Best Floating Nightstands for Your Home

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With so many of us looking for more storage space and floor space limited in our houses, floating nightstands are the perfect solution for our bedrooms. A floating bedside table is affordable, easy to install, and it frees up that valuable floor space whilst offering various styles and designs.

A traditional bedside table is also excellent; however, a wall-mounted bedside cabinet is a great alternative. You have storage for your glasses, gadgets, books and decorative items along with that perfect light for some bedtime reading.

8 best floating nightstands

Whether it is a simple design or something more eye-catching, we have 8 easy to assemble, space-saving ideas. So let’s get the DIY juices flowing and get some inspiration for your bedroom floating nightstand.

1. Modern floating cabinet nightstand

Floating shelf and drawer nightstand in white and wood with inset lights
If you have a modern bedroom, then you will want your furniture to match your style. This modern, stylish bedside table has two layers, with a single drawer to put money or other small items.

The inset light is a modern touch to this shelf space. It is a great solution for saving space, and with this one, you don’t even need a separate lamp.

2. Rustic floating shelf

Solid wood floating shelf unit

This solid wood nightstand has a rustic look and is the perfect size next to your bed. A convenient single drawer to reduce clutter, this simple but practical design is a perfect addition to any bedroom.

The wood makes this design durable and looks great.

3. Floating shelves

double floating wooden nightstand looks minimalist and chic not bulky at all
Suppose you will attempt to do it yourself. What more straightforward way than an open shelf. Purchasing two shelves and hanging them one above another is a simple and effective way to create storage space on a budget.

Think about the height you will hang each shelf and ensure ample space between each for anything you want to display.

4. Floating drawer

Gray Wall Mount Rustic Reclaimed Style Wood Drawer Nightstand
This one drawer floating side table is in a stylish grey. It boasts an excellent drawer height of 8 inches, making it a brilliant option for magazines, phones, jewellery and all sorts of things.

I love the color and large drawer. Whilst it may not work for small spaces. But, if you have some more room by your bedside, this option is brilliant.

5. Contemporary style floating nightstand

Concrete floating nightstand
This bedside nightstand has an industrial look. It is made out of concrete and so will need adequate support and careful fitting.

With a drawer and divided shelf area, there are many spaces to house your belongings. In the space underneath, you can kick off your slippers and get ready to dream.

6. Wood floating shelf

Wood shelf with metal bolts
This storage shelf is a brilliant way to make a nightstand out of a simple shelf yourself. It has ample space for a lamp. It is functional yet stylish and has a rustic look with metal bolts.

With enough room for some books and your glass of water, a DIY floating nightstand with easy assembly.

7. Compact floating nightstand

Narrow floating bedside cabinet
If you are working with a small space, this compact nightstand gives you the storage results you need without taking up too much space.

With one shelf and a drawer, there is enough space for all of your nighttime essentials.

8. Floating nightstand with drawer

Single drawer floating nightstand in wood

This floating nightstand is narrow in-depth and will save space in your bedroom. In addition, the single drawer is excellent for your bedrooms accessories.

This will not have much weight and will be quickly wall mounted. It has a minimal look and feel.

Considerations for choosing your floating nightstand

Adding a floating nightstand to your bedroom is a great solution to your storage needs. However, there are a few critical things to get right, and we have outlined them for you.

Size The height you place your floating bedside table at matters. The ideal height should be in line with the top of the mattress or bed frame and easy to reach when lying in your bed. It can be installed slightly higher or lower if you prefer. However, the best way to find out is to mark where it will go then test it out by lying or sitting in your bed.

Typically a bedside table should be around 20 inches in width. The width will depend on the amount of space you have in your room and how many things you wish to store on your nightstand. For example, a width of 20 inches will be able to hold your reading materials, an alarm clock and your phone. If you are lucky enough to have more space to play with, you can go for the extra storage.

Storage space – A shelf is excellent for smaller things, though you may still want somewhere for large items, and in that case, drawers come in handy.

Usually, people will match the design of their bedside tables to create symmetry. However, if you want more storage space, a great idea is to have one storage nightstand with three drawers on one side of the bed and another with one or two drawers.

Installation – If you will do some DIY and attach it to your wall yourself, you should drill into that if you can find a stud. It will mean it is sturdy and can take a decent weight. If you cannot find a stud in the wall, then you will need to buy the appropriate wall plugs designed for the wall type you have.


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