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There are some sure ways to protect sliding glass doors for forced entry and this article will walk you through them! Yes! It is true a sliding glass door makes it easy to get in and out of your home, but unfortunately, these doors also make it easy for burglars to break into your home. Luckily, there are ways to secure sliding doors from burglars so that they can’t get in even if they break the glass! To learn more about securing sliding glass doors, read on!

How Sliding Glass Door Security Works

Sliding glass doors typically have one latch that secures them in place, often on the inside. So, if you want door security from burglars, you can install an additional latch that requires a key from both sides of a sliding glass door. This will make it impossible for someone to remove and get through a sliding glass door without getting past your current level of security, too. And, if they break your existing lock with bolt cutters or sheer brute force, then your burglar-proofing just got stronger. Add even more stopping power by placing wood planks or metal bars on either side of a sliding glass door before installing your new lock.

How to Secure Sliding Glass Doors at Home

Sliding glass doors are an extremely popular feature in homes, adding a lot of style and elegance to an exterior. Unfortunately, they’re also very easy to break into because their locks are generally vulnerable. Fortunately, though, you can easily secure your sliding glass doors at home with a few simple tools and steps that won’t leave any unsightly damage behind. Follow these easy steps to increase your sliding glass door security.

Use Window Locks or Security Pins

One of the most basic ways to keep burglars out of your home is with a set of window locks, available at many hardware stores. These add-ons have a built-in safety feature that makes it impossible for anyone but you and your family members (and/or pets) to open and close windows. You can also secure sliding glass doors from burglars by using security pins—these are longer than standard door pins, making them less easy for criminals to bypass. Another option is adding an home alarm system or security film; both options require a burglar to cut through something before they’re able to get in, which offers extra peace of mind.

Use Alarm System, Smart Senseor & Glass Break Detector

The best way to secure your sliding glass doors from burglars is by using an alarm system and a glass break detector. An alarm system will have a glass break detector which will alert you when anyone breaks one of your windows. The alarm company can contact law enforcement for you and make sure that police respond within minutes. When installing a security system, be sure to include glass break detectors with all of your windows. It’s also recommended that you use shatter-proof film on all exterior windows so that in case someone does manage to get through one of them, they are less likely to be able to see inside or create more damage if they try breaking another window.

Glass Sliding Doors Security FAQs

Does the Door’s Latch Deter Crime?

Most burglars avoid entering homes through a door or window that will cause a lot of noise. They will even stay away from homes with sliding glass doors if they have seen that most homeowners don’t secure them with security pins. That is why it’s important to secure all entrances into your home, especially sliding glass doors. In fact, sliding glass doors are one of those entry points that many people often forget about or simply aren’t aware of. To really keep these types of doors secured, they need to be reinforced with security pins or special door locks designed specifically for them. After all, simple keyed deadbolts won’t do much good since thieves can still enter by smashing through them—which is easy when you consider how flimsy some people build their homes’ doors and windows!

Should I Use a Hasp or Sash Lock?

Both of these devices can help prevent sliding glass doors from being opened by unwanted guests. The biggest difference between a sash lock and a hasp is that a sash lock will permanently secure your sliding glass door, whereas a hasp allows you to easily remove it if necessary. Both are pretty affordable, with costs ranging from about $8 for a basic one-hand sliding door hardware kit for use with a conventional deadbolt and handle combination, up to $100 or more for heavier duty options. On average, you can expect to pay somewhere in between those two figures—which is comparable with other types of home security equipment like alarm systems and video surveillance cameras.

What are the Risks of Leaving a Sliding Door Unlocked?

The first thing burglars do when entering a home is look for an unlocked door. In fact, according to California State University, Fresno professor M. David Ermann, 95% of burglaries involve an unlocked door or window. That’s why it’s essential to leave your sliding glass doors locked when you’re not home; if a burglar finds one door locked and another that isn’t secured, they can move on to another target.

What is the Best Lock for Sliding Glass Doors?

Homeowners, especially those with valuable belongings, can never be too careful when it comes to securing their home. With that in mind, there are a number of options homeowners can look into when it comes to locking sliding glass doors. What is important is that they have quality locks installed on these doors.

Homeowners will want secure sliding glass doors from burglars at all costs, so they should not skimp out on their lock choices. For these reasons and more, homeowners should consider using deadbolts and keyed locks for sliding glass doors. This will make it very difficult for someone to get inside of their home without being noticed by residents inside or outside of their home. All things considered, these lock options are what you should use for sliding glass door security purposes.

Are There Hidden or Less Obvious Threats?

If you don’t lock your sliding glass door at night, you’re making it far too easy for burglars to get in. Most sliding glass doors have a lock along one side of them. But many home owners don’t secure these locks because they are hidden by your furniture.

If you want to secure your sliding glass door from burglary, you need to check both sides of it and make sure that every locking mechanism is secured or reinforced with added bolts or screws. It may take a little bit more time and energy than leaving things as they are, but if safety is important (and especially if you live in an area prone to burglary), then securing your sliding glass door with solid security measures is a necessity.

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