Gardening25 Best Hot Tub Deck Ideas in 2021

25 Best Hot Tub Deck Ideas in 2021

Everyone is looking for ways to improve their home and why not go all-out and buy yourself a hot tub this year! We have some fantastic hot tub deck ideas if you are considering designing your backyard and outdoor space with relaxation in mind. You can create a luxury space in your own home to entertain in nature. Transform your backyard deck into a spa retreat.

You may either want to update your entire backyard deck or take on a hot tub deck project to incorporate the two.

We have 25 brilliant hot tub deck designs and some critical considerations and FAQs that will help and guide you on your hot tub deck journey.

So get the bubbles on, find inspiration for your hot tub deck ideas and get ready to dive in.

25 Best Hot Tub Deck Ideas

Finding the perfect spot in your garden for your hot tub deck space will help you enjoy your dream hot tub. We have created this list to give you some inspiration and get the creative juices flowing.

1. Sunken Hot Tub With Lakeside View

Hot tub in front of lake

It is the view and surroundings that really enhance this zen outdoor space. The hot tub takes pride of place by the side of the wood steps to the lake. The surrounding beauty makes a luxury feel.

2. Wood Fired Hot Tub On Small Deck

Wood fired hot tub in forest

Nestled in the trees, this wood-fired hot tub is positioned in this ideal spot on a simple bit of decking. A great spot at the end of your yard to sit and take in the sunset.

3. Backyard Hot Tub On Elevated Deck

Hot tub on deck surrounded by potted plants

This decking is over multiple levels, meaning you can have a seating area and a relaxing place. The flowers in the planters positioned around the hot tub bring nature from the backyard surroundings into the design.

4. Elegant Hot Tub Taking In The Landscape

Hot tub on balcony overlooking garden

After a long day, what more do you want than to take advantage of this outdoor deck surrounded by nature. The overhang roof structure means you can use this hot tub in all weather. One of those tubs you can enjoy day or night.

5. Small Hot Tub Spa Area

Decking with small shed and hot tub

If you are limited to a small space you can still create a relaxing haven in your own backyard. The hot tub here is actually on the ground, meaning you don’t have to worry about whether the decking can take the weight.

6. Covered Deck Design with Outdoor Hot Tub

Seating area around hot tub under a gazebo

This hot tub deck has a very modern look and is the perfect place to combine seating with relaxation. It can accommodate a large number of chairs, and you can picture yourself here with a wine chatting to your friends.

7. Simple Hot Tub Backyard Spa

House with hot tub on deck outside doors

A raised short deck is usually a reasonably commonplace thing to see in a backyard design. Step out directly from your house onto this lounge area, where the perfect addition of a jacuzzi allows you to soak away the day’s stresses.

8. Perfect Hot Tub With Composite Deck Area

Large hot tub with loungers at side

A stone patio area has been upgraded with a composite deck construction to house a large spa. If you are lucky enough to have a large area outdoors, why not go all out and purchase a huge tub that can seat all your guests.

9. Recessed Hot Tub In Wooden Deck

Man in hot tub sunk into deck

Dropping hot tubs in to make them look like part of the decking gives the feeling of more space. It makes the jacuzzi become part of the deck features. This almost feels like having a bath outside.

10. Pergola Backyard Spa

Spa in a pergola with glass barriers

Homeowners might want to position their hot tub away from the house, and a pergola is a perfect place to do that. It creates a bit of privacy away from the rest of the house. The glass around this will protect you from the wind and means you might be a bit warmer.

11. Sunken Tub and Sunken Pool

Swimming pool and hot tub sunk into wooden deck area

Try taking in the beautiful landscape in this stunning jacuzzi surrounded by open space. The ocean views perfectly complement this relaxing pool area. The pool is obviously the main event but having a nice warm place to sit in the evening nearby is essential.

12. Luxury Spa Deck

Close up of hot tub surrounded by wooden deck

This spa is the perfect space to relax and unwind. The classic natural wood deck is all the rage. An excellent place to soak in the sun and make a feature of your jacuzzi. You will have to ensure you keep up the maintenance of the existing deck and can use different color stains to suit your style.

13. Wooden Deck with Pergola Hot Tub Area

Stairs up to a wooden pergola with a hot tub recessed

The stairs up to this pergola make this backyard spa feel extraordinary and stylish. You can be in nature whilst still feeling protected from the elements. We love the stone that surrounds this style.

14. Rooftop Deck

Rooftop hot tub in the snow with woman resting on edge

A rooftop patio to look out across the trees is the stuff of dreams. This hot tub features a blend of feeling like you are in the air and safety as the railings surround the spa.

15. Backyard Oasis Hot Tub Deck

small round spa with decking surrounding it on one side

The deck here surrounds this small circular hot tub in the yard, putting function and aesthetic at the forefront. This is a way to keep the budget lower as it is not a considerable size, and the decking doesn’t fully wrap around, meaning access to the tub is easy.

16. Hot Tub With A View

Ocean view in the background of home with hot tub

The deck here leaves room for patio furniture, whilst the glass barriers allow you to see how you are surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and beyond. The proximity to the house makes it really accessible and easy to get to.

17. Inflatable Spa In The Great Outdoors

inflatable hot tub under a gazebo

An inflatable tub is the most cost-effective way to design a luxury deck. The gazebo is excellent in creating a sense of privacy and cover from the elements.

18. Small Hot Tub Deck Backyard Retreat

house in background and hot tub on small stone patio

This patio is a super simple way to enable you to have a hot tub in your garden. The atmosphere to enjoy tranquillity and chill is integrated simply into this yard. You might want to consider shade if the area gets full sun all day.

19. Corner Hot Tub And Entertaining Space

corner hot tub on a deck with bar area

The corner fitting here blends the living spaces outside well with a spacious look. There is enough room for a tub, BBQ and seating area. A great way to soak away the stress without taking up too much room in the garden.

20. Wood Surrounding Deck For Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tub with surrounding wood enclosure

This is a genius way to keep costs down but protect your inflatable tub from the elements. The deck has been built to blend around the tub, and the stairs make it easily accessible.

21. Zen Space Jacuzzi Deck Design

Tiered stairs to a recessed round hot tub

This tub has a luxury feel due to the lighting greenery placed around it. By bringing features of a natural element, it aids you to relax and enjoy. A great place to put candles at night.

22. Unwind With This Stunning Hot Tub Design

Plants and hot tub in front of a red p[painted brick wall

The greenery and bright colors contrast and complement the tub. The roof has a gazebo style which makes this yard the perfect place to relax.

23. Outdoor Relaxation Space With Spa

Nautical theme deck with hammock and hot tub

Creating sailor vibes with accessories make this tub look unique. With room for chairs, this still feels spacious without being crowded.

24. Water Feature Focal Point Hot Tub Deck

Hot tub on patio in front of water feature

This hot tub takes centre stage alongside the water feature in this garden. You do not need to overcomplicate to accommodate your tub. The simple beauty of this design makes it brilliant.

25. Fire Pit and Hot Tub Decks

Stairs down from decking to patio with hot tub and fire pit

Placing your tub at the bottom of the deck and having a place to chill is a great way to add a tub to your garden without worrying if the decking can handle the weight. The tub here is nestled out of the way of the rest of the patio, making it feel discreetly placed.

Considerations For Deck Designs With Hot Tubs

There are a lot of things to consider when installing hot tub decks to your backyard designs. We have listed some of the most important ones to make this process as easy as possible for you.


Wherever you put your hot tub, you will need to gain access to the plumbing and electrical supplies for regular maintenance and servicing. For example, if your jacuzzi has been sunk into the deck, then make sure you create panels that can be lifted away so that your contractor can still service it.


You might have decided on an excellent spot for your spa, but it is always good to think about the weather when considering the hot tubs positioning. For example, where does your yard get the sun, what way does the wind go, and what will you do if it rains.

The perfect choice for most homeowners will be near their house, so they don’t have to walk too far with drinks or towels. You will also want to have a little privacy, so other considerations are who can see you and what you can see from the position you are thinking about.


Draining the spa is a massive consideration. You will need to think about where that water will go carefully. Likewise, it would be best if you also thought about how you will refill it. Spa water usually has chemicals in it, so it can damage landscaping and plants that are nearby.


As DIY projects go, this is a fairly big one, so if you don’t already have a deck, you will need to factor that into your budget. The average cost of building a deck, including labour, is $4000, and you then will have to purchase the hot tub on top of that. You can keep costs low if you take on the project yourself, but you should do your planning and preparation beforehand to make sure it goes well.


Considering the weight once the hot tub is filled with water will likely dictate the base you should go with. The base needs to be long lasting, and concrete is usually a good bet. Many online tools can help you calculate the size and depth of a base depending on your spa’s weight per square foot.


It makes sense that the first question you should ask is, “Is there enough room in my backyard space for a hot tub?” If you have enough space, then think about what else you might want around the hot tub. For example, do you enjoy a firepit or a seating space? This will dictate how much of an area you need to create for the hot tub deck.

Hot Tub FAQs

How easy are hot tubs to maintain?

There are a few basics of hot tub maintenance. It can be a bit time consuming but should be something you can do yourself.

Step 1 is testing the chemical levels in your spa. This is often done with chemical test strips.

Step 2 adds chemicals to your spa; this is best done one at a time and then recheck each level after adding them.

Step 3 Clean the jacuzzi filter every 2 weeks.

Step 4 clean the hot tub cover once a month.

All of the products will come to around $20 a month.

Will my decking area be able to support the weight of a hot tub?

On average, a smaller 4 person hot tub can weigh up to 4000lbs when filled, so it is essential to factor this in when considering your support for the deck.

Ground-level decks can usually hold about 100lbs per square foot. Of course, you can go with an inflatable hot tub, making the weight issue much less of a worry.

How can I make my Hot Tub Deck anti-slip?

Deck mats are an easy way to design a non-slip space. For example, you can add non-slip shower mats to the area you plan to exit the jacuzzi.

Non-slip coatings can also be added to the deck to ensure no one falls and are a really easy way to ensure safety.

Do you need a permit for a Hot Tub?

The answer to this one is usually no, as you only need a building permit for something that holds over 5000 gallons of water. However, it is worthwhile checking with your local standards.

It would be best to read up on some safety standards, such as how close to the property line you place your hot tub, restrictions with filling, and safety gates.

How much does a Hot Tub cost to run?

The average cost of running a hot tub can be between $20 and £100, depending on the size and type.

This price encompasses heating, chemicals, maintenance and repairs.

How long should I stay in the Hot Tub?

The optimal time to stay in the hot tub is between 15 – 30 mins. However, the water temperature of a hot tub is usually higher than your body, so it can be dangerous and risk overheating you.

The advice generally says 30 mins max is erring on the side of caution and better to be safe than sorry.


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