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Deck and Patio Ideas

Looking for some inspirational deck and patio ideas? Let us walk you through the many different options to perhaps improve an existing deck, enhance your outdoor space or just give you more information. In this article, we will briefly go through the things you may need to build a deck or patio and the many different options available.

Depending on your style of deck/patio you are choosing to build depends on the materials you need. For outdoor spaces, you may want to think about using stone for the flooring and wood for the wall as it is easier to add shelves to place or hang plants. Using wood that has been treated should be a must as it will ensure stability with its construction and the long-lasting option. If you live in a place such as San Francisco, which we all know that San Francisco can get quite cold adding a fire pit can be a nice idea. Whether the site for your deck/patio is in your backyard, attached to your house, or in the yard at the front cement will be sure to be used as it will make your deck/patio solid.

Patio with Living Wall

Perhaps you would like to create a patio in your backyard at ground level but also have privacy from your neighbors that a living wall can give you. These decks allow you to have furniture placed against for comfort, shade, and lighting if you want. An added feature with these decks is the living wall to give you that feeling and smell of living in the country by have an installation for hang or placing plants.

Terrace with walls covered with green plants placed near house in daytime

Gazebo for grilling

This is a great project if you like to barbeque away from your house to keep the smoke away. Creating a project like a gazebo for grilling you are able to entertain your guests while barbequing at the same time. Despite it being big enough to accommodate both entertaining g and grilling at the same time it can also be small enough to fit on your existing patio.

Island Style Deck

This deck with an island-style inspiration is built with wood composite decking. It can fit anywhere in your yard without having to worry about footings or ledger boards. Along with it being able to fit anywhere in your backyard, it is often maintenance-free.

Plants Beside House With Wooden Deck


Pergolas are perfect for shade on those sunny days and can fit easily over your existing patio. Whether your patio or deck is wood, brick, or stone it does not matter pergolas can easily be customized. You can easily make your pergola look classic or even vintage with its latticework by adding vines.

Pergola with a deck

A pergola is perfect to get both the sun you want and the shade you want. Having a pergola with a small deck attached is packed with features such as a cascading staircase, a railing that can be customized, and seating nooks.

People Standing Under the Awning

Screened Porch

Having a screened porch is great if you live in a country with lots of flying bugs such as mosquitoes. This outdoor porch has both the space you want and is airy whilst protecting you from all the bugs often seen at dusk. You need not worry about the construction either it is relatively simple.

Deck with Railing

Decks with railing are perfect for those who have kids. It not only adds safety to your deck but can also create a bit of style. With a glass railing design, it can bring flair to your outdoor living experience. Along with flair, you will have a clear view.

Black Wicker Bistro Set on White Terrace Near Ocean

Combination Wood & Stone Deck

A patio made from both wood and stone. you could perhaps have a stone deck with wooden walls that can allow to you add planters, privacy, and seating. If that is not you, you can have a wooden decking with veneered stone walls.

Deck with Garden Pond

Yellow Water Lily in Pond

This may sound complex and difficult to build, but in actual fact, construction is quite easy. It can be built even by a first-time builder and does not have to be expensive. Basically, all you have to do is dig a hole in the middle of your patio lay some tarpaulin add water features, and you’re done. Simple yet elegant.

Stone Block Patio

Masonry work always looks like a treat in your backyard. You can have flagstone for the flooring and set bricks or stone for the walls. Stone is always a nice creative project that is always a match to your backyard garden.

Livingroom Outdoors

With ease, you can transform your deck or patio and create a comfortable outdoor living room. This is like adding an extra room to your home and needing only a little amount of materials to do so. For new homeowners who feel they do not have enough bedrooms but cannot afford a bigger mortgage, an outdoor space such as this can serve them just as well as having an extra room.

Blue Throw Pillow and Brown Wooden Table Outdoors

Ceramic Tiles for your Patio

Fortunately these days materials you are able to find tiles that are long-lasting. They can withstand even cold climates and fit perfectly for you to create a well-designed outdoor environment.

Patio with a Screen for Privacy

Most homeowners whether old or new would like to have privacy when they are spending time outdoors in their yard. If you have an existing patio but want that privacy a screen is the fix for you. A patio with a screen can be quite cheap to complete and add inspiration and style to your backyard.

Spacious terrace of modern apartment in evening time

Planter-Edge with a Deck

This is a deck with style and building it is easy. All you have to do is add boxes to your already built wooden deck. These boxes serve as a space to put your plants inside. This deck is stylish and easily rearranged.


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