How to decorate a bathroom

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If you are looking for bathroom decorating ideas you have come to the right place!

Creating the perfect bathroom design doesn’t have to be expensive or overly complex, but it does need to reflect your personal taste and needs. For example, if you’re building a new home from scratch, you’ll need to consider things like plumbing and fixtures, as well as whether you plan on making your bathroom private or public. To create the ideal bathroom space, follow these simple steps for how to decorate a bathroom.

20 Best bathroom decorating ideas to improve your home

Start with bathroom flooring to add a little more personality

The first step in decorating your small bathroom is determining what kind of flooring you want. While most bathrooms feature tiled floors, tile isn’t necessarily your only option. Vinyl and linoleum are other popular choices for bathroom flooring—each can withstand moisture from showers, bathtubs, and swimming pools.

Start with bathroom flooring to add a little more personality

When it comes to tile, you have several options as well, including porcelain and ceramic tiles. You can even mix materials such as porcelain tile with ceramic or add stone accents to give your bathroom an eclectic feel. When choosing between ceramic or porcelain tiles (or any new tiles), think about their appearance and durability before making a final decision; they’re not all created equal!

Choose your accent color

Accent wall colors are typically used sparingly and show up in unexpected places, like towels or bedding. For example, you could use an accent color on your towels or on throw pillows in your guest room to tie it into your main bathroom color scheme.

Light blue velux bathroom with window. View of white antique freestanding bath tub, washbasin stand and toilet

When choosing an accent color for your bathroom decorating ideas, keep in mind that how you use it will help determine whether or not it is actually an accent; if you use too much of it, then it will take over as a dominant feature. If you want some help choosing which one of our 16 favorite bathroom wall colors will look best with your decorating ideas, check out our post about How To Choose Accent Colors .

Pick an overall theme and paint the room according to it

Picking an overall theme is one of the easiest ways to decorate your bathroom in a fun and cohesive way. For example, you could pick a theme based on different regions: Asia, Australia, England or South America. You could also choose a color palette and paint everything in that color (black bathrooms are very popular these days). Finally, you can pick several different themes and tie them together with decorations. You don’t have to follow trends; there are so many other options!

Make your bathroom functional

The bathroom is likely going to be used by all of your family members, and so it needs to have elements that make everyone happy. It can also be quite an expensive room if you decide to put in features like luxury baths and heated towel rails. But with careful consideration you should be able to keep costs down while still making your bathroom suit your own personal style.

While designing any room, remember that materials are really important as they will dictate much of how you feel about using them on a daily basis. This is particularly true for bathrooms where humidity, water and moisture naturally occur so try and keep things looking clean and hygienic at all times.

Bathroom Organization

Organizing everything in your bathroom might seem tedious, but it’s worth it. Getting things clean and organized will help you see what items are working and what items aren’t so you can get rid of or replace those that don’t work. The easiest way to do so is by thinking about what you use when showering/bathing, then creating a system that works best for you. Here are some ideas: if you like mixing shampoo with conditioner in one bottle, create a bin dedicated only to shampoo bottles; hang up all your towels on hooks; roll up your hand towels and put them in baskets for easy access when needed.

Revive an Outdated Bathroom With fresh Paint

The first step to updating your bathroom is using paint. You can have an outdated or dull-looking bathroom revamped in no time by simply painting its walls and cabinets. Choose bright, bold colours for an impact that’s sure to be noticed by all those who enter your house.

Use restful pastels for a more laid-back look that’s just as effective at making your visitors feel comfortable. All you need are a few buckets of paint, some brushes and rollers, and you’re ready to go!

Make your functional bathroom design work for you

Before you do anything else, start by making your bathroom functional. You can add decorative touches later on, but if your shower isn’t up to par or your sink isn’t in an accessible location, it’s not worth putting any other thought into design details.

If there are pieces that you absolutely love—think faucets and fixtures—invest in quality replacements now. It will be worth it in the long run when your new bathroom doesn’t have ugly faucets (because they leak) or outdated fixtures (because they have asbestos in them). And if you don’t have brand-new appliances to put in right away, consider renting them for short-term use so that you can enjoy your updated space sooner rather than later.

Bathrom Lighting

Make your bathroom look bigger with recessed lighting. Place one or two small recessed lights in each of your ceilings corners to produce an even and flattering light on all surfaces. Look for lights that are dimmable, so you can control how much light you want, depending on if you’re trying to get ready in the morning or relaxing in your bath at night.

LED lights last much longer than older incandescent models, reducing both bulb and labor costs over time. Also make sure your fixture has a diffuser lens as most recessed fixtures do not come with them and that lens prevents hot spots in one area of your room.

Add Mirrors to your bathroom design

When you’re thinking about bathroom decorating ideas, it can be easy to forget that one of your biggest allies in turning a small space into an open-feeling oasis is going to be mirrors. Not only do they help to open up a room and make it seem bigger than it is (which is often especially important in small bathrooms), but they also have the power to make tiny bathrooms feel more luxurious. Just imagine what doubling (or even tripling) their size might do! With that in mind, think creatively about where you could incorporate extra mirrors throughout your bathroom and give them extra purpose as well as additional decorating opportunities.

Modern bathroom mirror and decorating ideas

Add Colourful Accessories to your bathroom

Adding some colour to your bathroom can help turn it into an inviting space that feels more personal and fun. For example, you could hang up cute, colourful pieces of art or invest in fun and unique towels or even a tissue box And while you might be tempted to go overboard, decorating your bathroom with too many accessories can make it feel cluttered and busy. Instead, stick with two or three accents at most.

Wall design

If you’re looking for unique bathroom decorating ideas, try incorporating one of these unconventional wall designs into your design plans. The best part about these awesome bathroom wall decorating ideas is that you don’t need an advanced degree in architecture or interior design to pull them off. You just need an eye for style and an open mind—and, of course, a little bit of help from professional contractors and other skilled workers if necessary. Although it takes creativity and some technical know-how to get creative with your bathroom walls, it will be well worth it when your friends are impressed by how cool your new space looks!

Bathroom Wall Art

Artwork is an easy way to quickly liven up any room, but it’s even more effective in bathrooms. While you probably wouldn’t want (or be able) to hang a large painting or graphic on your bathroom wall, you can still bring art into your bathroom without sacrificing safety or comfort. For example, instead of hanging artwork from your wall with nails, consider using things like command hooks or suction cups.

Powder room

The powder room, also known as a half bath or private bathroom, is intended for guests and other people who don’t necessarily need to use your main bathroom. Powder rooms are usually small in size but feature high-end finishes that make them appear more spacious. These bathrooms often include sinks as well as cabinets for storing personal care items, lotions and toothpaste.

Bath mat

Put down an absorbent bath mat right inside your tub. When it comes time to shower, you can simply step out of your tub onto a soft surface, which will make standing and walking around much easier on joints and muscles. This makes clean up super simple because all you have to do is wipe off your mat, instead of scrubbing soap scum out of tile floors and walls.

Tidy up Your Bathroom With Plants and Flowers

Plants and fresh flowers are fantastic for brightening up your bathroom feel. When you’re looking for bathroom decor ideas, think about how you can use plants and flowers to spruce up your bathroom space.

Comfortable bathroom with interior design in boho chic style, bathtub, vintage commode with mirror, wicker armchair, fluffy carpet and green houseplants in flowerpots

A nice soap dish makes all the difference

Selecting a soap dish is all about making sure it fits in with your design aesthetic, as well as giving you convenient access to your hygiene products. But if you have children or pets, safety could be an issue, so make sure any soap dish you purchase has secure latches that won’t open easily. If your bathroom is small, try using a wall-mounted soap dispenser instead of an unwieldy stand-alone unit.

DIY Feature Wall

By far, our most requested bathroom decorating tip is how to make your own feature wall. This is an easy and inexpensive way to put your unique stamp on a room that you’ll spend so much time in—and believe us, it’s not as hard as you think! Check out our video above for instructions on making your own DIY featured wall. It only takes around 15 minutes of work and some painter’s tape.

Colorful rug

A colorful rug is an easy way to change up your bathroom decor. You can pick any color you want or even an abstract pattern for a bolder look. If you’re short on space, avoid large rugs that take up too much space and go with something smaller but more eye-catching.

Switch up your Bathroom Door

If you’re getting ready to decorate your bathroom, don’t forget about your door! You can replace your doors for a great effect or add new hardware or even just hang a fun sign. This is an easy way to switch up an area without breaking out too much cash.

Cover up ugly tiles

The easiest way to take your bathroom from drab to fab is by covering up ugly tiles. Whether you have cheap materials that show wear and tear easily or ugly tile work, there are many ways you can create a customized look while maintaining functionality. Covering up ugly tiles involves both style and durability, but it’s easy once you know how. Here are some creative ideas for covering up ugly tiles in your bathroom.

Bathroom furniture

Consider how much space you have before making any buying decisions. If you’re small on square footage, try looking for bathroom furniture that folds up or stacks to save floor space. If you do have room, invest in quality pieces that last and can be refinished or painted over in another color if your tastes change. As far as colors go, stick with calm tones like blues, greens and grays that won’t leave your bathroom feeling too industrial or masculine.

Bathroom mirror

When decorating a bathroom, one of your first considerations should be lighting. In addition to making it easier for you to get ready in the morning, lighting can also contribute to ambiance and space-management. A mirror that’s big enough and positioned right will enable you to see all parts of your body as you apply makeup or shave. And just think about how bright and cheerful your morning routine will be when you wake up knowing that everything looks fresh and put together!

Bathroom ceiling tips

A ceiling is an important part of any bathroom because it helps dictate how bright or dark your space will be. Choose a lighter color for brighter rooms and dark colors for darker rooms. Painting your ceiling white can help reflect light and keep your space from feeling claustrophobic. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go with a purely neutral color scheme, either—bathrooms are often private spaces, so you can make them unique if you’d like by opting for more subtle but unusual colors such as gray or blue instead of traditional white or cream.

Installing wall and ceiling panels on planked wood ceiling covered with vapor barrier membrane using screwdriver while bathroom renovation, remodel.

bathroom on a budget decorating tips

If you’re on a tight budget and planning to decorate your bathroom, start small. Not only will it be easier to fit everything in, but you won’t have as much wasted space if you go for one big piece (like artwork or wall decor) instead of many smaller ones. In addition, start from scratch with your new bathroom rather than trying to incorporate accessories from another room; they might not look right. If possible, use natural materials such as wood or stone—they have texture and color that can make your space more interesting without breaking your budget. For more ideas on how to decorate a bathroom on a budget, scroll down!

Decorate with a bathroom vanity

The most important piece of bathroom decor is, not surprisingly, your vanity. When it comes to selecting your bathroom vanity and its accompanying hardware, you have quite a few options: wood; brushed nickel or chrome; marble or granite with silver or gold accents. The good news is that all of these styles can be found at several price points; you don’t need to empty your bank account in order to furnish an upscale bathroom. A custom-made cabinet will be more expensive than one that’s premade but both can look sleek and high-end if you pay attention to small details like drawers and doorknobs.


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