Decorating With Picture Frames in 2023

Picture frame with print of Good Morning

Picture frames can be a brilliant addition to your home decor. The versatility of picture frames can transform your photos and pictures into pieces of art, making them highly sought after and affordable ways to decorate. Picture frames can be used in your home or office to add a personal touch. Even old picture frames can be recycled to immortalize memories and capture moments of significant sentimental value. These frames allow you to design your home in your own style, give you more options on ways to decorate your home, and are a fun project for your friends and the entire family to enjoy.

Of course, there’s always that option to walk into a store to pick out a picture frame, but it could cost a lot, and these DIY options are very budget-friendly. The sentimentality makes them a focal point anywhere you place them around your home, and you ultimately decide how best you want to showcase your favorite photos. Suppose you are looking for a fun way to add texture to your interior decor, then I have just the perfect project for you with these fantastic picture frame ideas.

Here are our top tips on how to decorate with a picture frame

1. DIY Photo Frame

Lollipop DIY picture frame

DIY photo frames take on any shape, size, or form you would prefer. When it comes to using a DIY frame, there are no wrong ways to do it. You simply let your imagination run wild, and the result is a style that reflects your interests and one whose uniqueness is guaranteed to be the focal point of any room. It is crucial that you customize the frames to allow you to display them in locations that would align with your home’s overall style or design.

2. Gallery Wall

Gallery of pictures on wall

An exciting way to decorate any space in your home, particularly your living room or walkway, is with the use of a gallery wall. The gallery wall is pretty much what it looks like on your mobile phone when you try to access your photos. It is a grid of pictures, with each grid representing a photo frame. You can use contrasting colors to make the picture frames and photos pop. A gallery wall can use the same color, like all white frames or mix it up depending on your taste.

3. Rustic Charm Picture Frame

rustic wooden picture frame

Putting pictures in the frame is more than how it looks but the message it sends. If you are putting up baby pictures or pictures from a long time ago, you want that feature to be evident in your choice of frame. You get just that with the rustic charm picture frame. It is like an old window into the past calling on anyone who cares to look. It is inexpensive and a fun way to display those embarrassing baby memories in beautiful picture frames.

4. Picture Frames With Gold Accent

Gold empty picture frame

You have carefully collated pictures you want to display. The last thing you want is to present your favorite photos in a bland manner. Just to throw them on the wall, or your shelf is not art, and tends to be more haphazzard. Of the many ways to decorate your photo projects, adding a gold accent to your picture frames is one of the easiest, and the results are extraordinary and stylish.

5. Social Media Wall

polaroid's on a wall

The only downside to using regular frames is that you can only display a finite number of pictures, and swapping out the different pictures is a lot of work. The answer to these problems is the social media wall. Here, the frames are more in a hovered state than fixed, allowing you to put the pictures behind the frame. This versatile approach opens your photo projects to new possibilities and allows you more options than regular frames.

6. Bulletin Board Picture Frame

pictures pinned on a cork board

This bulletin board idea allows you to be creative with how you display your photos. The simplicity and ingenuity of the design will enable you to put up more than just photos, as you can display letters, invites and much more. You can tell stories from memories with this photo frame idea, and it is an exciting craft that is guaranteed to get kids giggly. We love this as it is such a great way to decorate with memories and turn them into art.

7. Beach Decor With Old Wooden Frame

Blue Beach style frame with photo

This is one frame idea that does not require much thought; you need a beach-themed frame, or you can make it yourself by painting picture frames the color blue and adding white swirls to give the impression of a wave. You can add some glitter on the edges for sparkle, and it is perfect for a family picture in the kids’ room. This photo frame style is fun, inexpensive, and a great way to decorate any space. Up cylcye old picture frames easily, to bring life to your house.

8. Comic Book Frame

Comic Book Picture Frame

Your children are going to love this. It allows you to put their favorite pictures in a frame surrounded by their favorite heroes. What makes this DIY frame type a favorite among parents and children is that the result is always unique. You determine the size of the frame, and you can let your creative juices flow when designing this art expression.

9. Colored Tissue Paper

Picture frame decorated with tissue paper

It would surprise you how much you can do with the right color of tissue paper. You want to go for a noticeable color that pops and gives character to the photos being framed. While this design ensures that your project is unique, it is somewhat fragile as water or any form of moisture can ruin all your good work. It is a great way to do DIY with your kids and display your pictures.

10. Duck Tape Frame

Frame decorated with duck tape

The duck tape frame is popular because of how simple it is to set up. All you need is a wooden frame and a stylish duck tape. You want to ensure your choice of duck tape has fancy, exciting colors that call attention anywhere you place the frame. The reward with this style of frame far outweighs the work it takes to create the frame.

11. Distressed Chalk Frame

Chalk Painted picture frame


It is near impossible to go wrong with a distressed chalk frame. This is because the whole idea is to make the frame look as worn out as possible. It does not even need to be uniform, just let loose and let your creativity take the wheel. All you need to make this masterpiece a reality is chalk paint of two different colors and antique wax to go on top of the wood. Voila, you will create picture frames that are stylish and unique.

12. Frame Adorned With Yarn

Frame wrapped in yarn

This would make a perfect gift idea for people you know who are in love with knitting. It shows the amount of thought you put into making this frame and makes the picture it would house all the more important. These picture frames require you to be proficient with the knitting needle, but the effort will provide a great result that super stylish.

13. Fabric Covered Picture Frames

Frame wrapped in Fabric

If it would be too much of a hassle to paint your frames or knit them, you can opt for fabric. Your choice of fabric makes or mars this frame design. You want to ensure your fabric choice has unique, colorful designs that make it the center of attraction anywhere it is placed.

14. Dipped In Dye

Dip dying a photo frame

Ways to decorate get increasingly simpler and easier with dye as all you need to do is decide what color you want the wooden frame dyed. Dip it in the dye of your choice, let it dry, and attach your photo to the frame. You can decide to get dyes of different colors to make different colored frames for that colorful appeal.

15. Gemstone Frames

Frame surrounded by gemstones

Gemstone frames are simple ways to make otherwise bland frames come alive. If you already had plain white frames and you were wondering what to do with them, well, the answer is simple. You can add gemstones of the same or different colors to make your photos look spectacular on your wall.


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