Best Off-Grid Home Protection Systems in 2023

off grid security systems and surveillance system

An off-grid security system is one of the best ways to protect your property from unwelcome guests and potential thieves. But, all security cameras require some form of electricity to work, so if you don’t have a generator, what are your options?

Thankfully, there are some excellent solar-powered cameras you can use to build an effective home security system. In this short guide, we’ve picked out five of the best cameras running from batteries or solar panels, so you can keep your home safe and secure even if you are not connected to the grid.

Top 5 Off-Grid Security Systems

1. Reolink Argus 2

Reolink Argus 2 security camera


The first of our off-grid security cameras comes from the excellent brand Reolink. This solar-powered camera is capable of capturing high-quality HD videos, even during darker hours. In fact, there is even color vision at night, so you’ll never miss a thing.

The simple alarm system offers a two-way talk function, allowing you to confirm who is outside your home before answering the door.

It’s great for off-grid living, as it gets its energy completely from the included solar panel. And, the camera is fully waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it set up to protect your home in all weathers, even high wind and rain.

Videos are uploaded to the cloud for seven days, so you have plenty of time to access past footage. And, unlike some other options, this service is completely free. Considering the camera itself is available for under $100, this really is a great bargain.


  • One of the most affordable security cameras
  • Easy access to your video data


  • Motion detectors only operate at certain angles and at a close range


2. Door Bull Barricade

Door Bull Barricade


Our next pick is something a little different but is another excellent addition to your security system. This one doesn’t use any power supply at all but still offers protection to the doors and windows of your property.

The Door Bull door barricade is easy to install and highly effective. It works by spreading the force around the whole door frame, so if someone tries to break in using force, they will find it considerably more difficult.

Even if you have locks on your door, you can’t be sure they are strong and secure enough to defend your home against intruders. Many deadbolts, Yale locks, and chains are easy to get around if the home invader is dedicated enough. That’s why adding this extra strength to your door is recommended.

For those without power sources or looking for something simpler, this is a great buy. It can also be combined with one of our cameras to further enhance your security system.


  • Doesn’t require any energy to work
  • Easy to install
  • Best reliability – you don’t have to worry about batteries running out


  • Included fixtures are poor-quality – it’s best to replace them with your own, stronger screws.

3. Reolink Go PT

 Pan Tilt 3G/4G LTE Outdoor Security Camera - Reolink Go PT with Solar Panel Bundle


Our next off-grid security system is another fantastic security camera from Reolink. This camera uses little energy, and what it does use is provided by the included solar system. The Reolink Go also doesn’t rely on WiFi – instead, it uses 3G or 4G networks to store videos to the cloud or provide remote access to the live video feed.

This means you can tap in to the stream wherever you may be. And, with the two-way talk system, you can let visitors know you’re not available. For example, let a driver know where to safely leave your parcel until you get home, or tell friends when you’ll be in so they can pop by for a visit. And, you can receive notifications to your phone when the camera is triggered, meaning you are instantly warned about suspicious activity around your building.

The camera is IP64 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it failing under the elements.


  • Excellent motion detection and rotating camera make this one of the most protective home security systems
  • Benefits from easy installation


  • One of the more expensive home security options

4. Ring Spotlight Cam

 Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built Two-Way Talk and a Siren Alarm


Ring is a brand of security camera that most people are familiar with, but did you know they also use solar panels to power some models for those without a mains power source? This provides a constant backup power supply, so even if the batteries run out of charge, your home will remain protected all the time.

These battery-operated alarms are incredibly easy to install, so you will be up and running in no time. You can even customize the motion detection settings, allowing you to monitor vulnerable areas carefully.

With a live, 1080p video stream accessible from your mobile device, you can keep watch on your property when you are out at work or even away on vacation. If anything looks suspicious, you can also trigger an alarm remotely from your phone or tablet to scare away any intruders immediately.

The Ring Spotlight Cam is also equipped with lights, which are ideal for deterring would-be thieves. No criminal wants to get caught, and they are much more likely to be seen in good lighting. So, position this light around entry points for maximum protection.


  • Battery pack has a power rating of 6000 mAH – it lasts a long time
  • Trustworthy home security brand
  • Includes alarm and light systems to further protect your house


  • Can be difficult to set up the motion detection to suit your off-grid cabin

5. My Animal Command Solar Powered Security Camera

 My Animal Command Powered Solar Trail Camera 12MP Game Time Lapse Cam with Night Vision Motion Activated, IP66 Waterproof 1080p Spy Outdoor


Concluding our list of the best off-grid security cameras, we have this unique camo edition from My Animal Command. This security camera offers a 12MP video quality, which is sufficient for many people’s needs. But, the most important part is how waterproof this camera is – it is rated IP66. This means it is protected against water jets at all angles as well as sealed against dust – you can relax knowing that the harshest weather conditions won’t damage this camera.

The camera can be powered via the solar charge controller but don’t worry if the sun isn’t always bright – the battery life is up to six months! The camera will be triggered within half a second of motion being detected, so you can be sure you’ll never miss a thing. And, with a wide field of view of 90 degrees, most angles will be covered.

This home security camera captures both videos and still images – three photos are taken each time the camera is triggered. There’s also a time-lapse mode, so you don’t have to watch video footage back for hours when nothing is happening. You can save your data on an SD card – the camera can take one with a capacity of up to 32 GB.


  • Low energy requirements – it can last up to six months
  • No sign of the camera to intruders thanks to camo design


  • Can be activated by animals like deer and rabbits

Why Choose an Off-Grid Security System?

Off-grid living doesn’t mean you have to go without all the mod cons, including a security system. Here are a few reasons why you might like to invest in one.

Works in a power cut

If you are not connected to the grid, a solar power system provides a reliable power source, even when there is an outage. So, your home doesn’t need to go unprotected during a blackout, which is a prime opportunity for would-be thieves.


Off-grid security cameras are very cheap to buy and to run – you don’t have to worry about racking up expensive internet or electricity bills with one of these models.


If you are conscious of cutting your energy requirements, off-grid security cameras are the way to go. We’ve already seen how it can save you money, but they are also the best option for the environment. Off-grid living is all about saving the planet, so this is surely a great investment.

Off-Grid Security FAQs

Can you set up security cameras without a power supply?

While every camera will need some form of power, we have seen above that there are many types that can be powered without using the mains electricity supply. There are plenty of battery and solar-powered options you can choose from instead.

What are other home security measures for remote cabins?

As well as installing security cameras, there are some other measures you might like to take to keep your remote home safe from intruders. Here are just a few:


A high fence can keep your property safe from potential intruders wandering the area. Natural barriers such as spiky plants and hedges create a more attractive and equally effective measure.


The right pets can be just as useful at protecting your home as off-grid security cameras. A well-trained dog can alert you when there is an unknown, unwelcome visitor snooping around. Even certain farmyard animals can be strong protectors – we all know how frightening it can be to be chased by a goose!


Although you can’t change your home’s location, try to take steps to ensure you have a good view all around the property. Ensure any animals or outbuildings are within your line of sight if at all possible.


Sometimes, weapons are necessary when it comes to protecting your off-grid homestead. Just make sure everyone is properly trained in using them safely.

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