Diy home poker room ideas in 2023

Vintage style photo from a poker table

If you love playing cards with your friends, then a home poker room is the stuff of dreams. But, whilst most of us will sit at a dining table and make do, the poker enthusiasts among us would rather have a big game night playing texas hold’em in their poker room. You can easily create home poker rooms to suit any budget yourself. We have some of the best DIY poker room ideas for your inspiration below. So, let’s shuffle the cards, deal a hand and get ready to play poker.

5 best poker room ideas for your home

If you love playing poker on your weekends and want to entertain your neighbours, then we have five great ideas for designing your poker room.

1. Elegant poker room

poker room with long hanging ceiling light above table

This poker room has a sophisticated look; the table is brilliant for playing cards. The table can easily accommodate 6 players in comfort. The large low hung ceiling light makes it bright so players can easily read the cards. The lighting in this poker room sets the mood.

The simple industrial design of the room makes the furniture the focal point for your guests. This table can be covered over and a top insert placed inside when not used, and the room is repurposed as a dining area.

2. Dedicated games room

Game room of a Log Cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

Suppose you are lucky enough to have a big kitchen with excess space, then why not convert it into a games room with a poker table—what better way to host poker night than having a dedicated area for entertaining your friends.

This poker table is a round felt-covered mahogany table placed ideally in the room to accommodate 4 poker players. This room is excellent as it is multipurpose with the kitchen meaning it’s effortless to rustle up some cocktails and snacks.

3. Foldaway felt liner

Entertainment Room in Luxury Home with fireplace and poker

Suppose you have small rooms in your home and cannot give over an entire space for a card room. That is ok; you can use something simple like this foldaway felt to lay along with one of your existing tables and transform the area into a poker room for the evening.

The felt makes laying down cards and moving chips around seamless for your guests and takes the experience up a notch. You don’t need coasters for drinks with this option as it has then already built-in. This is an excellent way to host a poker night in your own home without having to break the budget.

4. Tablecloth table

Poker players around a round table with green tablecloth

Poker tables can be expensive, so why not take inspiration from this design and cover a table with a green tablecloth. It will give you that poker style for a low price. You can use any surface in any room of your house when hosting your poker evening.

To elevate the overall experience, players have all dressed up to play poker, giving it a perfect backroom club feel.

5. Classic poker room

Carpeted Game Room With Poker, Cards Table, Chairs, Brown, Hardwood

The furniture is the focus here, so if you have some cash from your winnings, then it won’t be a big deal to go all out and splurge on this classic oval design.

It doesn’t matter so much about the room you use. It is the furniture that makes the statement here. The comfortable seating means you can participate in hours of poker with ease.

Considerations when creating a DIY poker room

If you are passionate about designing a DIY poker space, here are six tips for making your poker game one to remember. From wall art to furniture, we have all the things you need for a perfect poker pad.


Hanging a ceiling light over the centre of your table is a must and illuminates the game for the players. Track lighting is also great for lighting up specific spots. To avoid harsh light by installing a dimmer switch if you use the room for other purposes.

The Table

You can use one of your existing tables or purchase something bespoke, depending on your budget. Felt liners are available in all sizes and shapes, and there is a type for all your needs.

For those of you that have a bigger budget, if there is one thing you choose, make that a great professional style table. Many can work for dining too.

Padded chairs

If you will be playing poker and staying seated for a few hours, your seating needs to be comfortable. You can use existing chairs you have for dining and add more cushions to them, or you can opt for the professional feel and buy some well-padded chairs. Unfortunately, there is no set type of chairs, so the world is your oyster!

A bar

Whether your drink of choice is a beer or a whiskey, having a bar that players can get a refreshment from is a must. Setting up a mini-bar will complete the game feel. However, if that is too much work, simply having an area with glasses and bottles where each player can help themselves is sure to have your evening talked about for weeks.


Now when I say poker art, everyone instantly thinks of Dogs Playing Poker. But, if Dogs Playing Poker is not your preference, you can still decorate with wall art to make the room more fun. Pick art for the wall that reflects your style. It could be black and white photos or old movie posters, whatever takes your fancy.

Color scheme

When it comes to color, you can go all out. Gold and rich red or purple works well with dark wood tones. If the thought of that scares you, then go with a neutral color on the wall but use accent colors for a sophisticated look.


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