How To Protect Your Home Without A Security System

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While your best bet is to have a security camera system to protect your home, there are times where that option may not be possible. An instance might be if you have recently moved to a new residence and have yet to install the best self monitored home security system. Or in the case where getting one would put too much strain on the finances. However, you can not afford to leave yourself and your family at the mercy of would-be burglars. So it becomes crucial for you to find ways to secure your home without the need for an electronic security system.

This article gives you all the tips and tricks in the book for how to make your home burglar-proof. In addition, it teaches you ways you can rest assured that the chances of an attempted break-in are significantly reduced. There are many ways to protect your home without the aid of security cameras, and we are going to share those with you.

Home Security Tips For Securing Your Home Without Home Security Systems

You can not afford to gamble with the safety of your house . We have researched and combed the internet for straightforward, functional tips on securing your home without the need for security systems. Our essential guide below will talk you through these:

1. Secure Doors and Windows

Womens hand opening a PVC window

How often have you woken up the following day to find out the windows, exterior doors, or front doors were not locked through the night. Don’t beat yourself up. This is more common than you think. Leaving windows open is a perfect invite for most burglars, and we don’t want to make a burglar’s job any easier.

There are a couple of ways to ensure your windows and doors are secured. The first is as simple as setting a reminder. This reminder will make sure you never forget to close or lock windows and doors before you hit the hay. If this feels like too much of a hassle, you can opt for doors and window sensors to notify you when any door or window has been left open. There are loads of door and window sensors available, and you can purchase them for all windows, especially ground level windows that would give any would-be burglar easy access.

Ensuring you lock gates and doors before you sleep is just half the solution. The other half is ensuring these locks hold up. For this, you need to invest in high-quality locks that can not just withstand wear and tear but also hold up in the case of an attempted break-in. In addition, you can reinforce them by installing jam rods beneath the door or insert broom handles/wood pieces at the base of sliding glass doors to make them inaccessible to intruders. Finally, remember not just to focus on the house. Other outdoor buildings should get the same treatment to deter burglars.

2. Install Outdoor Lights

a view of the front and driveway of a lovely double fronted luxury new home, taken at dusk with all of the interior and exterior lights switched on

One mistake commonly made by homeowners is their overreliance on having the outdoor light on through the night. While it can do an excellent job at deterring burglars, it can be annoying to have a light on all through the evening. Intruders make be drawn in to see if anyone is home. In situations like this, your outdoor lights work against you as it calls attention to your building and lights up the way for the intruder around your premises.

A perfect outdoor light is motion lights. Unlike regular light, they are not just on through the night but switch on suddenly when motion is detected. This is guaranteed to stop the burglar in their tracks and at least have them reconsider approaching your building. In addition, the light coming on suddenly gives the impression that someone is home and, more importantly, alert and awake.

3. Lock The Garage Door

A double garage with white doors at the end of a driveway

It is super easy to forget to lock the garage dooIt’s a. It’s a hectic day, and you want to rest your head, and the last thing you want to worry about is locking it. But garages, like any other door in your house, leaving it unlocked grants any burglar entry to your home. It, therefore, becomes crucial that you make a conscious effort to keep things locked when it’s not in use.

One other way for an intruder to gain means of entry to your garage and ultimately your home is with your very own garage door opener. You read that right. If your car is parked in an outdoor garage, perps can break into your vehicle, collect the opener and then enter your home. Again, you do not need to be home for this to be a danger, as anyone with access to your car can get your license or any other ID with your house address on it and use your garage opener to infiltrate your home.

The solution is easier than you think. Instead of leaving the key to your garage in your car, you can add it to your keychain, so it is with you everywhere you go and away from prying eyes.

4. Use Smart Home Gadgets

Smart home automation remote control internet technology

The last thing you want to do is give criminals direct access to your home. And one of the many ways you can frustrate their burglary attempts is the strategic implementation of gadgets. You do not need a security company to manage these devices. You’re good to go with an iOS/Android-powered smartphone.

Smart lighting device

Start by picking out a smart lighting device. These devices have home automation/preset that turn the lights indoors when you are away and turn them off during the day to simulate everyday conditions, giving the impression that someone is in and making your home safer.

Smart locks

Another option you want to consider is the inclusion of smart locks. You don’t have to worry about your keys when you have this device installed, you can unlock your doors with your phone, and the door locks after you. You can assign virtual codes to family and friends to keep track of people that gain entry to your home. You also have the option of giving timed entry to guests who are only spending a short time in your home without giving them lifetime access codes.

Indoor camera

You also need to purchase an indoor camera so you can keep track of happenings in your home when you are away. The feed from these cameras is sent directly to your mobile, where you can immediately take corrective or evasive actions when necessary.

Pressure doormat alarm

Lastly, you can always stay one step ahead with the purchase of a pressure doormat alarm. It sends you a notification when someone is at your front door. It can be quite the bother since many people use the doormat, but you can decide to only switch it on after curfew, or when it gets dark, so you’ll quickly know when someone is loitering around your home.

5. Beware Of The Dog

Beware of the dog sign on fence

If you have a dog, even small dogs, you want to put a bold sign outside your house to let people know to stay clear. The presence of a dog is a huge deterrent that is guaranteed to stop any would-be intruders in their tracks. You do not even need to have a dog to put up the sign. A bold sign saying you have one is a clear message for all unwanted guests to stay clear of your home. You can put up pictures of German Shepherds for good measure.

6. Post Security System Signage

A security sign in a window of a residential home

Like the dog signs, you also want to put up yard signs indicating you have a security system protecting your property. The sign will prevent intruders from considering your home let alone trying to gain entry. It would be best if you don’t divulge the security gadgets you have installed. The not-knowing alone ensures the intruder stays clear of your yard.

7. Lock Away Your Valuables

Small Home Safe

No system is 100% assured, and sometimes all your preventive measures may still be breached. In times like this, you want to safeguard all your valuables in a home safe. This safe should be sizable to contain all your valuable items, and it should not be easy to find you can store personal and financial information in it for peace of mind.

8. Protect Spare Keys

House keys hanging on hook

It is not uncommon for houses to have spare keys, especially when living with people who might find it challenging to use a virtual key or a passcode. The spare key is just another house key, and being careless with it could have irreparable consequences. It, therefore, becomes crucial that you put a lot of thought into its safekeeping.

9.Keep Your Wi-Fi Network Secure

Blue Wi Fi icon

Valuables in the 21st century are more than physical assets or tangibles you can see or touch. There are some digital assets worth a lot in monetary and sentimental value. These digital/intangible assets are at risk when the way in is through an insecure channel. Hackers could infiltrate your home network and cart away your assets without you knowing. It then becomes crucial that you keep your Wi-Fi network secure and this involves doing one or more of the following:

  • Avoid generic router passwords
  • Limit the number of people with the password
  • Hide the network
  • Encrypt your Wi-Fi
  • Disallow remote management

Home Protection FAQs

Do I need an alarm system?

You can secure your home without an alarm system, but the presence alone deters intruders from loitering around your building. If it is not deterrent enough, a security alarm immediately calls your attention to any security threat, allowing you to involve the necessary authorities, keeping yourself and your family safe.

Do I need a locksmith to install a safe?

While it would not be impossible to install a safe yourself, especially if you have building/construction experience, it is often best to leave it to the professionals. A locksmith would know what the more recent practices are and, from experience, would know which type of safe is best for your valuables and how best to install the safe.


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