Decorating with quilts: how to display quilts in your home in 2023

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If you, like me, love quilts, then we have an excellent post for you. Not only are quilts great for keeping you warm on cold days, but you can also display them. In this article we have some great ideas for doing this. I have memories of visiting my grandmother’s house and being surrounded by family heirloom quilts, each having its own story. If, like me, you want to carry that tradition on, but do not have a passed on heirloom quilt to display, you can purchase antique quilts and make other lovely quilts to give your home the same cozy feeling.

Quilts can be used pretty much anywhere when decorating around the home. They come in different shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes to beautify your walls. They can be used as pillows, window fabric, over doors, and even the headboard. This versatility and the seamless ability to add color to your house are the reason why quilts are highly sought after.

Tips for using Quilts in your home

Decorating with quilts is a good idea, but if you do not know what you are doing, the chances are that you would end up turning your house into a rainbow with too many colors at your disposal. The following tips will guide you on how you can decorate your home with them. And how you can enhance the beauty of your furniture, cupboard, and even grandma’s sewing machine by choosing quilts with the correct pattern and made with the suitable fabric.

Quilt Rack

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A quilt rack is one fascinating display method that shows off your quilts. You can place it in a corner in your family room and give people the chance to admire them. Asides from adding color to your living space, it is a great icebreaker, and a brief discussion about family heirlooms is an exciting conversation piece.

The following are some more reasons why you should consider adorning your beautiful home with a quilt rack.

  • It is a neat way to display quilts that are heirlooms
  • Allows you easily store your favorite quilts when not in use
  • It enables you to fold large quilts away
  • You can quickly grab the quilts off the rack to keep yourself warm on a cool day
  • If you are into quilting, you can store your unfinished works on the rack

Wall Hang Quilts

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You can have fun when you display your quilts by hanging them on the wall. If you are a quilter running out of space to put up your new works, you should consider the walls of your house. What better way to show off that beautiful antique quilt than to adorn them on the walls.

You can decide to theme your home decor according to the year’s seasons. Using wall-hanging quilts to achieve this easily. You would periodically change the quilts on the wall to reflect the seasonal change with the quilt’s design, colors, and style. These wall hangings might be the missing piece to bringing your home decoration together.

Using a few Quilts as soft furnishings

Lounge sofa covered with a brightly, multicoloured patchwork quilt and patterned scatter cushions. The lounge has a white tiled floor and contains plant pots full of a variety of plants.

The most common way people use quilts in their homes is as soft furnishings. They are used in limitless ways, and how much you use them around your house is limited only by your imagination. You can decide to use the quilts as covers for your shelves or tablecloths for your dining room. One common application is using quilts as sofa or cushion covers, blankets or bedding for the bedroom, and sometimes as a drape on the curtain rod.

From the laundry room to the kitchen, the ways quilts are used to bolster your home decor are near limitless.

Quilt runners

Top view of neatly arranged dining table

The dining room is the perfect place to connect with family and friends. It’s a place where those precious family moments exist and a space that allows for openness. Yet, despite its importance, it is usually bland and features forgettable fixtures and fittings. Most times, this is because you have little space to work with, and putting too much in that area can make it feel cramped. A straightforward way to add life to your dining area is to replace linens or covers with quilt runners.

You can use a long quilt to run the whole length of the table. But, if you only have a small quilt on hand, you can use multiple to cover the length of the table.

Other tips for using quilts

Beautiful quilts are not just for adults to admire, children can join in the fun. Purchasing or making quilts with your kids is a brilliant way to introduce them to a new hobby that the whole family can enjoy. Find out alternate ways you can put your quilts to good use below:

Kids can join the fun

Children would love to have quilts of their own. Aside from the fact that kids will cuddle up in the quilts when they sleep, they are great styled as capes when acting as their favorite superheroes or as castles in their make-believe stories.


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