Best kitchen cabinet ideas in 2023

Kitchen island with gray and white colors

Your kitchen is the single biggest investment you can make in your home. Whether you love the modern cabinet design or a more traditional style, we have 15 of the best kitchen cabinet design ideas for your home.

How to choose your next kitchen cabinets

The answer to this question very much depends on your homes style and your personality. People living in contemporary homes may want to choose something modern and sleek; however, the more traditional designs can take center stage for those of you who live in a country cottage.

  • The size of your kitchen and your storage needs are also something to consider. If you have a small space, then clean lines may be the order of the day. Those blessed with a bigger room may want to incorporate a dining room or a kitchen island.
  • Your choice of cabinetry, like your style, is unique to you, and there are many cabinet designs and hardware that allow you to express yourself. In addition, there are many cool cabinet design ideas and clever storage solutions from wall to ceiling cupboards to corner drawer designs, and you should consider your kitchen needs and how much you have to store beforehand.
  • If you have a family, you will want to consider the practicalities of your kitchen and its beauty. There are cupboard locks available and soft close drawers that you can incorporate into your design.

With wall cabinets, lower cabinets, open shelving and fixtures to consider, this article can help you make your choice for your new kitchen cabinets.

Best kitchen cabinet design ideas

Before you go hiring an interior designer, we have looked at the current trends in kitchen cabinet design ideas to bring you a round-up of some of the best kitchens, whatever your cabinet style.

1. Modern kitchen cabinet ideas

Interior of modern luxury kitchen in North American private residence.

Modern kitchens come in various cabinetry styles such as slab, open shelving, reclaimed, open-framed and the familiar shaker cabinet. This style is a combination of slab cabinets, open shelving and frosted glass cabinet doors.

The chic grey and white colors and integrated brushed steel fridge and freezer go together perfectly.

2. Traditional kitchen cabinet design ideas

Classic kitchen, scandinavian minimal interior design with wooden details

The classic country cottage style is replicated well with this kitchen. The white cabinets with wood counters combine perfectly, giving it a timeless appeal. In addition, the colors make the kitchen feel bright and airy.

The room is big enough to have the cabinets all along one wall, with the heart of this kitchen being the cooking space.

3. Glass front cabinets

Dining room area design with wooden table and chairs. Small kitchen with dining area and glass cabinets.

The glass doors in these new kitchen cabinets are strategically placed to display the items within. Having a mix of glass-front cabinets and solid doors means you can reserve some of your more unsightly items for the cabinets you would rather not have people see into.

This kitchen uses a combination of traditional and contemporary styles well. The vintage tile backsplash and dark grey color kitchen cabinet work beautifully together.

4. Wood kitchen cabinets

Wide angle view of unoccupied modern kitchen with rustic style including wooden kitchen island and hanging pendant lighting.

This kitchen gives you rustic vibes! The blend of the wood island, kitchen cabinets and wood shelves suit the room. The lighting feature is incredibly quirky and in keeping with the rest of the kitchen.

Accessories like plants add a pop of color that brings beauty and life.

5. Modern kitchen cabinets without handles

Kitchen bay and dining area in living room. Large and luxurious interiors of a living room with attached kitchen and dining table.

The tall cabinets at the top reach up to the ceiling maximizing the space available. The cabinet design in this kitchen merges wood effect and matte cabinet doors.

The island merges the dining room and kitchen into one area, giving you a great food preparation area.

6. Gloss kitchen cabinet ideas

Gloss kitchen cabinets in blue

Everything in this kitchen feels like it is a high gloss, from the backsplash to the cabinets. The gloss creates a reflection, so it is particularly good if you have a small kitchen you want to look bigger. In addition, the curved cupboards produce a contemporary look in the room.

The light blue color is a bit of a step away from the norm and creates interest.

7. Cottage kitchen design

Spacious kitchen design of a log house

This cottage kitchen has quintessential features such as wood beams, brick walls and a Belfast sink. The fashion of the gold and green create a rich and opulent feel, which pull this kitchen into the 21st century.

Blending opulence and richness with the traditional can be done by introducing different materials like wood and then adding gorgeous hardware to the cabinet doors.

8. Stainless steel kitchen

Professional kitchen, view counter in steel

If you want to achieve that professional kitchen look, metal kitchen cabinets will easily create the style. However, you can update the counters if you don’t want to go down the all-metal everywhere look.

Metal is straightforward to maintain, is durable, and there are many options available, making it a brilliant choice.

9. Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinet ideas

Reclaimed wood kitchen with wall shelves

The reclaimed wood and wood counter produces a warm feeling that goes well with this kitchen’s furniture. Likewise, the white subway tile backsplash creates a clean and simple feel.

If you have alcoves, then shelves are a great addition to storage space.

10. All about the hardware

Black kitchen furniture with golden handles, sink, hexagonal wall tiles and black faucet

It is not so much about the kitchen cabinet for this design idea, but the hardware on the cabinet. You can take the simplest kitchen cabinet and update and enhance it with handles.

The hexagonal backsplash in rose gold ties wonderfully with the rose gold handles on the kitchen cabinets.

11. Matte kitchen cabinet ideas

Modern trendy luxury dark gray kitchen with dining table

One of the most contemporary looks for your kitchen is matte kitchen cabinets. The upper cabinets reach the ceiling, fully utilizing all of the space available. The grey/green color of these cabinets are classic and stylish.

Matte kitchen cabinets come in a huge variety of colors to suit every personality and breathe new life into your kitchen.

12. Wood grain

Wood grain effect kitchen cabinets

The current trend is moving toward wood grain as opposed to solid wood. However, many wood effect cabinet designs that capture this style well are out there if you can’t afford real wood.

This kitchen has a traditional design and layout and uses lighting to make the whole room feel spacious.

13. Sliding kitchen cabinet ideas

Grey sliding door cabinet in kitchen

If you are short on space, then sliding doors are a great thing. They maximize the amount of space you have. This feature cabinet slides out to show the bigger kitchen accessories and appliances that you might want hidden.

The sliding doors are alongside traditional cabinets and drawers that open out the way in this kitchen, but you can create a full kitchen with sliding doors in a more narrow room.

14. All about the island

Dark matte grey kitchen island with thick wood top

As kitchen cabinet ideas go, you expect the island to make it onto the list. But, instead, it is a popular addition to a kitchen, coupled with a beautiful interior design and a functional food prep area.

This kitchen cabinet couples as a seating and storage area. the open shelves are brilliant for storing cookbooks and feature accessories and appliances, whilst the drawers can store utensils. The dark color of the cabinets, along with the wood top, work really well.

15. Maple or Cherry wood kitchen cabinets

This amazing kitchen features granite counter tops, stunning woodwork including hardwood cabinets and floor, and custom lighting.

If you are looking for an old school classic kitchen cabinet design, then you can’t go wrong with a maple or cherry hardwood cabinet alongside granite countertops.

The large room allows for multiple cabinets and storage, and it creates a sense of grandeur. Using hardwood is also very durable and long-lasting.

Kitchen Cabinet FAQs

What is the on-trend cabinet style for 2021?

Open shelves are very en vogue right now. With space sometimes an issue, this type of shelving is great for storage in awkward areas. To give that industrial edge, steel shelves can be used to make your room feel like a professional kitchen. If you use wood, it can make the kitchen feel warmer and have a more traditional style. Displaying items like cookbooks, smaller appliances and spice racks are perfect for this.

In terms of cabinetry style, slab doors are practical and easy to clean, but they are a modern cabinet design that every house can have. In addition, the plain, flat surface is timeless. Homeowners are still opting for classic shaker style doors and glass doors to accompany them, although I would say that the more farmhouse trend does seem to be dying out with a more modern twist being applied.

In terms of colors, neutrals are still trendy; however, darker colors like blues, greens and black are not going anywhere. Contrasting colors of white mixed with darker cabinets are very popular just now. In addition, hardware is moving towards brushed gold and copper tones which looks especially sleek with darker cabinets.

Should I replace my kitchen cabinets or do a big renovation?

If you like the functional interior design and layout of the space, perhaps just some new kitchen cabinets will do. It will update the overall look without having to break the bank.

You can either repaint the kitchen cabinet doors, which can be fairly inexpensive, or you can replace the doors. If you are happy with the room’s interior design but want to update the cabinetry, replacing the doors is a good middle ground.

If you want to redesign the interior completely or there is significant damage, then a full kitchen renovation will upgrade the space to the kitchen of your dreams. The average cost of a full kitchen remodel is between $15k – $35k. If it is a brand new layout and overhaul of the kitchen, you will get the professionals to help.


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