Men’s bathroom decorating ideas in 2023

Bathroom with white subway tiles and black floating vanity shelf.

When you think bathroom, you typically go to a feminine space for relaxing. A large tub full of bubbles. However, the bathroom is not just a room for the ladies. It can be a great place for men too.

A masculine bathroom evokes modern metal, minimalist style, a darker color palette and clean lines. But, of course, men need to express their personal style in their home as much as women and what better place to start than the master bathroom.

What are the components of masculine bathroom design?

A masculine bathroom can be based on the actual suite itself or some bathroom accessories. However you plan to design your bathroom from a complete renovation to a simple update, we have listed some unique elements and design ideas for you to create the perfect men’s bathroom.

15 Masculine Bathroom decor ideas

Here are 15 bathroom design ideas to make men spend more time grooming and relaxing in their bachelor pad.

1. Industrial bathroom design

Open plan bathroom with metal freestanding bath and industrial sink shelf.

The industrial design of this room is complemented by the use of metals and woods make it feel durable and tough. The combination of the open space and the materials used creates a warm but manly vibe.

2. Dark wood men’s bathroom ideas

Stylish grey wooden bathroom with round mirror and countertop basin

The gray wood used in this bathroom is sophisticated and classic whilst retaining a men’s style feeling. In addition, the wood on this bathroom’s wall behind the sink produces a rustic design whilst maintaining a contemporary look.

3. Gray and concrete bathroom design

Concrete sinks in a minimalist bathroom.

This contemporary bathroom with dark gray concrete-like large tiles is very trendy. However, the concrete sink and the black storage cabinet with drawers have a masculine feel—another practical yet macho idea.

4. Dark metal elements

Grey vanity unit in shower room.

The dark metal faucets in the shower and sink area take the style of this bathroom to another level. The subway tile on the wall coupled with a darker floor tile is a classic look.

5. Masculine bathroom accessories

Masculine bathroom accessories in grey and white marble.

Add a masculine touch by introducing stylish items like soap dishes or toothbrush holders in a clean and macho design and color scheme. This is an easy way to include ideas without spending too much.

6. Minimalist bathroom style

White minimal bathroom suite

This modern, white design allows the room to feel light and airy. Bathrooms like this are still very manly, and the minimalist look is something we all can appreciate.

7. Moody blue modern bathroom design

Modern luxury bathroom interior with toilet bowl, stylish cabinet and basin, bathing shelves in dark blue tiles floor and wall.

The dark blue color of this bathrooms floor, wall and cabinet ideally produce a manly vibe. This blue is a brilliant step away from the standard colors usually used.

8. Black and white bathroom style

Checker floor tile and white wall tile with brick pattern,Decorate with black wood cabinet ,Rooms have large open windows, overlook terrace and nature view.

A classic checker floor tile and wall tile with a brick pattern make this room feel manly without being too over the top. The black wood cabinet and faucets look amazing. Natural light can help when introducing darker colors.

9. Stone and wood masculine bathroom

Contemporary styling combined with functionalism, naturalness and purest aesthetic minimalism. The purity of the lines, neutral colours and finishes with natural materials.

The pale wood accents lift dark gray stone on the walls and floor. This is contemporary styling combined with functionalism. The cleverly placed lighting ensures this bathroom does not look unwelcoming.

10. Black bathroom shelves

Dark and stylish bathroom in gray and black with industrial style lamps.

The industrial metal shelf and lamps make this room feel uber manly. Just adding a shelving unit and some strategic lighting can totally change the appearance of the bathroom. Shelf units are one of those ideas that can be used in all bathrooms.

11. Metal bathroom fixtures and fittings

Metal ladder shelf in white bathroom.

Introducing just one item can produce masculine bathroom decor. This ladder shelf is another way to hang towels to dry but is a perfect addition to an otherwise plain room.

12. Neutral color wetroom

Neutral wetroom with wood vanity unit

This neutral space is still very sleek and manly. So why not ditch the bath for a shower. This walk-in shower is a wonderful environment to get ready for a morning.

13. The masculine bathroom vanity

Grey tiles in bathroom with wood floating shelf vanity under wall mirror.

This modern wood vanity is a step away from rustic toward contemporary. The mirror and vanity area are brilliant for styling hair or brushing teeth.

14. Accessorize with masculine towel ideas

White and black bathroom with black radiator and glass shower.

You can introduce a pop of masculine color to the room by using towels. These accessories do very well, from the dark black towel to the white to bring a manly touch to the room.

15. Modern Bathroom tiles

Luxury Bathroom Interior With Shower, Toilet, Mirror And Yellow Towels.

The stone tiles on all surfaces in this room give a warm feeling. Stone is a very rugged material that goes well in a manly room.

Top design tips for a masculine bathroom

Dark accents, industrial materials and stone materials will give men’s bathrooms the right touch. In addition, we have complied some other brilliant and easy to use tips when designing your masculine bathroom.

Use a masculine-looking tile

Tiles can transform a bathroom and add color accents to a simple suite. If the idea of concrete is a step too far, many amazing ceramic bathroom tiles imitate the style and look just as great. In addition, tiles can be an inexpensive way to make the room look completely different.

Bath or Shower?

This is one of those personal decisions, but if relaxing in a tub is not your thing, and you want something sleek and contemporary, you can go with a walk-in shower or wetroom and create that in color and style of your choosing.

Concentrate on the accessories

You need not break the budget and go for a complete renovation. Instead, you can add some masculine additions to the space. Think of soap dishes, toothbrush holders and matching shelves that complement the bathroom whilst introducing that masculine style.

Add masculine decor to the walls

Adding some art to the walls is a brilliant way to introduce your personality and decor ideas to your bathroom. Some prints in black and white or urban looking art can create a masculine look and feel.

Lighting can change everything

A well-chosen light fitting can transform a bathroom from dull to extraordinary in an instant. Many fabulous lighting ideas will appeal to men’s taste, from industrial looking ceiling lights to wall mounted lights next to the mirror—another way to create a masculine bathroom on a budget.


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