How to wash bathroom rugs and bath mats

bathroom rug or bath mat on the bathroom floor

A bath rug or bath mat is a common bathroom accessory, but like most things in the bathroom, bath mats need to be washed occasionally. In this guide to washing bath mats, we will explain in detail all the options and ways to clean bathroom rugs. From cleaning mats by hand or using a washing machine, we have got you covered!

Bath mats absorb extra moisture off your feet when you are fresh out of the bath to prevent slipping and skidding in the bathroom. Bathroom rugs and bath mats can get dirty and can be home to different types of bacteria and disease-causing pathogens, which is why a thorough clean and wash is a good idea.

Cleaning washroom mats and bath mats are not that simple and it varies with the type of mats and rugs. Below are some methods that will tell you how to wash your bathmats properly in the easiest and safest way possible to avoid damage and color loss to your bathroom mat.

Wash Bath mats are used to prevent slipping and are placed on wet areas. you must place them in front of your bathtub and in front of the door. washing bath mats with laundry detergent is important and necessary.

A bathroom rug is another type of bath rug that absorbs water from wet feet and is normally used as a luxury item in the washroom. they also need to be washed with regular laundry detergent and must be soaked in warm water to kill the germs.

Types of Bathroom Mats and Rugs

Microfiber Bath Rugs

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that’s strands are even thinner than silk. Its soft, lush and gentle fiber is specifically made to absorb more water. It also soothes your feet.

Memory Foam Bath Mats

A temporary imprint of the foot is formed when you put feet on memory foam rugs; that’s where it got its name from. A memory foam bath mat is made of synthetic material like polyurethane foam. They are designed to be durable and their spongy texture provides comfort to the foot.

Cotton Bath Mats

Cotton bath mats are the most popular among customers. They are non-synthetic, eco-friendly, and easy to wash. The cotton bath mat has excellent water-absorbing quality.

Chenille bathroom rug

Chenille bathroom rugs are extra soft and velvety. They are highly absorbent. Also, these are an excellent choice for wet or busy bathrooms as they don’t get damaged easily in wet conditions.

Steps to Cleaning a bathroom rug

Bathroom rugs require special attention as they are used in a damp and dirty location of the house. Cleaning bathroom rugs is a process with certain steps. The following care instructions are the steps to ensure perfect sanitation and cleanliness for your bathroom rugs and mats

Step 1: Give it a good Shake Out

Do not start with water. Before putting any cold water on the rug, make sure to dust it off in an open area. This will get you rid of dust and any solid dirt on the rug, and it will be prepped for the next step.

Step 2: Ensure you check the wash tag

Bathroom rugs come in a multitude of varieties. The different rugs are made of different materials, so make sure you check the wash tag that comes with the mat for any specific precautions and instructions related to the material of the mat

Step 3: Wash and clean Bathroom rugs and mats

Wash Away Mold and Mildew

To clean the bath rugs, start with cleaning any built-up molds and mildews. Molds and mildews are fungi that breed in humid conditions. They can be cleaned with laundry detergent and a soft brush. Just try to be gentle on the rug. After getting rid of these, you can machine wash the mat in a machine on a slow spin. A slow spin is suggested to prevent any possible damage to the delicate fibre of the rug.

Step 4: Hang to Dry or use a Tumble Dryer

Your final step to a good as new and clean bathroom rug is to dry it out. This is achieved in multiple ways. For example, You can machine dry it by using a tumble dryer, or you can hang it to dry it out by itself.

How Often Should You Wash Bathroom Rugs?

How often you use the rug will determine how often you should wash it. If a bathroom rug is used multiple times a day, it should be cleaned at least once a week. If its use is less frequent, then the duration of mould and mildew formation can take longer, and it’s OK to wash it in two to four weeks. These statics can change as per the requirement of the situation.

FAQs How to wash bathroom rugs

Can bathroom rugs be washed in the washing machine?

The answer is yes! They can be on a slow spin to ensure no damage to quality. Some bathroom rugs come with a rubber back. These particles of rubber and plastic get stuck in the wash motor and cause serious damage. To prevent possible damage to the washing machine, you should be cautious while machine-washing the rugs.

How to wash bath mats in a washing machine?

To wash a bath mat, prepare your mat or rug by dusting off excess dirt. Now put the rug in the machine with a gentle detergent. Make sure you wash the rug at a slow speed. This will prevent any possible damage to the fabric of the rug. Do not put plastic or rubber mat in the washer or dryer as it could harm the machine.

How often should bathroom rugs be washed?

The washing of a bathroom rug depends upon the use of the rug. If it is used more regularly, then it needs a wash every week. But if its use is less frequently, then you need to wash it every 2 to 4 weeks.

How to hand wash bathroom rugs?

Dust off the rug first. Then soak your rug in water for a few minutes to soften the molds and mildew. Now take your rug and pour some liquid detergent on the molds. Rub these spots with a gentle cleaning brush. Once you are done with the fungus, give a soft rub to the whole rug. Rinse the rug multiple times before drying it.

Can bathroom rugs be washed in the washing machine?

Yes, you can machine wash the bathroom rugs, but for that, you have to watch out for materials such as plastic and rubber as they are harmful to machine motors. Additionally, it is also important to keep the pace of the machine decent or mild while washing bathroom rugs otherwise, the rug will lose its softness or essential materials. You can also add tea tree oil for a better result and try to avoid the use of harsh chemicals; in addition, it would be better to avoid the use of extra hot water.

Why should bathroom mats not be washed?

Washing bathroom mats are important to maintain perfect cleanliness. However, some clean bath rugs are basically plastic rugs and have rubber and plastic elements in them that can cause serious damage to machine motors. Following the basic care instructions before washing bath mats is important.

Is it OK to wash bathroom rugs with towels?

Mixing bathroom rugs and towels in the laundry is not considered ideal. Bathroom rugs are relatively dirtier; for example, they may have built bacteria and fungus, and there may be urine droplets and other dirt too. Thus a separate laundry for both is excellent for decent sanitation.

Can you wash rugs with rubber backing?

Some bathroom rugs come with rubber backing. They can be washed in a machine, but with it comes the risk of serious damage to the motor of the machine. That’s why hand washing is considered a relatively appropriate way to clean bathroom rugs.

Can bathroom rugs go in the dryer?

Obviously, if the rugs are made up of materials other than plastic and rubber, then they can go to the dryer, but normally it is safe for you to get them dry under the sun. For example, rubber-backed rugs are to be dried in an open space instead of a machine dryer as they damage the machine.

How big of a rug can I put in the washing machine?

Depending on the size of the washing machine, you can put a large rug in a large machine or multiple smaller ones at once. Make sure you don’t overload your machine.

How do you clean bath mats with suction cups?

Wash Bath mats with suction cups require a little extra effort. Start with soaking them and add in shallow water with suction cups facing up. Put some detergent on top of it and scrub it for a while. Look for areas with a buildup of mold and scrub them off. Wash the mat and air dry in an open space.

How do you dry a rug after washing it?

The easiest way to dry a rug is to toss it in a machine dryer and spin dry it. However, not all mats are machine friendly thus, drying in an open space is the second favourite option. Blow drying can also be considered an alternative if a fast result is required.

Should you put a mat around the toilet?

The area around the toilet is a breeding ground of germs and bacteria. So if possible, do not put a mat around the toilet to prevent unnecessary breeding of pathogens. And also to keep your feet dry when you come out of the washroom.

Are bath mats unsanitary?

Bathmat holds and breeds a lot of dirt and germs, and so they need to be cleaned regularly. If bath mats are cleaned often, then they are not considered unsanitary.

Should you use a cleaning service to wash your bathroom rugs?

A cleaning service is a good option to consider if you have concerns about proper cleaning or possible damage to the rug. Cleaning rugs can be as simple as everyday laundry. Many bath rugs are machine washable. With a few instructions, service-like results can be produced at home.

For example, always use cold water for washing rugs to preserve fabric quality. Before washing and machine-drying rugs, check the tag for specific warnings regarding the type of fabric in the rug. Finally, always use a fabric softener or fabric conditioner before a final rinse. This will prevent the stiffness of the rug and lock in the original essence of fiber while eliminating odor.

For hand washing rugs, put a few drops of dish soap on a wet rug and scrub it with a fine bristled brush. This works excellent as a stain remover on stain spots. Once the stains are removed, wash the soap residue with water.

Another good way of cleaning is to put baking soda on top of stains. Now take some distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on baking soda. Wear rubber gloves for extra protection and rub the distilled white vinegar over the baking soda. Wash it off after a few minutes. This will disinfect the rug and remove stains or mold marks off the rug.

The most common method is to put it with gentle detergents in a machine and allow the machine to rotate in slow circular motions. Rugs with natural fibre and nonsynthetic material can go into a washing machine. On the other hand, Rugs with plastic and rubber material are to be hand washed.

By following the above-mentioned methods, you can wash your bathroom rugs in a cleaning service fashion. other than that you can also take the help of a professional cleaning service.

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