How To Hide Security Camera Outside

Dome security CCTV Hidden on corner room with plant decoration

Have you been noticing some strange activities outside your premises lately ? Did you fail to capture the activity because whosoever has been wandering around or outside your home is pretty good at avoiding the outdoor security camera you have set up. Do you doubt something suspicious might happen? Someone might be planning a break-in, or it’s someone going through your belongings outside, a burglar, or someone trying to get your private information. I.E. YOU FEEL IT’S NOT SAFE OUTSIDE ANYMORE.

Not to worry! There is a chance of capturing whosoever is doing this on a video with your own hidden security camera system. You can use this video or share it with the cops to investigate ways to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe. You can place security cameras inside as well as outside. But it is a must to disguise outdoor cameras as they are easily noticeable.

There are many wifi hidden security cameras available in the market, including self monitored home security systems which are mini cameras systems, that are typically wireless and can easily be hidden anywhere outside. The recent one being the pocket camera that is trending, is a quality hidden security camera, which is so small that it can be easily fitted anywhere and is hardly noticeable. These are also called spy cameras, and these come very handy as they are home hidden security cameras that are easily installed anywhere outside/inside and make your work easy. You can also find battery powered security cameras, which runs on a battery that can be replaced easily and the motion detection cameras, that can easily capture the figures in night vision.

The correct way to hide security cameras is somewhere where it is not easily noticeable. The main purpose of hiding is to keep the camera protected from thieves and criminals. So there would be no point if it is noticeable, cause it can be easily dismantled, and you can lose important footage.

Reasons to hide security cameras

There can be multiple reasons to hide cameras outside, depending upon your requirements. But the most common reasons are –

  • Burglars have fewer chances to find your security cameras and disable them. And all their actions can easily be recorded as they are not expecting hidden security cameras.
  • Hidden security cameras would not even ruin the aesthetics of your house, which can be important for some people.
  • It gets easy for you to track who comes and what they do in your absence. It helps to track your maids when you are not at home.

These days, many use both hidden security camera and outdoor security camera as it puts them at the advantage if the standard camera gets noticed and gets disabled. Still, they have all the recordings through their hidden security camera.

How to hide security camera outside

There are so many ways in which one can correctly hide security cameras. The tiny wireless hidden camera available in the market can work as spy security cameras and record everything for you without being caught. In this article we have discussed a few ways in which the security camera can be hidden.

Where to hide a security camera

There are so many ways and places where you can easily hide security cameras; some of those are discussed below-

Hide security cameras in a Plant: One of the best way to place home security camera is in a plant. The device should showcase motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio features. While choosing the right plant, make sure it does not lose its leaves and fall. The area is far from the reach of pets and must be a weatherproof location. Otherwise, the camera might end up damaged or displaced by inclement weather. You may choose to hide the camera from a fake plant outside.

Hide security cameras inside a birdhouse or bird feeder: Bird feeder or birdhouse can be ideal locations to place hidden security cameras. They can be placed high up on a pole or a tree, providing a large range of visibility area. Make sure to clean it regularly, as animals might be attracted to it and want to make a nest, defeating the sole purpose of the hidden camera.

Hide security cameras in home eaves: A trick to install your hide cameras would be to place them under home eaves. At that height, they can provide a large field of vision and will stay protected from rain. 

While doing the installation, make sure to pick a time when no one is watching you. This is also an excellent solution for the wired camera. You can hide wires among the PVC pipes that lead up to your home eaves.

Using Camouflage skin over the camera: You can also hide security cameras outside your home by dressing the device with camouflage skin. This way, they can be placed anywhere on your home exterior without drawing much attention to it. Make sure to pick a skin that matches the background of the area where it is placed and is weatherproof quality so that the camera and the skin do not get damaged with inclement weather.

Using an old phone: One can use their old/hardware-damaged smartphone to replace security cameras outside. You can download security camera apps out of many options available from the store, which have free options and affordable subscription models if you need additional features. Place the phone in a plastic case for additional water safety and mount it over a stand and a preferred location.

It is also a great way to save money by recycling a smartphone device as an alternative for an actual CCTV camera.

Hiding camera among fake rocks or garden Gnomes: Garden Gnomes and colorful fake rocks are widely used to decorate the garden area, and these look harmless. This means that no one would ever suspect a camera hidden inside. Simply pick a gnome or a rock of suitable size, drill a hole in it, place the camera inside, and tape up the rock or gnome in a clean manner. 

You can hide the rock among other rocks and place it at a suitable place like the porch, the front door of your entrance which is a great place to put it.

Hiding them near bushes and Trees: While hiding in enemy territory, military officers tend to cover themselves up in leaves and tree branches. The same can be done to hide security cameras outside your homes. You need to paint the camera green to blend thoroughly with the surroundings. If you can manage to camouflage the camera, the likelihood of criminal activities around your residence will reduce. 

Should I hide the security camera?

Have you been noticing some strange activities outside your premises lately? Did you fail to capture anything because whosoever has been wandering around or outside your home is pretty good at avoiding the visible cameras you have set up. Do you think something mysterious might happen? Someone might be planning a break-in, or it’s someone going through your belongings outside, a burglar, or someone trying to get your private information. I.E. YOU FEEL IT’S NOT SAFE OUTSIDE ANYMORE.

There is a chance of capturing whosoever is doing this on a video with a hidden surveillance camera. You can use this video or share it with the cops to investigate ways to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe. 

Do fake security cameras work?

Fake security cameras can provide security to the people around you who don’t know it is fake or real. But when it comes to reality, if something happens at your place, fake cameras provide no proof that could help police track criminals as they cannot capture videos. So it is of no use when it comes to real situations. It creates a false sense of security but does not alarm when danger occurs.

What to look for in hidden cameras

There can be many points to consider before buying a hidden camera, but some of the important points are-

  • The shape and size of the camera, as you will be hiding it. It is important to buy a size/shape that is easier to hide.
  • The quality and range of the camera are another thing to look for. The primary purpose of your camera is to record everything that is happening.
  • The audio ranges/quality of the camera

Wireless security camera vs. wired security camera

There are pros and cons for both wired and wireless hidden security camera, but it depends on your requirements and choices. Wired security cameras run entirely on wiring, whereas wireless cameras work on Wi-Fi signals and are also called spy cameras. These both are used in outdoors as well as to hide security cameras indoors. And both types of security cameras are equipped to capture footage in visible light and limited night vision. 

Wired hidden security cameras-


  • The signal cannot be easily effected
  • They have been around for a long now, so they have more reliability
  • Many systems have an alarm if the wire is hampered, which acts as a warning for the owners.


  • Setting up such cameras get very difficult
  • After installation, frequent repairs are necessary

Wireless or Wi-Fi hidden security cameras


  • Can easily be relocated
  • It is easy to install
  • Easy to upgrade with new features
  • It can automatically uploads video in cloud storage


  • Signals get interrupted
  • It is easier to hack

Hiding Security Cameras FAQs

1. How can I hide my outdoor security cameras?

There are many ways in which you can hide our security cameras outside. Some of them are

  • Hide a security camera in plants
  • Hide a security camera in a birdhouse
  • Hide a security camera birdfeeder
  • Or hide it near a glass window

2. How do you disguise security cameras?

There are multiple ways to disguise security cameras. It can be concealed in plants, installed in a doorbell, etc. It is important to do so, otherwise burglars can notice camera hidden nearby.

3. How to hide security cameras wires outside?

The simplest way to hide home security cameras wires outside is to make them blend into the surroundings. Staple the wires to the wall and paint the wires in a similar shade as the walls. After doing this, the security camera wires will be unnoticeable from a distance.

4. Should you hide security cameras, and is it necessary?

Criminals are aware that with latest technology available on finger tips all homes install security cameras inside their houses and offices. The first thing they do is dismantle the outdoor camera so that no proof can be recorded against them, so it is important to hide office and home security cameras. There are so many tiny wireless hidden security cameras available these days with the night vision function that it has made it easier for people to hide them.

5. Is hiding security cameras or mini cameras illegal?

Yes, Government policies in many nations do not permit citizens to install hidden security cameras or CCTV cameras around their business or residents, concerning the disruption of privacy of innocent people.

6. How to hide a security camera in an apartment?

Hiding a home security camera is way easier. As to hide security cameras indoors, you have so many everyday objects where it could be hidden. You can hide it in plain sight, but it is more obvious to find, so prefer hiding your home security cameras in places like your entertainment center, bookshelves, indoor plants, in curtain rods, on a fake hanging potted plant, in alarm clocks, etc. You can also install more than one camera. But it would be best if you hide security cameras inside correctly; otherwise, burglars may know that there is a camera nearby.

7. Why would someone want to hide a security camera?

It is essential to secure oneself, one’s property, and near and dear ones from the threat of criminal activity, harassment, bullying, burglary, theft, or robbery. Setting up hidden cameras at an appropriate location providing complete coverage of our property can help us provide the upper hand in terms of preventing criminal activities and give us a sigh of relief as they are not expecting hidden security cameras. And this is the reason people avoid cameras in plain sight. The notorious criminal has developed skills that include tech awareness, enabling them to tamper or hack security systems for their good. Criminals tend to tamper with wires to interrupt the transfer of audio and video data and power supply to make the security system go offline.

Therefore, it is better to hide the security cameras from the sight of regular people to avoid such mishaps. At the same time, we need to ensure we are not evading our neighbor’s privacy while on our quest to secure ourselves. Criminal activities can cause great loss overnight in monetary terms and even loss of lives.

8. What are the smallest outdoor security cameras available?

There are many tiny wireless hidden security cameras available in the market; also tiny wired cameras are also available. But it is imperative to find the right security camera, so here are examples for both-

Fangle HD Wi-Fi Small Spy Security Camera: It is a wireless camera. If you want to go for a secret operation to capture some video and audio content, then Fangle Mini Spy Camera, Wi-Fi Hidden Camera, can be the perfect wireless security cameras to help you do that in a secretive way. It is one of the qualities hidden security camera. This handy yet efficient device is available with a 150-degree wide-angle facility and night vision and a 1080P video resolution to check live video footage via phone applications. 

JSS Button Wired DV Portable Video Button Security Camera: This device can easily be hidden and can be used for recording videos and audio that you want to record without anyone noticing it. To make it work, all you have to do is press the second button, red light on with vibration, and the device will be switched on. It can also record in night vision.


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