How to live a Bohemian lifestyle

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When the average person hears the term Bohemianism, they instantly think of a hippie in the 60s. The image of a long-haired girl in fringe boots twirling in a field. Free love and peace signs are everywhere. But, as much as that is similar in some of its ideas, the history and origin of the Bohemians actually came from the early 19th century in France. The term Bohemian was used initially to describe those that lived artistic lives, who were creative and often of the lower classes.

In the Czech Republic, Bohemia was a region, and the original Gypsy culture came from there. While some argue that the Gypsies and Bohemians are not the same, they have similar characteristics. Described as vagabonds who disregarded social norms and material possessions. Many Bohemians live life with few permanent ties with a love for music, art, creativity, and spirituality.

4 easy ways to embrace the Boho Lifestyle

Are you are inspired by the lure of natural expression and the unconventional lifestyle of Bohemianism? Then in that case, in this post, we will describe some easy ways to introduce yourself to the Bohemian lifestyle.

Feed the artist within

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Living your life artistically does not necessarily mean you have to buy some paints and an easel and create a beautiful piece of art. Of course, there are plenty of other pursuits that help you live creatively. Many resources are available that focus on literature, writing, poetry, singing, dancing, and books on finding your creative niche. To unlock the creativity of artists, you often need to go on an inner quest that embraces enlightenment.

A simple way to start is by signing yourself up to participate in a new hobby that will make you happy and allow you to express the true Bohemian within.

Develop a sense for wanderlust

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The Bohemian lifestyle would not be complete without a strong desire to roam and travel. Bohemians don’t spend much on material things in life and will be found travelling with little possessions. Perhaps, the sole purpose is to explore and meet like-minded people. As Bohemians care about the environment, they will travel around the world will be socially conscious.

The freedom that roaming from place to place, creating new experiences and living an unconventional life affords is central to the way bohemians lived in the past. But, of course, you can still have a job in the modern-day and want to adopt some of the beliefs bohemians hold. Instead of continually wandering from place to place, you can change the way you visit new places on our planet by doing so in a more sustainable way. Backpacking and staying in hostels and getting involved in the cultures of the places you travel to is the way to go.

Dress in a Bohemian style

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Fashion is an art and a brilliant way of expressing yourself. Bohemian fashion has changed over the years, and modern clothes and trends take inspiration from Bohemian outfits in many ways. When you think of the Bohemian fashion sense, it brings to mind maxi skirts, a wide-brimmed felt hat or a flower crown, a maxi dress, layers and free-flowing fabrics.

The clothing for women and men will be casual and light and have colourful patterns. Men tend to wear ripped jeans and t-shirts with oversized pockets. While women wear an oversized Bohemian dress. Earth colors and neutral tones, along with patterns are the flavour of the day.

Identify your truth and ideals

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The Bohemian way of life is centered around being open-minded and becoming one with nature. You will challenge your philosophy and beliefs to increase your consciousness. The best way to start is to take up practices like Meditation and Yoga. Following some simple spiritual principles and learn your form of self-expression. Spend your free time on the search for inner happiness by exploring books and your community around you to help you cultivate a new perspective and way of thinking.

Finding your true uniqueness calls for you to understand yourself. Then, practise being mindful and getting rid of bad habits like alcohol, drugs or things that don’t increase your overall health.


Real Bohemians will laugh at the conventional rules society dictates to us. We are embracing freedom and appreciating the simpler things in life, focussing on love over wealth. No matter what, living this life style in the modern world means connecting our lives to the natural vibes and reducing our material belongings and connection to consumerism.

The Boho life FAQs

How to be Boho Chic?

If you decide to adopt the boho style, your fashion style is an excellent place to start. Buy some long flowing dresses as your first items. It is not only dressing in the style, though, but it also owns fewer items that have been curated across the years. Vintage clothing and furniture purchased secondhand and comfortable styles are all synonymous with the Boho look.

How can a Bohemian Spirit coexist with modern world technology?

You have a mobile phone, and the thought of getting rid of it scares you; well, you are only human. You may be worried you cant embrace being Bohemian without ridding yourself of material belongings. Well, don’t worry, it is possible to have both. Society today means we need our phones to keep in touch with friends and family. Perhaps you can use the phone less and only when you need to speak to people.

What are the best careers for most bohemians?

Some famous careers are novelist, poets, painters or students. Nowadays, the way of life is not solely defined by your job.


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