Best Shower Foot Scrubbers in 2023

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You come out of the shower in the morning, and your feet feel silky smooth. Your friends can’t believe you achieved that level of smoothness on feet usually known for being rough. You smile, knowing that it’s thanks to your new shower foot scrubber.

But how do you choose the best one? If you’re having trouble with cleaning hard-to-reach places, we’ve got the best foot scrubbers for you! Here are the best ones to buy when getting ready to conquer the day!

Foot Scrubber Reviews

Beskar Foot Scrubber Mat

BESKAR Shower Foot Scrubber


The Beskar foot scrubber mat is a great value choice if you’re looking for a shower foot scrubber. Made of silicone, the product can be used on different bathroom surfaces, whether it’s the bottom of a plastic bathtub or on a tiled shower floor.

It is also portable and easy to clean. In addition, the suction cups on the base ensure that the foot scrubber remains in place while providing an exfoliating massage to your feet, so you don’t need to worry about slipping or falling while using it.

The product has earned more than 2000 5-star reviews on Amazon, which indicates that it’s both popular and effective among users – it could just be the best foot scrubber out there!

In addition, its price makes it an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on a foot scrubber! There are even multiple color options, so you can find one that fits your bathroom decor!



Tbestmax Magic Foot Scrubber

blue Tbestmax Magic Foot Scrubber

This Tbestmax Magic Foot Scrubber model is made of a soft, durable plastic that isn’t abrasive to the skin. It has nubs along the bottom of the foot scrubber as well as in the center, allowing you to hold your foot steady while you rub it against the solid surface and still hit all areas.

The plastic design makes this scrubber easy to clean – it’s dishwasher safe! A considerable number of users say they use this product every day and are happy with it after years of use. Their feet feel smoother and cleaner than ever before, and their purchase has more than paid for itself in terms of both health and hygiene benefits as well as simple cost-effectiveness.

Another popular feature is that it can be worn up on your foot like a shoe, which means you can put it on or take it off in one fluid motion without having to bend over!



Soapy Soles Foot Scrubbing Pad

Soapy Soles Foot Scrubbing Pad & Massager

The next of our best shower foot scrubbers is this handy foot-shaped pad by Soapy Soles. The strong suction cups ensure this poly-vinyl foot massager scrubber won’t move around when in use, so you can ensure your shower time is safe.

It’s one of our best shower foot scrubbers because it has a huge 1500 cleaning fingers, so you can really make sure your feet are thoroughly cleaned! The stiff bristles on this versatile scrubber will buff away dead skin cells, leaving you with soft skin after your shower.

The Soapy Soles scrubber even comes with a little liquid soap. Simply pour some on the pad and the warm water of the shower will help it lather up and work its magic!

It’s ideal for pregnant women, seniors, and those with knee or hip problems. In fact, anyone with dry skin can make use of this handy product!



Footmate System Foot Massager

FootMate System Foot scrubber

Our final best foot scrubber by FootMate is a bit more pricey, but it has some excellent features that make it more than worth the money!

Not only does it help remove dead skin cells as part of your foot care routine, but it also massages your soles which improves blood circulation to this part of the body.

Unlike some foot files which are made from rough, harsh materials, the firm yet flexible bristles on this sole scrubber are comfortable to use and will undoubtedly leave you with healthier feet. The brushes in the middle are slightly softer, while those around the edges are firmer to scrub the less tender sides of your feet.

It might have more bristles than other shower foot scrubbers – it has over 11,000 of them! Of course, it also has non-slip suction cups, so you can stay safe while scrubbing!

This foot scrub brush will surely leave your feet soft, especially when paired with Foot Mate’s Rejuvenating Gel (included). This unique formula can help reduce foot odor and the likelihood of contracting athlete’s foot, and will even keep your toenails healthy.

Perhaps the only downside is the Foot Mate sole scrubber is only big enough to use on one foot at a time. Overall, it’s an excellent addition to your foot care routine and is sure to take care of any dry skin on your feet.


How We Selected the Best Foot Scrubbers

To select the best foot scrubbers for this review, we looked at various models and their features to determine which are the most capable. In addition, we read through plenty of user reviews to see how well each model works in real-world situations. In our search, we also sought out models that offer the best combination of price and usability for the average consumer.

After we had a good idea about how each model performed in different situations, we tried them ourselves. Next, we tested these foot scrubbers by using them in regular showers over several weeks. Finally, we paid attention to features like ease of use and durability, which helped us eliminate any models that did not perform up to our high standards.


Foot Scrubber FAQs

What is a Foot Scrubber?

A foot scrubber is a small device you can use in the shower or bath to buff away dry, tough skin on your feet. It’s not something you necessarily need, and millions of people have perfectly healthy feet without ever using one.

However, if you suffer from callused heels, rough patches on the ball or arch of your foot, and hardened skin on the sides of your big toe joints, then this tool could make all the difference for you.

They are excellent for those who struggle to bend down and wash their feet; instead, just pour some shower gel onto the bristles, and you can wash your feet while standing up straight!

What Are Some Different Types of Foot Scrubbers?

Most foot scrubbers come in three styles: bristled brush (sometimes with a pumice stone attached), simple pumice stone with handle, and battery-operated rotating brush.

The two most common material choices for bristled brushes are plastic (often ABS) and bamboo.

There’s usually only one material choice for simple pumice stones with handles – pumice rock – but it still comes down to whether it has a plastic or wooden handle.

Rotating brushes almost always have a plastic base unit, while their brush heads may be made from different materials like nylon bristle clusters or silicone tips.

Why Get a Foot Scrubber?

If you don’t already have a foot scrubber, we’re here to tell you why you should at least consider it.

A foot scrubber is one of the most overlooked ways to keep your feet clean, and let’s face it, your feet are probably pretty gross. The great thing about a foot scrubber is that you don’t have to bend down like when you’re cleaning your feet by hand. It also has little bristles on the bottom that can get into all those hard-to-reach areas between your toes and along the sides of your feet.

We think everybody should have a shower foot scrubber mat in their bathroom, and here’s why:

  • You’ll ensure your feet are thoroughly cleaned, even if you have mobility problems.
  • They can improve blood flow and blood circulation to your feet.
  • Your skin will feel softer, with smoother skin, thanks to the exfoliating, massaging properties of the scrubbing mat.
  • You’ll notice fewer cracks in your heels if they’re clean every night before bed.
  • Your pumice stone will last longer since dead skin isn’t getting stuck in it after each use.

Final Thoughts

A foot scrubber will really improve the cleanliness of your feet.

In addition to its ability to massage, a good foot scrubber will provide deep cleaning and exfoliation that results in softer skin and helps prevent dryness and calluses. Exfoliation also increases circulation, which can help reduce fatigue. A foot scrubber is especially beneficial for diabetics, who are at risk of developing painful ulcerations on their feet.

When your feet aren’t properly cleaned each day, you’re setting yourself up for several problems. Sweaty toes left in dark shoes are the perfect breeding ground for fungi that cause infections such as athlete’s foot and fungal nail infections (onychomycosis). Fungi multiply well in warm, moist environments – just like your shoes!

The buildup of dead skin cells from not washing your feet regularly can lead to an unpleasant odor and possibly an infection if it gets out of control.

Our top pick and the best shower foot scrubber is the Foot Mate foot massager. It might be a little more pricy, but you can’t put a price on perfectly smooth and healthy feet!

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