Best Backpack Vacuums for Home & Commercial use in 2023

Hoover Commercial Bagless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Technology is brilliant, and it helps us with even the simplest of tasks. The best backpack vacuums ensure efficient cleaning without the hassle of having to carry the traditional canister vacuums about the house, especially up and down the stairs. Backpack vacuum cleaners combine comfort and cleaning power efficiently and allow you to get your cleaning done around your home without breaking your back.

Gone are the days when you have an aching back from lugging around a heavy vacuum to get improved air quality and high suction power. Now you can get a lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner to be used around your home or a commercial backpack vacuum for your business that does the job just as well.

Knowing what to get is only half the problem. The other half is knowing which is the best backpack vacuum cleaner for you. Well, you are in luck, as this post will list the best backpack vacuums on the market.

Let’s get to it!

The 4 best backpack vacuum cleaners

Backpack vacuums are becoming very popular in homes and commercial centers. It is probably as a result of this popularity that many cheap imitations are saturating the market. For this reason, I have factored in the necessary considerations to pick out the top vacuum cleaners for home and commercial use.

Some of these factors include your budget and features like the crevice tool and the upholstery tool. Continue to read for more information about the factors considered when choosing commercial cleaning options.

1. Worx WX030L 20V Cordless Vacuum

This backpack vac immediately stands out with its near-futuristic design. The all-black finish makes this aesthetically pleasing and. Combined with its many features, and it makes this one vacuum cleaner you need in your closet. While it already eases the stress of carrying it about with the harness feature, it makes cleaning even by being battery-powered.

Worx WX030L 20V Power Share Cordless Cube Vac Compact Vacuum


  • The Worx comes fitted with a durable vacuum hose.
  • It is a battery-powered backpack vacuum that allows for more mobility around your home
  • Worx backpack vacuum features HEPA filtration technology
  • It comes with a dusting brush to ease your cleaning
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to use around the house without causing any physical strain


  • It does not feature an adjustable harness
  • The vacuum hose is not crush proof
  • The Worx hose could snap off relatively easily
  • Room for improvement when it comes to suction power

2. ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Bagged Vacuum

Check out as many backpack vacuum reviews as you can, and you would always find the Oreck commercial lightweight backpack vacuum present. While not cordless like some vacuums on this list, it offers you a power cord length of 30ft that you can quickly wrap away around the vacuum so it does not get in your way. In addition, the Oreck cleaner has a multi-surface floor tool that allows you to clean hardwood floors, laminate floors, tile floors, and even the bare floor.

ORECK COMMERCIAL XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Bagged Vacuum Cleaner with Attachments


  • The design offers you more comfort than if you used the traditional upright vacuum.
  • The length of the power cord ensures that you can reach every nook and cranny of your home.
  • Oreck vacuums come with a floor brush and a dusting tool to aid your cleaning.
  • In the package are a disposable bag and exhaust filter for easy cleaning and improved air quality.


  • Oreck vacuums do not feature a crush-proof hose.
  • The 30-foot power cord can be an inconvenience when cleaning.
  • It does not offer as much mobility as you would get from battery-powered backpack vacuums.

3. ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum

The ProTeam Commercial backpack vacuum cleaner stands out among other backpack vacs. The first thing you would notice is the long power cord it has fitted instead of some cordless options on this list. The next standout feature of this backpack vacuum is its impressive HEPA filtration system. Hepa filtration systems or HEPA filters are important considerations as they can theoretically remove as much as 99.97% of mold, bacteria, dust, pollen and any other particles about 0.3 microns floating in your home.

ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum, Super CoachVac Vacuum Backpack with HEPA Media Filtration and Xover Multi-Surface 2-Piece Wand Tool Kit


  • The ProTeam backpack vacuum features a HEPA filter bag.
  • It has a 50-foot long extension cord fitted for maximum utility around your home or commercial center.
  • Unlike most backpack vacuums, the ProTeam vacuum has a turbo floor tool for easier cleaning.
  • In the package are a brush, nozzle, HEPA filter and crevice tool.
  • The ProTeam vacuum features a four-stage HEPA filter to trap dust, mites, pet hair, and allergens compared with other vacuum cleaners.


  • This commercial vacuum might be slightly heavier than some on this list and difficult to use by older people.
  • The ProTeam harness takes some getting used to as it can be uncomfortable when used for a long time.

4. Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum

Atrix is known for producing great commercial backpack vacuums that also dominate the residential vacuum market. What makes them perfect for home and commercial use is their seamless integration of HEPA filter bags with a cordless feature making them one of the best cordless backpack vacuum manufacturers on the market. In addition, the Atrix vacuum weighs 10.3 lbs and can be easily swapped for both left and right-hand use.

Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum, Standard Bundle, Black


  • Like most other backpack vacuums, the Atrix features HEPA bags that ensure your cleaning is done perfectly.
  • Atrix vacuums are one of the best cordless backpack vacuums on the market
  • These HEPA backpack vacuums are stylish, lightweight, and allow users to swap between right-hand and left-hand use easily.
  • It features three blower nozzles that make it easy to convert this vacuum to a blower with its 106 CFM (cubic feet of air moved per minute) output.


  • You might need to get a replacement cord as the one it comes with is only two feet long.
  • The return policy is only 30 days, and you would be unable to return the vacuum if it develops any faults outside this window.

Key considerations when purchasing a backpack vacuum cleaner

We were able to pick out the four vacuum cleaners above by considering the following important factors. Unfortunately, it is very easy to make a wrong purchase, as the market is littered with substandard products or vacuums that do not have the right features you would need in your home or commercial outlet. For this reason, we have listed the most important considerations for you below to understand their importance and better grasp what you would need in a backpack vacuum cleaner when making your selection.

Cord or Cordless

What determines whether you have a good vacuum on your hands is the suction power. So we would have a look at how a corded backpack vac compares with a cordless backpack vacuum. How much power you get from a cordless vacuum depends on the battery unit installed. You will have more cleaning power when the battery is fully charged, and the suction would be less consistent as the battery drains. On the other hand, Corded vacuums are plugged directly into your house mains and would have consistent suction for as long as the device remains plugged.

But if you would instead purchase a cordless vac, you should be on the lookout for models with a high voltage, lithium-battery.

Bagged or bagless

Bagged is the more common option, with bagless vacuums being a new invention. There is no difference in how either vacuum type operates. The only difference is how the dirt being gathered is disposed of. A bagged vacuum has a bag fitted to the device in a cloth section that zips around the bag. The debris being collected is contained within the closed bag and emptied when full.

The advantage to using bagged vacuums is that it is more hygienic as people living with allergies would not be exposed to the dirt in the bag when it is being disposed of. On the flip side, people using bagged vacuums would need to spend more as they constantly replace the bags when they are full.

On the other hand, a bagless backpack vacuum does not have a bag around it but instead has a clear chamber where the dirt and debris are contained. This option is less expensive as you do not have to buy bags to use your vacuum repeatedly. The downside is that you can contact allergens when emptying the chamber, which can be a hassle for people living with allergies.

Hepa filter

HEPA filters are common in either bagged or bagless and corded or cordless vacuum options. High-efficiency particulate absorbing filters or high-efficiency particulate arrestance. And these filters are theoretically capable of removing 99.97% (American standard) or 99.95% (European standard) of particles in the air with a diameter of 0.3 microns. HEPA filters help capture bacteria, pollen, moisture, dirt, submicron liquid aerosol, and dust. It is essential in your vacuum as it makes your living quarters more hygienic and even more important if you constantly suffer from allergy symptoms.

Suction Power

Vacuum cleaners are designed to suck things up, so the better vacuums can suck up more dirt and have higher suction power. But how do you measure suction power?

You can measure suction power in several ways depending on your manufacturer and or your location. The following are some of the ways suction can be indicated on your vacuum cleaner.

  • Airflow (CFM): This is one of the more common units to measure suction. It describes the power of the airflow from the surface to the bag. It is the quantity of air sucked, measured in cubic feet, in one minute. The higher the CFM, the higher the suction, and this measurement considers both the resistance of the exhaust system and the motor’s power.
  • Air watts (AW): This is a different way to measure suction, and it measures the amount of air required by the device to carry a unit of hair through the nozzle or opening.
  • Water lift: This is a practical way to measure the suction of the device. The unit is completely sealed and connected to a tube with water in it. The higher the device can raise the water in the tube, the stronger the device’s suction.

Backpack Vacuums FAQ

Do Backpack vacuums work on pet hair?

Yes, they can work on pet hair but only when the vacuum cleaner has the right features for such a task. The right vacuum to suck up pet hair is one with strong enough suction and that comes with tools that enable you to sweep up the hair. A stair attachment, brush, crevice or scrubbing attachment would ensure you get the hair off easily.


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