Best foot exfoliating shower mat in 2023

Feet on a shower mat

Who needs a professional foot spa appointment when you have got one of the best foot scrubber mats in your bathroom. These scrubber mats are affordable, but even if they cost more, they would still be worth the purchase because they save you the cost of going to a foot spa and buying a scrub brush and pumice stone. If you want products that offer the best value, I am surprised you do not already have one of these shower foot scrubbers in your home.

If you are still unsure why I have THREE reasons, you should have one in your shower.

  1. The first and probably most important is the safety these mats give to your bathroom. At the bottom of most foot scrubbers are non-slip suction cups that ensure the mats stay glued to the bathroom floor and significantly reduce the risks of accidents. It is one of those shower mats for elderly people and young alike that will feel safe and secure. Asides from these strong suction cups, they are made from a mildew-resistant material to prevent the mats from becoming moldy.
  2. The second reason why you need one of these in your bathroom is it helps with exfoliation. Save that trip to the spa, or have to rub your feet with a pumice stone by exfoliating dry skin cells in the comfort of your home. In addition, the best shower foot scrubbers gently massage your feet and improves blood circulation.
  3. The last reason is the aesthetic value of all these foot scrubber mats. Take away all the functionality, and you are left with a foot mat that looks good and makes your bathroom look good.

Whatever choice you end up with on this list is more than a mat. It’s a great tool that ensures you have smoother skin and better foot care, making for healthier feet. Continue reading to find out how you can say bye-bye to rough skin and aching feet and hello to bristles and massagers that make your shower and bathtime relaxing.

6 Best Shower Foot Scrubber Mats

Removing dead skin cells has never been easier. These brilliant bath mats with bristles will improve your blood flow and help massage your tired feet. Say goodbye to foot files and the pumice stone and hello to softer skin. The following are 6 of the best shower foot scrubbers that would give you the best value for your money spent. They are:

1. LOVE LORI Shower Foot Scrubber Mat

LOVE LORI Shower Foot Scrubber Mat

Colors: Blue, Clear, Grey, Pink

The LOVE LORI scrubber is made with love. Its design is to keep your feet clean and to massage your feet at the same time. Using this product is pretty self-explanatory. Just walk out of your shower, and the flexible bristles on this foot scrubber massage and exfoliate every inch of your feet, even the hard-to-reach places. This scrubber is considered one of the best shower foot scrubbers because you can clean your feet, exfoliate dead skin cells in one swoop. Couple these with the suction cups at the bottom of this scrubber, and you have a product you need to have on your shower floor.


  • The massage ability of this scrubber means you will have soft skin
  • The bristles on the product are flexible and can get everywhere on your feet and toes
  • You are guaranteed extra safety in the bathroom with the powerful suction cups at the bottom of the scrubber


  • The product is compact size, perfect for kids but needs to be more significant for adults
  • The surface of the product isn’t very soft so expect something a bit rougher on your feet.



2. OTHWAY Loofah Mat

OTHWAY Loofah Mat

Colors: Grey, Brown. Beige

It is quite the challenge to combine a regular bath mat with a foot massager that scrubs off dead skin cells, but the OTHWAY loofah mat seems to have done it just right. This mat guarantees soft skin, smooth skin, and deep cleaning when used in your shower or tub floor. The OTHWAY foot scrubber is made from a non-toxic, environmentally friendly material with no odor and no effect on your health. In addition, its intelligent design ensures better foot circulation. All these properties make this product one of the best foot scrubbers on the market. In addition, the scrubber features a non-slip layer that provides safety in your shower or your bathtub.


  • Made from eco-friendly material that is odor and phthalate-free
  • The design means the bath mat doubles as a foot massage
  • It dries quickly because of the small holes in its design


  • The non-slip design is not as effective as the traditional suction cup
  • Hair and other foreign material get stuck on the mat and are difficult to remove



3. BESKAR Shower foot scrubber bath mat

BESKAR scrubber mat

Colors: Grey, Green, White

Some mats are too small for adults, and some with bristles are too hard, and they can be uncomfortable for kids. The BESKAR foot scrubber, on the other hand, is perfect for the young, the old, pregnant women, and people living with athlete’s foot. It features short and long bristles, with the short ones cleaning your soles while the longer ones clean and massage your toes. You do not have to move around too much on the mat. Gentle movements are enough to scrub off dead skin and, at the same time, massaging your pressure points keeping your feet soft.


  • It not only cleans your feet but promotes circulation
  • Using this product makes and keeps your feet soft
  • It is versatile and can be used on your bathroom floor, inside your shower, or tub


  • The suction on this product could be better
  • It takes a lot of soap to clean the mat properly



4. YOLO STORE Footmate System Foot Massager

YOLO STORE Footmate System Foot Massager

Colors: Green

I was unsure how to review this product because of the unique ‘one-foot design and needed to interview people who have used and still use this product. And like I expected, I was met with mixed reviews as some thought the ‘one-foot design made it easier for them to dig in and get their feet thoroughly cleaned while others thought it was a safety risk as the other wet feet on the bathroom floor increased their chances of slipping and falling.

Asides from the mixed responses from the design, it properly scrubs off the dead skin on use. As a result, this YOLO scrubber does the job you expect it to when it comes to massaging your feet and giving you silky smooth skin.


  • The foot care it provides is second to none with its non-slip design and the unique shape of its bristles
  • You can get to massaging your feet pretty much anywhere because its compact size makes it mobile


  • The product is more liable to move around compared to others on this list because of its small size



5. Soapy Toes Travel Foot Scrubber

Soapy Toes Travel Foot Scrubber

Colors: Blue

There is nothing people long for more than that home-away-from-home experience, and this soapy-toes scrubber delivers that and more. If you have ever been away from home and still wanted to clean your feet, this product was made especially for you. It is small, travel-sized, and easy to move around. All you need to do is air dry after use, and it is ready to be used again by you or your family. With this product, you do not need to bend when washing your feet, making it a perfect gift item for people living with a disability or the elderly.


  • The ease with which you can move and use this product makes it great for any shower
  • All you need is warm water and some liquid soap to maintain the scrubber


  • Inadequate maintenance could cause the travel scrubber to develop an odor



6. Soapy Soles Foot Scrubber and Brush

Soapy Soles Foot Scrubber and Brush

Colors: Bronze Gold

This is the go-to product for a truly customizable experience. Asides from the fact that it features three parts with different textures, the product looks outstanding. The first thing you are guaranteed with this item is the aesthetic value of your bath or shower. The middle part can be swapped out for other inserts that, although sold separately, give you a more customizable option. You do not need to buy a bunch of stuff for your home-spa experience. All you need is the soapy soles elite scrubber.


  • This product gives your skin a treat with the host of options it has available. The bristles clean and massage
  • It gives you more options to exfoliate your skin so you can get rid of that tired looking pumice stone
  • The design means you don’t have to bend over to clean every inch of your feet, making scrubbing easy
  • The suction at the bottom of the product means it stays glued to your shower floor
  • The item is small and, as such, can be packed, moved, and used everywhere you go


  • The bristles are softer than other options on this list. Although, you can easily swap it out with the add ons


Top considerations for Shower Foot Scrubbers

The rise in popularity of foot scrubbers means there are lots of options available. The following are top considerations to keep at the back of your mind when picking out shower foot scrubbers. They are:


The last thing you want when purchasing a bathroom mat, foot scrubber or not, is for it to come away under your feet when using it. This is why you must keep an eye out for products with one anti-slip feature or the other. The most common non-slip technology on the market is suction cups, but there are others available that work just as well.

Easy to clean

It defeats the purpose of having a shower scrubber mat if you spend half the time cleaning and drying the mat. The ideal mat should be easy to clean and quick to dry. All you should need to clean your mat is some liquid soap and to rinse it off. Then, air-dry it to remove excess moisture, and it should be okay to use again.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the mat matter more than most people realize. It is very common for people to be swept up in the functionality of the mat and be utterly oblivious to the fact that it’s one or two sizes too small. If you are purchasing the mat for your kids, you want to ensure it’s just the right size, shape, and texture to avoid accidents in the bathroom.


Bath mats spend all their life in humid, wet conditions, which are just perfect for mold growth, especially in between bristles. Therefore, you want to purchase mats that are antibacterial and discourage the growth of mold. Doing this keeps you safe and your bath space sanitary.

Shower Foot Scrubber Bath Mat FAQs

Will the foot scrubber remove dead skin cells?

Yes. The right foot scrubber is guaranteed to remove dead skin cells from your skin’s outer layers. The removal of these cells helps improve your quality of living as it betters blood circulation and enhances the appearance of your skin.

How do I clean a foot scrubber bath mat?

Follow the following instructions to clean your bath mat for daily use: 

  • Use liquid soap or gel, as bar soaps are very likely to get stuck in the mat bristles
  • Gently clean the mat, and rinse off after use
  • Place the mat with the scrub side facing down for the water to drain off
  • Leave to dry

Follow the following instructions for deeper cleaning: 

  • Mix a tablespoon of bleach and warm water in a bowl
  • Soak the mat in the mix
  • Brush the mat gently
  • Rinse the mat
  • Leave to dry


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