Best Dorm Room Bathroom Ideas in 2023

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Heading off to college is a massive step for any young adults life. Sharing a dorm room bathroom might be a bit daunting. You may be worried that a college bathroom won’t be clean or be hesitant to share the space. You needn’t worry we have got you covered with some excellent dorm bathroom ideas.

You will need some college bathroom essentials, like a shower caddy, some flip flops, and a wrap-around towel alongside bathroom decor ideas. We have done a ton of research and tested some products to save you stress!

Get ready and read on for some fantastic and easy colleague dorm bathroom ideas to transform the space and make your freshman experience a dream come true.

17 Dorm Room Bathroom Ideas

We have 17 easy to recreate tips to make your colleague dorm bathroom ideas functional and cute all at the same time. These tips will easily keep your dorm room bathroom clean and hygienic and be the room you want to be in. So, from the dorm bathroom essentials to decor ideas, let’s get decorating, buying and organizing your college bathroom.

1. Dorm Bathroom Storage

Neatly organized bathroom linen closet with bamboo toothbrushes and gray and white towels

There is one vital component in any college dorm bathroom, and that is bathroom storage. You can buy inexpensive glass jars to store cotton pads, soap, hair accessories and much more. Not only does this look cute, but it is functional too.

Hooks are another one of those excellent dorm bathroom ideas. Adding hooks to the walls will create more room and hang up your towels, shower caddy, and clothes to keep things off the floor.

You will want something you can carry your bathroom essentials in and out of the dorm bathroom easily. A caddy or basket is a brilliant idea for portable storage. You can keep your essentials in your bedroom but bring them into the college bathroom when you need them.

2. Dorm Room Bathroom Essentials

Many shampoo and soap bottles on a bathroom or shower shelf.

You will be surprised by how much we use in our bathrooms. The bathroom essentials are crucial, and we have a few things we think you should include for your college bathroom. Use this as your must-have list for any college bathroom.

One of the first things you might be considering is privacy so if it doesn’t already have one, buy a shower curtain. Not only will this protect your dignity, but you can use it as a cute decor addition.

Secondly, we would recommend getting a caddy or portable item to store all your essentials—something you can take back and forth from your dorm bedroom.

Thirdly, a substantial wrap-around towel, one for your hair and hands as a minimum. Again, having spares is a good idea, so you have fresh ones to use whilst some are drying.

Fourth on our list is flip flops. The flooring in a dorm bathroom is often not the cleanest, and it’s a good idea to have something you can wear on your feet.

Another essential for protecting your modesty is a bathrobe, the best of the dorm bathroom ideas. An easy way to cover up when getting from the bathroom to your dorm room.

Finally, and probably most obviously, is your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving, toothpaste, and toothbrush. All of us will have our essential list of toiletries, and it will always be a personal preference.

Of course, there are many other valuable ideas, but we think these are the most important things for your list.

3. Super Cute Bathroom Shelves

Modern bathroom interior with decorative ladder and shower stall

Of all the bathroom ideas, putting in a shelf or two is always an easy way to create storage space and be a perfect and super cute decorating idea.

If your dorm bathroom doesn’t have towel racks, you can add a few shelves and roll towels up to store them. You may only want to do this if you share it with a few friends who you trust with your things.

4. Decorate with Wallpaper

Wallpaper in bathroom

If you want to add a sense of personality and make your college dorm bathroom feel more like home, then you can create a feature wall with wallpaper.

If you don’t fancy going all out with wallpaper, then some super cute pictures or signs might be a great way to change the style course. You should check whether you can do this before decorating your college bathroom.

5. Bring The Outside In With Plants

An organic bathroom in early morning light

Plants are a beautiful way to create some style for any bathroom. An addition of a hanging plant is a simple decor idea to elevate the room. Dorm room decor like mens bathroom decor has its own look and you can style plants differently in each unique trend.

If you don’t want to hang them up, then you could have a tray behind the toilet with one or place them on a window ledge for a cute look and style.

6. Style Your Towels

Towels basket on wooden table top with blurred bathroom interior

Towels can look unsightly if you cannot store them away neatly. Rolling up towels in a basket or hanging them off the hook is a simple way to keep them dry and off the floor.

If you are lucky enough to have under-sink storage, you can keep them there, but it will save you having to carry around too much if there is somewhere in the college dorm bathroom.

7. Add Cute Shower Curtains

Lady peaking behind a blue shower curtain

If you are sharing the space in your dorm bathroom, then shower curtains are a must. Not only does it provide privacy, but you can inject your personal look into your dorm bathroom.

There are so many different decor ideas when it comes to a shower curtain, and you can even go for two to create a luxurious feel; whatever you do, though, make sure it is easy to clean.

8. Shower Caddy Storage

Shopping basket with body care and beauty products

Of all the dorm bathroom ideas, this would be at the top of my list. Storage is vital when dealing with a dorm bathroom.

Look for something with holes in it, so it doesn’t get too dirty. Mold and mildew are formed where there is water exposure. You will not regret looking for something with holes in the design as it will save you time cleaning constantly.

9. Keep it all white

Vessel sink near bathroom shelves with spa cosmetics and accessories

There is no cleaner and fresher looking decor than white. If decorating is your thing, then opt for accessories. You can add white bath mats, picture frames, towels and more to get that look.

If you have the luxury of decorating the dorm bathroom, a simple lick of paint can do wonders, and white makes the room look much bigger than it is.

10. Add The Feeling Of Space With Mirrors

Lady looking in round mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all! Mirrors are a fantastic idea as they provide a feeling of space but also are a cute decor addition to your dorm bathroom.

The best bet for every college bathroom is a big mirror everyone can use to get ready for those all-important nights out.

11. Makeup Organization

makeup kit in hanging bag

Whilst you may want to keep your makeup in your dorm room, makeup organization will free up space if you are lucky enough to share with a smaller number of people.

An excellent way to organize your products is in jars or a smaller set of cute drawers.

12. Upgrade the flooring

Cute gray bath mat with footprint

Whilst you may not be able to go all out and replace the flooring in your dorm bathroom, adding bath mats to the space is not only a great idea to keep you from slipping, but you can match them to the overall look and feel you want to recreate. For more information on non-slip bath mats you can look at our review here.

Bath mats are perfect for creating a cosy feel.

13. Shower Shoes

Yellow and orange flip flops

Everyone knows a dorm bathroom is not known for being clean. These are some of the most sensible dorm bathroom ideas you can buy.

We get it. Not everyone wants to be walking about where loads of other feet have been. Flip flops are super cheap, but you can opt for any waterproof footwear that suits you.

14. Use fairy lights

Fairy Lights

I love this dorm room bathroom idea as it adds magic for an inexpensive cost. Every dorm bathroom needs lights, but this idea adds soft lighting to a mirror on a budget.

This Hollywood look can be recreated really simply by using command strips around the mirror. One of my favourite dorm room bathroom ideas to add glamour.

15. Dorm Room Bathroom Bin

Red bathroom bin

Need somewhere to put your trash? Then buy yourself a little bin. If you are a girl, this will be an especially important addition to your dorm bathroom.

Work out a cleaning schedule with your dorm mates to empty the contents. To keep it hygienic, use a trash bag that can be easily disposed of.

16. Refillable soap

refillable soap dispenser

For the eco-conscious out there, why not opt for refillable soap dispensers in your dorm bathroom. Not only will you be helping save the planet by reducing plastic, but you will also save money.

There are so many different options available to suit the look you are going for. We love this idea as it is saving our planet.

17. Portable Laundry Hamper

Lady carrying laundry hamper

Having somewhere to store your dirty clothes is essential for your dorm bathroom. There are plenty of portable laundry hampers that you can roll up and carry.

You may think this is an idea you can live without but trust me. You will thank us in the future. Moving about and keeping your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones is one of those great dorm bathroom ideas.

Dorm Room Bathroom FAQs

When you think of a college dorm bathroom, we are sure you have a few questions that spring to mind. We have answered two of the most asked questions about the college bathroom online to help ease your stress.

Will the college dorm room bathroom always be crowded?

There will be peak times in any college dorm bathroom, and getting to know these will be helpful. Your best bet may be to shower late at night, but another great idea is to see what you can achieve in your college dorm room. For example, there is usually a sink in your dorm room and brushing your teeth, doing your hair and doing your makeup there will limit the time you need to visit the dorm bathroom.

What supplies will I need for my dorm room bathroom?

You are going to need some bathroom essentials for your college bathroom. These dorm bathroom ideas are some of the most important products to purchase:

  • Body wash or soap
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Face wash
  • Flip Flops
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush
  • Towels
  • Robe


Hopefully, you now feel ready to share your dorm bathroom, and we have provided you with some valuable ideas to make the transition from home to dorm bathroom as easy as it can be.

Follow these dorm bathroom ideas making your next step a fun and exciting one


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