Cheap fence ideas for your home in 2023


Choosing a fence might seem straightforward until you are presented with all of the available options. Your choice is even more difficult when working on a tight budget and still trying to achieve something that looks great. Whether a backyard fence or perimeter fence, the following are cheap fence ideas that you can use to mark your property boundaries.

The ideas on this list are inexpensive fence options, and you can decide to save more money by making them into DIY projects. Each fence design is easy to understand and can be easily put together with cheap, inexpensive materials.

10 cheap fence ideas for your garden

The following are the best, inexpensive options to protect your property, mark your grounds and keep small animals or livestock fenced in securely. Each fence design is durable and ensures maximum security for your property.

Chain Link Fence

chain link fence with metal grid in perspective, background

The chain link fence is one of the more common fence ideas, and that’s because it combines visual appeal and functionality seamlessly. While the main component is the chain link, you can easily beautify the fence using a wooden frame. In addition, the wood frame, when used correctly protects people, or small dogs from being cut so they can roam free in your yard.

Our take

Chain link fences are excellent if you are trying to corral animals or livestock in the same space. The high visibility of the chain link fence makes it very easy to keep an eye on the animals in your yard, and the low maintenance and easy installation make this unique fence a significant consideration when sifting through fencing ideas.

Chicken Wire Fence

chicken wire farm fence with looming sky

The chicken wire garden fence is so named because of the short height, and it is perfect if you are looking to create a fenced-in area for small animals. However, this cheap fence does not offer much in terms of privacy; if you plan to keep a portion of your yard away from prying eyes, I would recommend you consider other options on this list.

Our take

What makes this a top pick from the many fence ideas is that you can create this fence using recycled materials. The wood for the frame can be sourced from your yard, and the overall cost to make this fence makes it very budget-friendly. The great thing about this fence choice is that you can decide to DIY and not need to spend money on its construction.

Pallet Fence

a free wooden table with a wicker chair of an outdoor cafe under an umbrella with hanging flowerpots and blooming petunias fenced with a wooden fence of green painted pallets.

No rendition of the American dream is ever complete without including this fence or the white picket fence. It is called the pallet fence because the fence post resembles the pallets used in loading docks. This wood fence is a great example of cheap fence ideas you can use to fence your yard or as a perimeter fence to keep danger out.

Our take

We particularly like this wood design because the materials are very easy to source and the fence even easier to install. In addition, the pallet fence is very budget-friendly, easy to maintain, and you can add some paint to make it stand out and beautify your grounds.

Bamboo Fence

Stone path with bamboo fence in the park.

It can be quite the chore to maintain your fence when it is installed, and as a result, many people have old, worn-out fences in their backyard. However, you can use bamboo sheets to rejuvenate the look of your fence instead of having to install a new fence. The bamboo covers your old fence, protects it from the elements, and the result is a goat-proof fence that keeps your livestock safe and secure.

Our take

Making your fence out of bamboo is the way to go if you have issues keeping pets on your property. You can quickly hammer the bamboo sheet into the ground, and you can add a touch of white paint to create a bohemian look. In addition, you can consider DIY to save cost making this one of the best cheap fence ideas for your consideration.

Split Rail Fence

Split rail fence on old bridge over the river

A split rail fence is an excellent option for a dog lover or animal lover in general. The rail design fencing make these fences the ideal solution for keeping your dogs in and keeping predators out. The mesh design allows for openness without compromising the security of the fence. It would be best to paint the wood frames around the rail to give the fence a nice, simple finish.

Our take

The simplicity of this design makes it one of the most sought-after cheap fence ideas. The height makes it a perfect dog fence and would be a fun layer to your backyard. In addition, the mesh in this fence serves to protect your pets from injury without clamping down on visibility.

Privacy Fence

Beige wood panel garden fence.

The privacy fence is exactly what it sounds like. The wood panels provide all the privacy you need for your property, making it very hard for anyone to see through. This cheap fence gives you value for your money, and while it might look more complex than other fences on this list, it is very easy to DIY.

Our take

If privacy is essential to you, few fences offer as much privacy as the wood fence. The fencing design seamlessly combines functionality with an aesthetic guaranteed to transform your backyard and secure your grounds or perimeter.

DIY Garden Fence

field with simple wood post and wire fencing running down middle.

Very few things are as annoying as finding out your beautifully tended garden lays in ruins, destroyed by your pets or other animals you have roaming around. You can decide to build different units to house the animals, but this can be quite tasking, especially if you have many animal types in your yard. The solution is to create a garden fence that would dissuade grazing in your garden and keep animals out.

Our take

The DIY Garden fence is possibly the easiest to pull off on this list. The results are mind-blowing when out side by side with the simplicity of the design. You can source all materials you would need for its construction in your yard. Sturdy thin branches would do for the fence posts before joining with wires to complete the wire fencing.

Log Fence

Log Wood fence at sunset in the Rocky Mountains

The Log fence is a stack of wood logs around your perimeter. You do not need any wires, strings, or mesh to construct this fence. The result is an old-school-looking fence that is very effective. The height of the fence is determined by how many logs you are willing to stack. There is no skill to set up this fence type; ensure you get stable, sturdy wood and keep stacking.

Our take

Log fencing is very easy to pull off. We particularly like this option because it has no wire meshing that could pose a hazard for small animals. Log fencing is a practical, inexpensive option and is guaranteed to give your property a facelift.

Wattle Fencing

A woven wooden fence made of thin old branches in the countryside. Village yard fence. Shallow depth of field.

Wattle fencing is a unique approach to fencing. It involves interlocking small branches to create a woven lattice pattern. The result is a fence that is perfect for keeping animals locked and secured in their roaming area. It is significantly better if you have little animals in your yard and you want to restrict their movement without exceeding your budget.

Our take

This type of fencing is not the easiest to set up as it needs you to twist branches. But the branches do not need to be treated as you can easily replace them. This makes this one of the cheapest options on the list and ideal for housing animals.

Barbed Wire Fence

Photo showing an agricultural field of flowering oilseed rape (also known as rape seed oil, rapa, rapaseed, brassica napus, rappi and canola), with three lines of barbed wire in the foreground.

Barbed wire fencing is affordable and easy to install. They are most commonly used when owners want extra protection for their property or animals in the yard. One other reason people consider this type of fencing is its versatility. You can use it with any other fence type to bolster security and keep predators out.

Our take

While this fence is good at keeping harm out, one downside to using this fence is how easily animals can get entangled in the barbed wire. Therefore, this fence should only be used when housing larger animals. Smaller animals risk injury when housed in fences with barbed wire.

Fencing FAQs

How high should my fence be?

The height of your fence is determined by your goal when building the fence. If you are building the fence to keep your dogs in or other small pets from scaling the fence, the fence should be at least five feet tall. If the fence is for you and your family’s privacy, it should be at least six feet tall. You can decide to make the fence as high as eight feet to keep prying eyes away, but you should only do so after double-checking with your local planning committee.

Should I use wood or concrete posts?

Wooden and concrete post both have their advantages, and your choice of the post depends on what works for you. Concrete is very durable and impermeable to liquid, rot, or insect attack. The downside to using concrete is that it is less flexible and cumbersome. On the other hand, Wood can be easily damaged by the elements, especially if it is not treated before being used. But the aesthetic value of wood, especially when used correctly, is much higher than concrete.


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