Best House Design Ideas in 2023

Best modern decor idea

Building a new home, remodeling your existing home, or replacing a floor in one room can be an expensive project. However, if you commit to this expense, you will consider the many different design ideas and styles out there.

There are some key things to consider, such as:

  • What material should you use?
  • What is your personal style?
  • Are you tempted by traditional elements or the more up-to-date?
  • Do you want to change the layout or add to it?
  • Will you seek help from an interior designer or professionals?

When making an interior design decision for your home or room, you should consider whether you are looking for a functional, comfortable, sleek or standout design? For example, you could be looking to create quiet spaces or let in more natural light inside. On the other hand, you might want to make your house beautiful or introduce sliding doors that invite the outdoors in? There are multiple different options.

The interior design ideas below will inspire you to design the perfect space in your own home and get those creative juices flowing.

White and Gray Wooden House Near Grass Field and Trees

5 of the best design ideas

Whatever your personal style, a few simple tips can serve as inspiration that has been used over the years. If you are looking for something modern and colourful, a full house renovation or just some additions to your living room or bedroom. We have some great ideas to share.

1. Use natural materials for a traditional design

Wooden top counter in open plan kitchen

When you think of using material from nature in your interior design ideas, the top ones that spring to mind are wood, concrete, stone and metal. Not only do they introduce texture to your room, but they can also provide character to your interiors.

With wood, you get the addition of warmth, and it is always a quintessential style for the floor. Wooden window treatments introduce traditional elegance to the entire home. Furniture for any bedroom or living area is most frequently made out of wood thanks to its popular, durable and easy maintenance design.

When people think about metal, it usually evokes a contemporary interior design, something more industrial; however, metallic accents on furniture or kitchen doors take the more traditional and make it a more modern and contemporary finish whilst still being inspired by the old.

Stone can really transform your room; incorporating stone with other materials not only creates a durable and rustic interior design, but the textures can be smooth or rough and will produce beauty in any room of your home. In addition, using stone on the floor can make it feel warm and is especially good in a bathroom or kitchen.

2. Clever lighting to increase the feeling of space

Industrail living rooms with ceiling and floor lights

If you are looking to create the illusion of more space, then lighting is definitely your go-to design element. A statement light is one of those interesting fixtures for your ceilings and can look beautiful and, in combination, be functional. Any good designer knows that simply placing a chandelier alone in a bedroom can completely change the style.

3. Add signature pieces

Pictures hanging on an interior wall

A few simple signature objects can complete the homes overall ambience. It could be your carefully selected antiques some beautiful accessories. Below are listed a few special suggestions that could transform the way you think about your home.

Oversized artwork

If you want to add to the interior of a room in an easy step, then placing artwork on our wall is a brilliant way to do this.

Showcasing one wall with all your art is an amazing feature for your house. It may be modern art, specially curated items over the years or an abstract print, but incorporating a picture to the wall brings your personality to the house. Still, it can also pull the colors together and usually start a conversation with friends.

Focal fireplace

There is nothing that makes a living room feel cozier than a fireplace. It is always described as the heart of any interior and is a popular addition. If you have a more modern vibe, plenty of options are available, from the marble fireplace or glossy finishes to the more old country stone. No matter your taste, a fireplace is the stuff of dreams; nestling up in front of your fire with a glass of wine and reading at the end of a cold evening is quite possibly the most relaxing thing you could do.

Statement coffee table

Interior design doesn’t have to be huge changes; adding special focal pieces to the room can achieve brilliant results. For example, a glass table can be very minimal, easy to clean and make a small room interior seem larger, whereas wooden and metal together accompanies an industrial interior design well. Whatever the material, a coffee table is one of those must-have things to arrange your sofa and chairs around and is often used as storage too.

4. Use color to bring the room to life

fabric and paint color swatches

Using color to include your personality in your house can be the easiest way to change your home decor quickly and has been used across the years. Whether you use paint on the walls or a statement wallpaper, there are so many various styles that can suit us all. Introducing a touch of color needn’t be boring; strategically placed bright colors are fun and create contrast and feature. Wallpapers are brilliant for introducing patterns, and you can go for floral patterns or monochromatic lines; there is a wallpaper out there that everyone will love.

If you don’t think you are brave enough to go for the bright trend, then dreamy neutrals are always very sophisticated and produce that minimalist interior design look that everyone can love. Small spaces can be advantaged by neutral decor and style; designers often go for neutral interiors, creating light in rooms. Painting the ceiling and walls the same color is an amazing trick for making the whole space more open; using white will make the room have that appearance of depth and volume.

A great example of quickly including colour is pillows added to furniture to make it more comfortable or throw pillows on a bed to add opulence. Opting for decadent fabrics, large blankets on the bed and sheepskin rugs will make all the difference.

5. Integrate greenery

Room with wicker furniture and plants

An amazing addition to any interior to bring the outside into the house are plants. Plants will make the entire room feel more alive. Having special furniture to display your greenery makes it even more special. It can enhance your interior design; it can couple as storage to add to the functionality.

Your design can incorporate a whole area for plants or just put them around your house in various rooms; hanging plants give a brilliant appearance in kitchens and bathrooms alike. Green plants paired with white pots are a timeless classic look.

House Design FAQs

Should I hire an interior designer?

When deciding if you should hire someone to help with the interior design of your house, you should first consider the size, scale and budget of your project. If you are starting from a position of zero-knowledge, then sometimes hiring someone can help agree on the scope. It is also worth considering the time you will have to spend as this may impact your homes project.

Many of them charge upwards of $100 an hour, but they can really help plan your designs.

Do I need to hire a builder?

When undertaking a large project and you are spending a lot of money, then choosing a builder or not will be vital. If you require planning permission, then you may also require Architects services. Remember, it is important to check whether or not you need the authorization to build; for this, you will need someone to help you create a plan.

We suggest finding someone with a few years of experience and always searching for reputable traders if you search for a builder.


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