Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks 2023: Buyers Guide & Review

Undermount Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Granite Countertop and Wooden Cabinets

If you’re looking for a seamless kitchen sink that looks great and is easy to keep clean, then you’re in the market for an undermount kitchen sink. One of the most used tools in the kitchen – these elegant kitchen sinks are all the rage right now. Offering a modern and dirt-free option that will keep the heart of your home looking fresh and clean.

Finding the best undermount kitchen sinks can be a challenge. We’ve curated the perfect kitchen sink buying guide and reviewed the top contenders for you to choose from. From installation to size and design to accessories and add-ons, you’ll be able to find the perfect sink for your home in no time. Happy shopping!A close-up on undermount enameled cast iron single basin gray kitchen sink with a stainless steel kitchen faucet against gray wall.

The best undermount kitchen sink

We’ve taken a look at some of the best undermount sinks on the market today and picked our favourite – it was tough! Each product has a place in one home or another, fitting a particular lifestyle it is required for – whether it is busy family homes or the busy workaholic who doesn’t have time for dishes.

Our favourite undermount kitchen sink has got to be the Kraus. This timeless and traditional double bowl stainless steel sink will match almost any kitchen colour scheme and aesthetic. However, it was a close call between our top contenders.

kraus double basin sink in 8 pack bundle undermount kitchen sink

Before we dig deep into the products themselves, we’re going to learn a little bit more about undermount sinks and the various considerations needed to make before buying one.

Undermount Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

You would think buying a sink was pretty straightforward – however, you’ll soon realise that a lot of thought needs to go into it before making a purchase. With all sinks looking reasonably similar in style and functionality, there are some key factors to consider before buying.

Pros of buying an undermount sink:

  • The main pro to purchasing an undermount sink is that due to its lack of sink edges, it remains cleaner for longer – there are no edges for dirt and food debris to get caught under
  • Undermount sinks give you more kitchen counter space – leaving you lots of room for cooking or those dirty dishes…
  • You will be able to brush debris, food, and dirt right into the sink without it getting trapped
  • Various options, designs, colours, and materials give you an extensive range of options for a modern and clean kitchen feature

Size & Design

You can purchase an undermount sink in a variety of materials, including; stainless steel, Quartz, cast iron, copper, ceramic & graphite, to name a few. In addition, they come in a range of sizes to suit different countertop materials and boast various features to suit your kitchen’s aesthetic. Unfortunately, however, a lot of these undermount sinks do look the same – which can make it quite confusing when trying to find the right one for you.

There are also various undermount sinks, including a farmhouse apron, standard single sink, double sink, wall-mount sink, and a drop-in sink.


The first thing to consider before buying your sink is what size you need. The last thing you want to do is to go ahead and buy a sink and find that it doesn’t fit when it arrives! You need to plan ahead and figure out where you want to install it. Is it replacing an old sink? Or are you going to create a new space for the feature?

Measure out your chosen area and make sure you buy the right size, then you can start to choose your new sink based on aesthetic and function!

You can also consider other kitchen sink shapes – nothing says modern like an oval or angled sink. You can also purchase round, square, and standard rectangular sinks. Think about all the kitchen space you are going to get back!

Single or double?

Before choosing the material, you need to decide first about functionality. You can opt for two types of sink: a double bowl sink or a single bowl sink. Washing dishes has never been more straightforward with double bowl sinks. You can wash up in one bowl and soak in the other – seamless! Just remember that a double sink may take up more space on your counter, so you’ll have to factor that in when considering the size.

A single bowl sink resembles the traditional sink in most homes. The key difference is that a single bowl kitchen sink is generally deeper, allowing it to hold larger pots and pans as well as look tactful in your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Sinks

A stainless steel kitchen sink is the most classic option you can go with. This traditional stainless steel sink offers a simple look for your kitchen and is a dominant feature in homes across the globe.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are generally the most popular due to steel being extremely durable and cost-effective. Choosing a stainless steel kitchen sink is the best option if you have little ones running about the house, as the material won’t chip or scratch easily.

The great thing about a stainless steel kitchen sink is that it will match your appliances regardless of colour, meaning you save the hassle of having to replace your appliances alongside your sink.

Quartz Sinks

Choosing a sink made of Quartz will make for an elegant and clean finish to your kitchen. Quartz is fairly similar to granite and is extremely low maintenance. Easy to clean and keep clean! It boasts all the best qualities you need in a sink, including noise resistance and heat protection.

However, Quartz can be damaged if you drop heavy pots and pans on it, so be careful with your more durable dishes. Quartz is slightly more affordable than the Granite option but still looks and feels professional.

Pair with a Quartz countertop for a unique and elegant finish to your kitchen/


Granite sinks are great because they will truly last a lifetime. GIn addition, granite is an extremely reliable and durable material – and doesn’t have to compromise on the look and feel because of it.

Granite is highly heat resistant; however, you need to be careful of chipping this material – so extra protection and a seal should be considered.

Installation of a granite sink can be slightly more tricky due to its size and weight. You also have to bear in mind if you are pairing with a granite worktop, you will most likely have to use a contractor to ensure this is installed correctly.

Heat Resistance

You obviously want to choose a sink material that is heat resistant. This means there are certain materials you should avoid, for example, a ceramic or porcelain sink, which don’t offer the best in terms of protection.

Quartz and granite are renowned for their ability to handle the heat – so bear this in mind when choosing the right sink for your kitchen.

Gauge Thickness

Gauge thickness refers to how thick the material is in your sink. This works because the gauge number represents the thicker the material, and the higher the gauge thickness, the thinner the material.

Keep an eye out for the product descriptions. Sinks will have a gauge thickness anywhere between 10 – 24. The thicker the sink’s material, the more reliable and durable, lasting longer with less wear and tear!

Sound Insulation

Generally, the sink will be noisier if the gauge thickness is higher, meaning the material is thinner. Certain materials also sound louder than others, for example, stainless steel.

Most undermount kitchen sinks come with a variety of sound and noise reduction options so that a late-night glass of water doesn’t have to wake anyone up! You can also buy additional materials like padding to place inside your sink to reduce the noise.


Instead of installing a sink in a pre-cut area of your worktop, an undermount sink is placed underneath the counter. This completely eradicates the rim around the sink on a classic fitting. It is recommended that you use a contractor to fit your sink. However, some of them are easy enough to install at home yourself.

Before having your sink installed, it is best to consult a plumber or contractor, even if you plan on installing it yourself, so that you ensure a top-quality installation.

How to Measure for Installation

It will be your countertop that will determine how large or small your sink needs to be and how much space you will have to fill. The interior width and depth of the hole in your countertop will determine the measurements of your sink. So obviously, to measure, you will need to remove the old sink first. This is only the case if you are using that space and not creating a new one.

Once you have removed your old sink, you need to measure the distance between the back of your sink to the front. The average sink will measure around 22 inches by 30 inches; however, each home will vary.

Price and Warranty

You’ll have to check each individual product for its own price & warranty – however, make sure this is something you look out for before making your purchase.

Most sinks will come with a limited lifetime warranty. Pricing can range anywhere from low market sinks at $200 to stunning copper sinks ranging up to $900.

Undermount Kitchen Sink Reviews

Kraus Standard Pro

kraus double basin sink in 8 pack bundle undermount kitchen sink

Key Features:

  • Slim and low divider takes up less space meaning your double sinks are larger with more space and depth
  • Tight corners for easy cleaning
  • Durable and dent-resistant sink made from the finest stainless steel
  • Includes; decorative drain cover, mounting hardware, bottom grid, drain assembly, and kitchen tower

Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Silver

Why we love it: The Kraus Pro is a true bestseller that adds a timeless and sleek look to your kitchen. In addition, this undermount sink is corrosion and rust-resistant, meaning it will last longer and continue to look fresh. It also boasts a range of buying options, including; a Kraus apron front and Kraus fireclay reversible.

Kraus is a leader in the bathroom and sink market – so you know this sink will perform all the tasks you need it to and more. This model comes in an 8 pack bundle with a range of Kraus accessories and add-ons for easy installation, maintenance, and a fully functioning kitchen workstation. It also comes in slightly cheaper than the others making it a more affordable sink than its competitors.

Buy Now on

Price: $379.95


Blanco 440177 Diamond

double basin kitchen sink in a variety of colours installed in a kitchen

Key Features:

  • Commercial sound dampening
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • 60/40 design
  • Engineered to take on the toughest kitchen tasks due to its granite material
  • Heat, scratch, stain & impact resistant

Material: Silgranite

Colour: Cafe Brown, Biscuit, Black, Grey, Truffle & White

Size: Comes in various sizes to suit your kitchen / 16 gauge thickness

Why we love it: We love this sink because of the double basin and multiple colour options available. The stunning brushed finish offers a simple look, remains clean and durable throughout the years, and packs a huge amount of space and versatility. Pair with a matching strainer and stopper flange for the ultimate kitchen worktop experience.

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Price: $489.91


Ruvati RVH8350

ruvati double bowl and double basin with kitchen workstation accessories

Key Features:

  • Double bowl steel sink – rust and stain resistant
  • Includes a solid wood cutting board, stainless steel colander, rinse grids, two basket strainers & installation accessories
  • Roll up drying rack that slides along the sink edges and turns your sink into a drying/workspace
  • Sound guard undercoating & noise defend

Material: 16 gauge Stainless Steel

Colour: Silver

Why we love it: We love the Ruvati double bowl sink because of how deep and spacious it is! This double sink comes with a range of fantastic accessories that turn it into a fully functioning workstation sink that also looks modern and slick. In addition, your minimum cabinet size underneath will still leave you with plenty of room in the cupboard. Hence, it’s a really excellent option for smaller kitchens and for families who need to retain as much counter space and cupboard space as possible. Some would say – the perfect sink!

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Price: $419.00


Elkay Quartz Classic

Elkay quartz classic sink with a mocha finish placed drop in style to counter

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean with soap and water and stain resistant with a clean and smooth finish
  • Extremely heat safe up to temperatures of 535 Fahrenheit
  • Impact and scratch-resistant due to its material
  • Includes bottom grid, drain & cleaning kit

Material: Quartz

Colour: Comes in a variety of colours including; Mocha, Greystone, White, Bisque, Dusk Grey & Putty

Why we love it: We absolutely love the Quartz material for its durability and finish. What is excellent about this sink is the variety of stunning colours it comes in. An exceptionally smooth option for your kitchen, boasting a large opening for all your dishes and larger pots and pans. The best thing about this sink is its durability – you can throw almost anything at this sink, and it will clean up nicely – with no stains or wear and tear.

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Price: $465.95


Doirteal 33 

farmhouse apron black drop in sink with sink accessories inside newly installed kitchen

Key features:

  • Apron front sink, workstation ledge & accessories
  • Durable & scratch-resistant material that has a stunning black brushed finish
  • Noisedefend soundproofing – including silent pads and protective undercoating
  • Easy draining
  • Bundled with accessories including; basket strainer, drain assembly, bottom rinse grid, dish grid, sink cutting board, and installation accessories

Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Black

Why we love it: Firstly, we are loving all things black appliances and kitchenware right now. It’s so on-trend! Black appliances are making a comeback, and this sink is the perfect finish for a brightly painted kitchen. The elegant farmhouse apron design allows for huge sink space. It is easy to install by yourself and adds a classic finishing touch that will have you receiving compliments every time someone comes to visit!

Buy Now on

Price: $449.99

Other considerations when buying undermount sinks

Undermount single basin sink on counterop with black faucet and potted plant

Accessories & add-ons

There is a fantastic expanse of kitchen appliances, accessories, and add-ons to keep in mind for your undermount sink—these range from basins, faucets to drainage.

Each of the sinks that we have reviewed above comes in its own bundle with certain accessories alongside them. However, the option is there for you to buy other add-ons that may suit your kitchen style. There are endless options and additional features for your sink. You can even turn it into an extension of your workspace with the accessory.

Choose from a stainless steel dish grid, roll up drying rack, soap dispenser, basket strainers, and cutting boards, to name a few. All great additions for a busy family home!

Replacing your current undermount kitchen sink without damaging your countertop

You can easily replace your current sink with a new undermount sink; however, it is recommended that you use a contractor to ensure the installation is seamless and you don’t damage your countertop. If you have a granite countertop, you can face certain risks installing it yourself, including damaging the worktop. The silicone and adhesive used to secure the sink is also extremely strong and will hold the sink in place for years – having a contractor do this will ensure that you don’t have a wonky sink for years to come!

Undermount kitchen sinks FAQs:

What is the main difference between undermount sinks and a top mount sink?

A traditional top mount sink is placed in from above, meaning it overlaps over the top of your counter. This is the classic style sink you see in most homes today. However, a seam around the sink will mean dirt and debris can be trapped – yes, those pesky coffee granules! An undermount sink eradicates this seam, offering a smooth transition between the countertop and the kitchen sink.

Can I use an undermount sink with all types of countertops?

Yes! You can pair your new sink with any countertop, including laminate countertops, quartz countertops, and granite. However, it is important to remember that the installation and size may vary depending on your countertop.

What should I avoid when cleaning my sink?

This can ultimately depend on the material. IFor example, if you have a steel sink, it is essential to make sure that you don’t allow scourers, clothes, or sponges to dry in the sink as they may leave a mark, stain, or rust.

Dish soap and water is generally the best way to clean your sink regardless of the material – avoid using abrasive cleaners like bleach. Baking soda, water, and vinegar are great to get the marks off a stainless steel sink. For other materials, use vinegar and water to disinfect. Soap and warm water to clean. See specific product details for more information.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best undermount kitchen sinks can be a task with so many out there to choose from. Whether you are buying the Kraus, Ruvati, Blanco, or any other undermount sink, you are sure to purchase one that will last decades. These sinks are built to last, with cleanliness their first priority. Add a touch of class or tradition with your sink and find the perfect sink to compliment your kitchen.


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