Cool Dog swimming pool ideas in 2023

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The summer is here, along with the blistering sun! It is time for BBQs, outdoor fun and of course sunbathing. Our furry friends, however, need somewhere to cool down and to take refuge from the heat.

We will help you by showing you the best dog pools that you can create yourself in your backyard. Just like us, dogs want to cool down in their dog swimming pool. So it needn’t cost you a fortune to cater for your Dog on a summers day.

Whether you want to spend $30 or $1000, we have ideas for you all.

6 DIY Dog Pool Ideas

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Dog swimming pools don’t have to be huge and expensive. They can just as quickly be designed with some inexpensive materials yourself. If you want to go all out and provide the perfect pool for your pup, you can purchase many different off the shelf products.

You can also, just as easily, get into some DIY to create your dog swimming pool. So get ready to dive in for 5 of the ultimate dog pool ideas to create a perfect place for your pooch to cool down and have fun.

In-Ground Dog Pool

A great cheap way to create an in-ground pool for your Dog is to take a plastic kiddie pool, dig a hole and sink the paddling pool into the space. Ensure it is level, and you can have turf or stones at the edge.

The hard plastic makes the pool durable and easy to clean. These paddling pools come in various sizes and shapes, perfect for all dogs.

Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Dog chilling in pool. A rare diluted lilac colored French Bulldog with silver shiny fur relaxing while resting head on edge of dog swimming pool on warm day.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to treat your best friend to a nice cool dip is to buy an inflatable pool. The inflatable pools are great as you can have them available on hotter days but remove them when you don’t need them. Loads of kiddie pool sizes are available at various prices, so this doesn’t have to break the bank.

The transportable and easy to clean materials make it a great pool option for those on a budget.

Above Ground Pool

A great pool idea is to build your above-ground structure out of wood, line it with a heavy-duty plastic liner, and then fill it with water. Then, level the ground you want to make it on first and get some wood, tarp, and you can create one of the most accessible DIY dog pools with a bit of skill and effort.

You will have to think about how high you make this pool depending on your Dog’s size and how easily they will be able to get in or out. You might have to consider building or buying a dog pool ramp to help your Dog get in or out.

Wading Pool

Dogs cooling off in dog park wading pool. Horizontal.

You don’t need to go to full depth to help your Dog cool down. A simple wading dog pool allows your Dog to get their feet and stomach wet. This type can be an above or in-ground pool.

Dogs just need to cool their overall body temperature to get the benefits, and so this type of pool is perfect for those dogs that don’t love swimming.

Bone Pool

Why not get a dog paddling pool in the shape of a bone to make it more dog-themed. There are hard plastic dog pools available in the form of bones that can either be set in-ground or above ground, depending on your needs.

Taking a hard plastic pool and making it more special by building a deck around it will produce one of the best dog swimming pools around.

Old shipping container

A dog plays in and around a big metal tub filled with water, on a hot summer day, in a dog park in the city.

Recycling old disused materials is not only good for the environment but a great way to give your Dog a way to have fun in the water. The metal is hard wearing and a great size to couple as a pool for your Dog.

Consider how much it might cost to ship this type of item; however, it is a great way to upcycle old items.

Considerations when making your Dog Pool

Weimaraner dog poolside with a party cup and dressed in a mini sombrero and lei for cinco de mayo


Opt for vinyl or rigid plastic as more durable material. However, if you have a little more to spend, then fibreglass is excellent as it is really hard-wearing and easy to maintain.


You will need to be able to clean the dog pool easily, so if you sink it into the ground, remember, you will need to lift it out to clean easily. Being able to dump out the water and just rinse and refill with a hose will be vital.

Size and shape

It will very much depend on the size of your Dog, but it will need to be big enough that your Dog can move around with ease. Whether you want them to be able to swim is up to you and your Dog. Some dogs love swimming, and some are less keen, so you might prefer to keep the pool shallow, so they just dunk themselves in the water.

DIY Dog Pool FAQs

What is the best material for Dog pools?

A hard plastic pool or one made out of fibreglass are the best materials. You can use a liner and inflatable materials, but your Dog’s sharp nails could damage them.

Can I let my Dog in my swimming pool?

Cocker Spaniel jumping into a swimming pool

If you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool, you may be considering if it is safe to allow your Dog to get in your human pool. Dogs like children should have your supervision at all times when in the swimming pool. Not all dogs are good swimmers, and so it is essential to be around to decide whether your Dog needs assistance.

Pool water is typically safe for your Dog. However, it would be best if you kept an eye on them to ensure they don’t drink too much of it. Pools have chemicals, and they can potentially upset your Dog’s stomach if too much is ingested.

Your pool will also be affected by your Dogs presence. With an awful lot more hair than a human, their hair will end up in the pool and, therefore, in the filtration. It is essential to consider how much more frequently this will mean the pool has to be cleaned.


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