the hub. There is not much in it in terms of functionality. It really comes down to how customizable the system is and we would go with Ring on that.

Which is the safer, Ring or Nest?

As home security systems go, both Google Nest and Ring offer very similar features and equipment. Nest offers higher quality video but a lot less products and choice. Ring offers flexibility for a reasonable fee and the support is great. It is really down to personal choice.

Is Nest being discontinued?

Google Nest Secure will continue to offer support to customers but will no longer be producing home security products. However, Google will continue to sell the Nest Hello video doorbell. All other components with be discontinued.

Does Nest have a monthly fee?

If you opt to have professional monitoring services, then you will pay between $19 – $29 per month. You can opt to go without a contract at all if DIY monitoring.

Can Ring security system and Nest work together?

The answer is a little trickier than a straightforward yes or no. Whilst Ring and Google Nest secure will not integrate directly. You can get them to interact through a third party. For example, Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo can act as a hub for Nest systems and products. Likewise, Google Home with Google Assistant can be used to integrate Ring home security systems. You can add devices from each home security system to these hubs, and you can then control them through these. It will also give you voice command over them.

Conclusion on Ring vs. Nest

Ring appears to be the more affordable overall. You can integrate your cameras into the alarm kit with ring and the camera options offer a great 180 degree motion. Ring’s equipment is highly customizable and as such you have much more flexibility. The home automation options are endless as it connects to more equipment outside of Ring’s products. The better option for your smart home appears to be Ring.

While there are many differences between Ring and Nest, choosing a smart security system depends largely on your personal preferences. If you’re looking for something simple to install and with straightforward monitoring, go with Ring. However, if you want something that allows more customization or has access to integrations, you’ll want to pick Nest. Either way, remember that both products can offer serious protection—the choice is up to you!

That said, if it is just a door bell you are looking for, then Nest does have better video quality and an extended warranty.

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