40 DIY floating nightstands shelving ideas in 2023

Set of Two Farm House Themed Rustic Floating Nightstand

Your day starts and usually ends in your bedroom and how it is designed can play a big part in your mood which in turn influences how your day unfolds. When designing your bedroom, you need to get it just right, all the fixtures have to be without fault, especially supposedly small items like your bedside nightstand.

The problem however with designing a bedroom, especially for homeowners with limited floor space, is the potential to cramp up your room. This then requires smart introductions that do not compromise the aesthetics of your apartment but still save some space. None achieves this feat better than floating vanities, they can be used in the living room, bathrooms, and in this case the bedroom.

Floating nightstands are revolutionary in the bedroom space, most of them do not require power tools to have them wall-mounted, just screws, and the provided brackets and you are good to go. A floating nightstand is your best friend if you have a lot of personal effects you want to be stored without the necessary floor room for cabinets.

It also affords you unparalleled customizability with the many DIY floating nightstands on the market. A space to store your nightstand lamp, books, and your mobile after a long night out with enough room underneath to keep items you want out of sight.


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Retro Fitted Industrial DIY Floating Nightstand

This retrofitted furniture is popular among homeowners for several reasons. But the first thing that catches your eye is the simplicity of design and yet effectiveness in function. Like other DIY floating nightstands, this industrial marvel allows people more personalization as they get to install the floating shelf without the help of a professional and to taste. This is one-bedroom furniture you need to free up space in your room while providing ample room.

Simple and Elegant Black Retro Fitted Industrial DIY Floating Nightstand

17 Inch Metal Floating Nightstand

This is a major component of the modern room and for good reason. It serves the purpose of storage effectively while leaving you with enough space in the room for other things. This wall-mounted shelf, like many other floating nightstands, gives you the chance to customize your room as it is very easy to attach it to the wall with screws. You can also fix it at the side of your bed frame to act as a bedside table.

Modern 17 Inch Metal wall mounted Floating Nightstand

Vintage White Geometric Floating Bedside Table

This floating furniture is a great replacement for the regular bedside table. What is most striking about this floating nightstand is its combination of simple design, effectiveness, and stunning aesthetics. This shelf can function as both a storage and display shelf for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even office. It is built to last you for a long time, and it is the accessory you need to develop an open room without having to give up on your setting.

Vintage and Elegant White Geometric Floating Bedside Table

Rustic Vintage White Floating Nightstand

This fantastic bedroom furniture is one of the best and most popular floating Bedside tables among homeowners. Its simple design makes it a fit for any type of room decor and is a wonderful tool for you to create space in the room. With a removable door and ample room for storage, it’s one of the few rustic floating nightstands that can perform both functions of displaying objects and storing precious items.

Rustic Wood Vintage White Floating Nightstand

Rugged Natural Wood Floating Nightstand

Perfect for a small bedroom, this piece of furniture is outstanding. The nightstand comes in hand for the storage of mini accessories. It is mostly seen in a modern room to create space for minor items that are within reach at night. Usually, the lower shelf is open and accessible to keep your books.

Rugged Natural Wood Floating Nightstand

Weathered Oak Floating Nightstand

These weathered oak floating nightstands are extremely versatile and room-saving pieces of furniture. Perfect for creating a luxurious look for any modern room. They are mainly made from hardwood, are sturdily built, and are easy to put. Their surface area is large enough to accommodate items for storage. They also have enough room to keep your favorite novels close by. Create your own unique space with this floating nightstand.

Nice and Clean Weathered Oak Floating Nightstand

Wooden Storage Drawer and Open Shelf Bedside Table

Wall-mounted floating bedside tables with a wooden design create a perfect modern design for your bedroom. This design implements a wooden storage drawer and open shelf bedside table made from modern materials to give your bedroom that aesthetic feeling.

This DIY product comes with a wide enough shelf providing enough space in your modern bedroom. This simple design in dark brown walnut color is one of the best ideas for floating bedside tables.

Wall Mounted Wooden Storage Drawer and Open Shelf Bedside Table

Sturdy White Nightstand with Drawer and Open Shelf

Looking for a simple and elegant bedroom floating nightstand to fit your luxury bedroom design? You can create this simple white floating nightstand from painted wood. This perfect design features an open shelf and a 1-drawer.

The open shelf provides the perfect solution and creates more room on the bedstand. There is sufficient storage for your bedside lamp and other items. Other essentials can be safely kept in the closed drawer.

Sturdy White Floating Nightstand with Drawer and Open Shelf

Small White Multiple Drawer Floating Nightstand

This white bedroom aesthetic is completed with these white floating nightstands. One features two drawers and the other design comes with a longer closed drawer. The surface of these drawers can be used as a shelf for easy quick-to-grab items and your bedside lamp.

To recreate this floating, you can get the ready-made drawers, 6 screws, plastic anchors, and a part ruler. Add more beauty to your bedroom design with these simple nightstands.

Small White Multiple Drawer Floating Nightstand Shelf Idea

Set of Two Wooden Wall Mounted Floating Shelves for Bedroom

An easy-to-do and minimalist DIY floating nightstand idea. This floating nightstand comes in a set of two, with one mounted above the other. The wood-themed design gives a modern and chic appearance.

The open shelves create enough storage space for your bedside items as shown in the image. Apart from this useful feature, it also adds a cool aesthetic effect to the whole bedroom outlook.

Set of Two Wooden Wall Mounted Floating Shelves for Bedroom

Set of Two Farm House Themed DIY Floating Nightstand

A much-needed nightstand for a farmhouse-themed bedroom. This floating nightstand in a set of two is made from rustic wood. The wall shelves are perfect for multi-use, as they provide storage space and also act as a perfect aesthetic display.

To achieve this look, you need a few rustic-looking planks of wood and screws for attachment. They can be placed side by side or on top of each other.

Set of Two Farm House Themed Rustic Floating Nightstand

All Black Modern Floating Bedside Nightstand

These black drawers have become common in many modern bedrooms. This color matches a lot of bedroom designs making it the perfect versatile choice for your bedroom designs. The floating nightstand features an open shelf that can be used as a desk and two closed drawers for storage.

To attach it to your bedroom wall you need plastic anchors as well as screws. A fantastic option for a minimalist look.

Black Modern Floating Bedside Nightstand

Unique Two Way Wooden Floating Bedside Nightstand

A unique 2-way wood-themed floating bedroom nightstand. The display shelves have a seamless design helping to free up home floor space. This rustic wooden floating shelf nightstand comes in a vintage design to add an elegant touch to any room.

The set has multiple creative installation positions to create a perfect design for your bedroom. Before attaching, measure the wall space to make sure that the shelves are well-fitted for the bedroom space.

Unique Two Way Rustic Wooden Floating Bedside Nightstand

Simple Floating Bamboo Bedside Nightstand

Wall-mounted bedside bamboo nightstands are unique and stylish. This beautiful piece of furniture is a typical bedside shelf that fits perfectly into a small bedroom space. It creates ideal assistance for small bedrooms with lots of items to display and makes the room clutter-free. This simple bamboo floating nightstand is also a beautiful aesthetic that when added to a room gives the room a classic and modern look.

Simple Floating Bamboo Bedside Nightstand

Spacious Bedside Nightstand from Pawlonia Wood

Elegant and unique bedroom nightstand made from solid paulownia wood. The floating shelf helps save room space and make your room look rustic and tidy. The hidden drawers with metal bars add to its rustic and elegant effect.

These nightstands come in sets of 2 and both shelves can be positioned on your bedroom wall to create various unique designs. The open shelf can be used to hold your bedside lamp.

Spacious Bedside Nightstand from Pawlonia Wood

Floating Bedside Nightstand with Antique Partition

A unique and sophisticated floating bedside nightstand with an antique partition gives your bedroom a chic look. This beautiful nightstand not only keeps your nighttime essentials but also has an inner compartment that can store your valuables and meet small space decoration needs. These beautiful nightstands are solid and add a rustic and modern feel to your space. They have a smooth surface and polished finish. They are also unique gift ideas.

Floating Bedside Nightstand with Antique Partition

Set of Two Wall Mount Bamboo Rack for Bedroom

This wall-mounted shelf can function as a wall display shelf or as a storage unit. It doesn’t disrupt your room setting and leaves you with enough floor space. It is also a great substitute for bedside tables. It is a solid and distinctive fixture to add to your room. This modern set of two wall mount bamboo racks is vintage. It adds a rustic and modern feature to the bedroom space.

Set of Two Wall Mount Bamboo Rack for Bedroom

Unique Style Wood Wall Mount Rack for Bedroom, Two Set

A complete set of 2 modern floating white shelves to give your bedroom a clean and tidy appearance. The shape of this bedside table is unique and an amazing option to mount decorative ornaments and books.

This is an easy storage solution for your room space. The white color blends well with the rest of the room as it not only decorates your space but also transforms your wall.

Unique Style Wood Wall Mount Rack for Bedroom, Two Set

White Cube DIY Floating Nightstand

DIY projects have become very popular among homeowners because it is cost-effective. This white cube DIY floating nightstand is a perfect fit for all spaces. It is made from solid and durable wood materials that make It suitable for use. It is a double-layered wall shelf that creates space in your room and both the upper and lower layer of the shelf is used to store and display items.

White Cube DIY Floating Nightstand Design Idea

18 Inch Walnut Brown Wood with Glass On Top

This modern shelf uses a walnut brown wood finish to create a minimal bedside table design. The use of clean lines constructs a straightforward yet functional wall shelf. The floating nightstand is constructed with loud wood and a glass top giving it a sophisticated look.

Underneath the glass shelf top, the open shelf can be used to keep various items like keys and others. The perfect nightstands for simple bedrooms.

Simple 18 Inch Walnut Brown Wood with Glass On Top

Wooden Rectangular Cuboid Floating Nightstand

A wooden rectangular cuboid floating nightstand is ideal for displaying decorative bedroom accessories and keeps your nighttime essentials accessible and within reach. This nightstand is distinctive and fits perfectly with both neutral and colorful bedroom walls. This unique design is one of the best ideas for floating nightstands. It is a simple wall-mounted nightstand that gives the room a stylish finish.

Elegant Wooden Rectangular Cuboid Floating Nightstand shelf idea

Weathered Gray Farmhouse Themed Bedside Nightstand

A wooden 2-drawer nightstand is a great option for small rooms. The farmhouse-themed look works to give the room a charming and polished effect.

The bedside stand comes with two drawers, one longer than the other. Its top could be used as an open shelf to keep easy-to-reach items and room decor and the drawers can be used for other essentials. All-in-all, it is an effective design for classy bedrooms.

Weathered Gray Wooden Farmhouse Themed Bedside Nightstand

13 Inch Space Saving Black Bedside Nightstand

This is a perfect bedside nightstand to keep your essentials at arm’s length. It is a uniquely designed floating nightstand that can fit into most bed frames or bunk beds. It also solves the problem of the lack of a nightstand for the upper bunk occupant. It is a beautiful fixture to add to a bedroom and it adds fun and flair to your space. It is unique and sturdy.

13 Inch Space Saving Black Bedside Nightstand

Wood and Stainless Steel Floating Wall Mounted Bracket for Bedroom

A DIY bedside shelf doesn’t have to be complex to be efficient or have an impact on the room design. This simple shelf comes with two layers and a stainless steel bracket to hold the wooden planks.

The design is durable and can be used as a bookshelf as well as a decorative accessory for your bedroom. The shape and blend of material add a more contemporary feel to any room.

Wood and Stainless Steel Floating Wall Mounted Bracket for Bedroom

Matte Black Half Moon Bedside Nightstand for Bedroom

Elevate your decor and add great storage with this unique nightstand. The shelf is constructed in a half-moon shape with one drawer at the end. Its matte black color blends easily with the aesthetic of any room

This can be used to display decorative items and store other essentials. With its drawer design, the shelf gives a beautiful statement as well as plenty of storage space. It’s certainly a departure from conventional nightstands.

Simple and Elegant Matte Black Half Moon Bedside Nightstand for Bedroom

Two Set Handmade Wooden Shelf for Bedside

These two sets of handmade wooden shelves for a bedside table are one the popular options for DIY projects among homeowners. They are solid, durable, and perfect for storing and displaying household items. They have more storage capacity than a single-layered floating shelf. Also, the rustic look and stylish design add a stunning look to any room. It is also sturdy enough to carry any weight without fear of it falling off.

Two Set Handmade Farmhouse Wooden Shelf for Bedside

Floating Beech Wood Stand with Slot for Mobile Phone

This floating bed stand is an awesome addition to your room designs. With a thick slab of solid beech wood, this bed shelf is defensively simple. Adds style and luxury to any room and comes with a slit for your mobile phone.

Adding the perfect room aesthetics and decorative ornaments to this shelf would improve any room design giving a luxury-inspired bedroom. Its small size makes it a perfect fit for smaller rooms.

Floating Beech Wood Stand with Slot for Mobile Phone

Round Beech Wood Floating Bedside Organizer

DIY floating wall nightstands have always been stylish in a small bedroom space and these round beech wood floating bedside tables are not left out. They are durable, stylish, compact, and fit perfectly into any space. Images are suitable for holding nighttime essentials. The size makes it a perfect addition to a small bedroom. They can also be used to display beautiful aesthetics to give the room a nice, stylish finish.

Round Beech Wood Floating Bedside Organizer

Large Volume Floating Nightstand with Multiple Drawers

Adding a bit of rustic charm to its modern vibe this bed shelf design is perfect for any bedroom. Its stack set of drawers provides loads of extra room for any item you wish to keep close to the bed.

This floating nightstand with drawer shelf design is perfect for small-sized rooms, as it offers clever ways to organize more of your essentials. The rustic wood theme works well with the white background wall.

Large Volume Floating Nightstand with Multiple Drawers

Hexagonal Wall Mount Floating Bedside Organizer

A unique shape and design for your bedside organizer. The small-sized shelf comes in a hexagon shape and is just enough for a click and other small items. A perfect addition to any room to achieve a minimalistic modern look.

The night shelf is made from beech wood and finished with natural waxes giving it a clean and tidy appearance. There is something cool and eye-catching about this rare design.

Hexagonal Wall Mount Floating Bedside Organizer

Premium Two Drawer Floating Nightstand with Gold Accents

This luxurious black floating nightstand with gold accents is unique as well as stylish. It adds the exact sense of classical beauty and sophistication to any bedroom space. This premium two drawers floating nightstand had enough storage space and the top serves as a bedside table to keep the necessary night essentials and some decorative aesthetics. It is one of the best bedside fixtures to add to a modern bedroom.

Premium Two Drawer Floating Nightstand with Gold Accents


Modern floating cabinet nightstand

Floating shelf and drawer nightstand in white and wood with inset lights
If you have a modern bedroom, then you will want your furniture to match your style. This modern, stylish bedside table has two layers, with a single drawer to put money or other small items.

The inset light is a modern touch to this shelf space. It is a great solution for saving space, and with this one, you don’t even need a separate lamp.

Rustic floating shelf

Solid wood floating shelf unit

This solid wood nightstand has a rustic look and is the perfect size next to your bed. A convenient single drawer to reduce clutter, this simple but practical design is a perfect addition to any bedroom.

Floating shelves

double floating wooden nightstand looks minimalist and chic not bulky at all
Suppose you will attempt to do it yourself. What more straightforward way than an open shelf. Purchasing two shelves and hanging them one above another is a simple and effective way to create storage space on a budget.

Think about the height you will hang each shelf and ensure ample space between each for anything you want to display.

Floating drawer

Gray Wall Mount Rustic Reclaimed Style Wood Drawer Nightstand
This one drawer floating side table is in a stylish grey. It boasts an excellent drawer height of 8 inches, making it a brilliant option for magazines, phones, jewellery and all sorts of things.

I love the color and large drawer. Whilst it may not work for small spaces. But, if you have some more room by your bedside, this option is brilliant.

Contemporary style floating nightstand

Concrete floating nightstand
This bedside nightstand has an industrial look. It is made out of concrete and so will need adequate support and careful fitting.

With a drawer and divided shelf area, there are many spaces to house your belongings. In the space underneath, you can kick off your slippers and get ready to dream.

Wood floating shelf

Wood shelf with metal bolts
This storage shelf is a brilliant way to make a nightstand out of a simple shelf yourself. It has ample space for a lamp. It is functional yet stylish and has a rustic look with metal bolts.

With enough room for some books and your glass of water, a DIY floating nightstand with easy assembly.

Compact floating nightstand

Narrow floating bedside cabinet
If you are working with a small space, this compact nightstand gives you the storage results you need without taking up too much space.

With one shelf and a drawer, there is enough space for all of your nighttime essentials.

Floating nightstand with drawer

Single drawer floating nightstand in wood

This floating nightstand is narrow in-depth and will save space in your bedroom. In addition, the single drawer is excellent for your bedrooms accessories.

This will not have much weight and will be quickly wall mounted. It has a minimal look and feel.


Considerations when choosing DIY Floating Nightstand


Like with everything else you want to buy, the price determines what you ultimately end up with. One thing you can not run out of when shopping for floating nightstands is options. There is more than enough than you know to do within offline and online markets. So take your time, work with that budget, and be assured you will find one or more in the right price range that fit like hands in gloves.


While these floating nightstands are going to help save space, how much space you have to work with will determine how bulky a choice of floating nightstand you should consider. If you have a relatively small bedroom, you should preferentially choose a corner floating bedside table as it maximizes the corner space that might go unused. Suppose you have a bigger bedroom, then the world is your oyster as anything you choose, bar the color scheme and style, is guaranteed to make the most out of your bedroom space.


This is what most people have their eyes on. How does it look? How does it make the room feel? More than half the time they are right, because what does it matter if you save space and the room ends up looking like a random store. The solution is to make your floating nightstand fit in with everything else in your bedroom space, including the color scheme. the type of wood (if made from wood) and other unique features should blend seamlessly.


As important as the aesthetic value the floating nightstand confers on your bedroom is the functionality of the furniture. It should have enough space to hold your essentials, preferably with multiple drawers.


Your choice of floating nightstand should be one that can take some beating. You want one that can stand the test of time without needing frequent fixing, polishing, or reinstallations. Floating nightstands made from superior wood or polished steel would offer you the much-needed durability and It would take some time before you notice any significant wear and tear.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to fitting a floating nightstand in your bedroom, you are left with two options. The first is to hire the services of a professional to help with the installation and the other is to do it yourself (DIY). A DIY small floating nightstand allows you to decide exactly what you want and how you want it installed. These DIY floating nightstands are usually easy to design because they’re characterized by a simple design and have easy-to-follow instructions in the package to help you install them in your bedroom.


The height you place your floating bedside table at matters. The ideal height should be in line with the top of the mattress or bed frame and easy to reach when lying in your bed. It can be installed slightly higher or lower if you prefer. However, the best way to find out is to mark where it will go then test it out by lying or sitting in your bed.

Typically a bedside table should be around 20 inches in width. The width will depend on the amount of space you have in your room and how many things you wish to store on your nightstand. For example, a width of 20 inches will be able to hold your reading materials, an alarm clock and your phone. If you are lucky enough to have more space to play with, you can go for the extra storage.

Storage space

A shelf is excellent for smaller things, though you may still want somewhere for large items, and in that case, drawers come in handy.

Usually, people will match the design of their bedside tables to create symmetry. However, if you want more storage space, a great idea is to have one storage nightstand with three drawers on one side of the bed and another with one or two drawers.


If you will do some DIY and attach it to your wall yourself, you should drill into that if you can find a stud. It will mean it is sturdy and can take a decent weight. If you cannot find a stud in the wall, then you will need to buy the appropriate wall plugs designed for the wall type you have.


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