Best Moss Bath Mats To Feel Like You Are In Nature

2 feet on a moss bath mat

If you have ever walked bare feet on the forest floor, you will understand how relaxing and satisfying moss feels in between your toes. Swiss designer Nguyen La Chanh designed the moss bathroom mat concept so that you can have the simple feeling of nature between your toes after you shower in the comfort of your home.

As moss is a plant, you don’t have to worry about giving it any special care. It is found in moist shady places in nature and can survive off the moisture from your body. The moss shower mat is the perfect substitute for a standard non-slip bath mat. It is comfortable, effortless to maintain, and a piece of art.

Continue reading to learn more information about how forest moss can become an integral part of making your bathroom unique.

Moss Bath Mat Ideas

Whether you want to make a DIY moss bath mat or decide to purchase one online, you are guaranteed a unique experience. Having a moss shower mat in your bathroom gives a stylish, designer appeal and creates a natural atmosphere for your home. Check out the following ideas that can transform your bathroom space.

1. Moss Shower Mat

Moss Shower Mat with 2 feet stepping onto it

With so many moss shower mats available, you can get one that will suit your needs quickly.  Although a DIY moss bath mat is more tailored to the individual’s specifications, as long as you purchase your moss bathroom mat from a reliable vendor, you will find something fabulous for your bathroom.

2. DIY Moss Bath Mat

Moss bath mat on bathroom floor

If you are the type of person who likes to make it yourself and use items from around the house, then chances are you favour DIY. Instead of settling for a moss bathroom mat, you can find anywhere; you might want to create yours from the ground up. You can do this with the right supplies and either live or preserved moss. If made with the right supplies, you can air-dry your moss shower mat if it gets clogged with too much water.

3. Living Moss Bath Mat

Living Moss Bath Mat in a bathroom

If you want a natural feel through and through, one way you can do this is by creating your moss bathroom mat with only living moss. These plants feel different to touch and are likely to be the highlight of your shower time. However, it might be more challenging to maintain as you need to closely monitor the moisture and humidity. You can keep things in balance by allowing it to air dry when it gets too moist.

4. Cork Board Moss Shower Mat

Cork board with moss as bath mat

This is like the typical do-it-yourself moss mat. The difference is that the foam that absorbs excess moisture (plastazote) is replaced with a corkboard. You cut the board to size and secure your moss plants on the board.

5. Moss and Stone Bathroom Mat

Moss and stone bath mat

You can make your bath mat stand out by incorporating stones in the design. It would help if you searched for ways and types of stones you can use that won’t hurt your feet. The rocks and moss should fit perfectly in the foam padding to create something of natural beauty.

Moss Bath Mat FAQs

How does a living moss bath mat work?

There are two crucial parts of a moss bath mat. The moss and the padding it is stuck to. This is excellent as a bath mat because they are so absorbent. The foam padding has a waterproof base, so it gives you grip and absorbs excess moisture.

What is preserved moss?

This is a moss that is no longer alive but retains most of the features of live moss. Therefore, you do not need to dry it as much as you would live moss, and it has been created for decoration.

Where can I find moss?

The best place to search for moss is a shady, moist space. One great sign to look out for when searching for moss is the presence of water features.


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