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Bathroom25 Best Shower Tile Ideas for your Home in 2021

25 Best Shower Tile Ideas for your Home in 2021

If you are looking for some inspiration for your bathroom remodel, then we have 25 of the best shower tile ideas to breathe life into your shower walls. With so many different shower tile designs out there, we have compiled this list to help you add your unique touch to your bathroom.

Shower tiles have moved from the more traditional to contemporary and modern looks. However, regardless of your personal taste, we are sure we have shower tile ideas for everyone.

Considerations when choosing shower tiles

Whether renovating your full bathroom or just updating the shower walls, you must consider some key things before purchasing.

Many homeowners are baffled by the many shower tile options, and the below 4 considerations will help you decide on your bathroom tile ideas.

How much money do you have to spend?

The amount you have to spend on your shower tiles will definitely help narrow down your search. Shower tiles range from $25 to $65 per m2 on average, depending on which material you opt for. We recommend deciding your overall budget upfront and working within that to make the best shower tile design.

Do you want something easy to maintain?

If you want to have ease of cleaning, then opt for a ceramic tile. They are by far the easiest tile to keep clean and are extremely waterproof.

The ceramic tile family are also scratch-resistant and easily repaired, making them an affordable and long-lasting wall tile and great for the shower floor too.

What is your personal style?

The ceramic tile is rougher in its finish, whereas the porcelain tile has a much smoother finish, so it is absolutely up to you and your unique style and taste, which you want to use. You may want to opt for a ceramic tile floor as it gives more traction and reduces the tendency to slip.

If you choose a ceramic tile, they come in a huge variety of shapes, textures and colors, meaning the world is your oyster. Whether you want shower tile patterns, tiles for the shower floor, wall or both, a matte or high shine finish, there is a style for everyone.

Is space at a premium?

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you will want to stay away from a busy pattern and smaller tiles and opt for a simpler, larger tile in a neutral color as it will increase the feeling of space.

If you have a tiny space, you can tile the full shower area and create a wetroom that really maximizes the space, using your bathroom shower tile on the wall, ceiling and floor.

25 best bathroom shower tile ideas in 2021

With endless designs to choose from, we have created these shower tile ideas to get your creative juices flowing and provide some inspiration for your unique design in your bathroom.

1. Modern Large Beige Shower Tiles

Shot of luxurious interior of a bathroom with shower

This bathroom has a really modern and sleek feel and style with large tiles on the floor and walls. The complimentary neutral tones create a relaxing atmosphere. The tile choice goes well with the modern glass door of the shower.

2. Classic White Subway Tile

Bathroom in a classic white brick tile

There is nothing more timeless and classic than a white subway tile. The bathroom floor has a ceramic tile in a hexagon shape to contrast with the subway tile on all the walls. The light oak balances the white shower tile perfectly. If you want to add a pop of color, then a plant’s introduction is a great way to do this.

3. Not your average Mosaic Tile

Large Mosaic tile wall in shower

The mixture of a backsplash behind the sink and the shower area focal wall create a really unique and beautiful bathroom. In addition, the mosaic tile used here gives the room a striking Roman Bathhouse feel.

The hexagons used in the mosaics paired with large rectangles in the rest of the area make the bathroom feel spacious. Grey, blue, tan and cream colors all combine well together for a relaxing look.

4. Splash of Blue Tiles

The interior of a simple, modern bathroom in a , cool, blue-gray tone. There is a sink, mirror,bath and shower, a hand towel holder. There are dark rectangular tiles on the wall, and lighter gray tiles on the floor.

If you want shower tile ideas that create some color in your bathroom, then this one does it well. The different blues here create a restful color scheme.

The simple white bathroom suite is complemented well by the colorful floors and walls. Using the same tile material for the floor and walls is a great idea. To add interest, a mix match of tile shapes makes a statement.

5. Modern Natural Stone Shower Tile

A beautiful bathroom in a luxury home lined with natural stone from floor to ceiling.

When you think of a natural stone tile, it often makes you envision a cottage rustic look. However, you can use a quarry tile, slate tiles, or a stone look ceramic tile to achieve this style for your bathroom.

If you want a more modern twist on this for your home, this is a great example of taking a natural stone tile as a design idea. The Frameless glass doors of the shower give a modern look. Whilst the big freestanding tub is a real focal point in the bathroom. The use of the same wall and floor tile makes the room feel spacious and light.

6. Wood Look Shower Tile

Stylish and comfortable version of bathroom design in small space. White color of rectangular bathtub and wash basin in harmonious combination with round mirror supplemented by wooden decor.

The entire shower area has been tiled using this matte finish ceramic tile that looks like wood. This is a great option if you want to add wood bathroom furniture as an accent to match your tile wall.

Choose a ceramic tile as they have a variety of design options for your bathroom shower that can give you the best match to the wood you have. The wood and metal combination gives this bathroom an industrial style.

7. Retro Pattern Tiles

Modern bathroom with sink and shower with retro tiles

The similar colors of grey throughout this bathroom make it feel elegant and clean. The tiling in the shower uses a beautiful feature pattern tile that gives the room balance. The wood and white cabinets mix well with the large wall and floor tiles.

Pattern tile ideas can be tricky when working with a smaller area but using it just in the shower enclosure is a brilliant way to introduce pattern to all bathrooms.

8. Beach Inlaid Pebbles Tile

Contemporary shower showing dual shower heads and detail stone work. Also has glass enclosure.

This walk-in shower looks beautiful with the pebble tile design inlaid to the center of the wall. The floor and shower use beach inlaid pebbles in a unique combination. Not only does this transform the small space, but it is also very functional as it prevents slipping.

If you want to introduce pebbles and a beach vibe to your shower, then these are the tiles for you.

9. Scandinavian Lodge Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles in a shower and bathroom


Nothing says rustic more than Scandinavian lodge stone! The mix of tile shapes in this bathroom work well together, and the warm colors and materials make you feel relaxed and at peace.

The stone mosaic tile insets complement the larger stone tiles creating the ideal bathroom shower tile.

10. Manhattan Chic Black and White Tiles

Black and white floor tile with walk in shower and black roll top bath.

The quintessential black and white tile floor often come to mind when you think of shower tile ideas. However, this Manhattan chic black style incorporates the design in a contemporary way.

The white tile wall is coupled with a black and white pattern floor. In addition, the shower floor is identified by a different pattern of tile which sets it apart from the rest of the space.

11. Green Feature Tiles

Green is the theme in this beautiful bathroom with brass faucets and fixtures

If you are looking to simply tile the floor and shower, then using different colors to separate the space works well. The green subway tile behind the shower has been installed vertically to personalize the design.

In this shower, the greens and golds give a luxury impression. Adding pieces like artwork and green and gold accessories helps to transform this bathroom into a haven.

12. Earthy Rectangle Tiles

Rectangle brown wall tiles in a modern bathroom

Horizontally placed rectangles on the wall and tile floor utilize these earthy colors well. The mosaic tile inset breaks up the solid color and creates an elegant look.

If you want to use darker colors and your room doesn’t have a window, you can hang a mirror to reflect the light still around.

13. Luxurious Green Marble Tile

Modern bathroom interior with wooden panels and green marble tiles. walk in wardrobe and shower.

If you love marble but want something bold too, then these are the tiles for you. The large marble tile shower and futuristic fittings give an out this universe vibe.

Using extra large square tiles in all the same color will produce different results depending on the color you choose. For example, whites will make a bright and airy appearance, whereas darker tiles like these green ones make it feel more mean and moody.

14. Ocean Glass Tile Shower

Contemporary residential home bathroom modern design featuring glass shower stall, bathtub, vanity sink and fixtures, and glass wall tiles

The blue and green glass tiles add pattern while keeping it quite simple. The different colors remind me of the ocean, and it fits. They should be where we shower. The huge frameless shower has holiday villa vibes transporting you to the Mediterranean.

If you want shower tile ideas that are fun and still add beauty, then glass tiles work really well.

15. Herringbone White Marble Tiles

Shower shelf detail in wall of herringbone marble tiles in a luxury new home

The Herringbone design of this tile produces a classic and vintage feel. The additional recessed shelf is convenient for storing your toiletries. Using the tile on one wall makes it a feature, and the darker grey couples well with it.

This is the perfect one of a kind finishes for the more decerning homeowner.

16. All White Minimalist Shower Tile

There are large white tile wall and floor.There have glass partition for shower zone,The room has large windows.Natural light transmitted through the room.

The white walls and natural light make this room look huge. Using color accents in soft furnishings and the metal of the shower frame add to the overall decor. We love the simplicity of this.

White brightens, and so if you have a tiny shower using it will increase the appearance of overall space in the room.

17. Modern Grey Tiles

Modern white bathroom with gray tiles

Classic shower tile ideas use neutrals, and grey is an on-trend color. Boxy shapes and clean lines are the order of the day with this idea. The 2 tones in the tiling create interest,

Using the same shape tile in different shades is a great opportunity to introduce a stylish look.

18. Darker shades and different patterns

Large shower room with dark natural stone tiles

The use of different stone in this massive sit down shower produces textures. The textured stone on the seat, shelf, and floor reduce slippages and couple as a beautiful design element.

If you are lucky enough to create a Wet Room, this would be the way to do it.

19. Wall Tiles in Byzantine Metals

Luxurious bathroom with natural stone tiles and gold mosaic tiles. Round mirror. Small bathroom.

If you have never heard of byzantine metals tiles, then we are here to introduce you to the most opulent tile you have seen. Made with Gold, Silver and Copper, they bring a bit of pizazz.

The feature wall behind the sink is just the right amount of pop! The darker plain tiles in the rest of the shower contrast well and take something that could be over the top to perfect.

20. Contrast Detail Shower Tile Design

Fantastic bathroom with a drop-in tub and shower combo framed by a white subway tiled backsplash fitted with a tiled niche flanked by blue mosaic border tiles.

The pop of color in the blue border gives the plain tile in this shower a little something extra. This design always makes me think of a swimming pool.

An easy way to keep your costs down when renovating is to use inexpensive tiles and add a border with something more expensive and inspiring.

21. Mosiac Accents Detailing

Lovely walk-in shower with carrera Marble Surround and mosaic accent tiles.

We love this shower! It is simple but fun, and the accent tiles look like a piece of art hung on the wall. Using neutral tones but adding a different texture and point of interest is an easy way to bring your shower to life.

These are also really easy to keep clean, and the shower tray gives you a good grip.

22. Dark Grout with White Tiles

Dark Grout with White Tiles

A simple twist on shower tile ideas is to add dark grout. What simpler way to be able to keep the area clean? Dark grout does not need to be replaced as often and hides those unsightly stains.

Using dark colors in any tone works well. You can even be bold and go for black.

23. Contrasting Shower Tile Colors

Grey, Beige, Cream tiles in square and rectangle shapes in a walk in shower

Pairing two or three different shades of tiles in contrast with one another is a new stylish way to bring your new shower into the 21st century.

The cream, tan and grey neutral shades work well together and define each bathroom area well.

24. Modern Nouveau Baroque Black Shower Tiles

Tiled Black Marble bathroom with brass fittings

When you think of nouveau baroque black, it brings to mind decadent golds paired with black. Black can often be scary to people when considering it in their home. This look is so opulent, and the shower is simple yet gives the feeling of richness.

If you go for a black tile, it is best to do it with a lot of natural light.

25. Feature Pattern Floor Tiles

Luxury bathroom in contemporary new home extension in dark masculine tones

If it is daunting to have shower tile patterns, then a brilliant compromise is to have patterned tiles on your floor instead. The tones blend well in this room, and the large mirror produces a lot of reflected light.

The tiles here produce a vintage feel in the room and bring you back to an era gone by.

Shower Tile FAQs

Which shower tile is best for the shower floor?

The best shower tile for the floor is textured or has a rough surface to ensure you do not slip. Avoid porcelain and stick to something with grip.

Which shower room tiles should I use in a Wetroom?

If you are looking for shower tile ideas for your Wetroom, then the best shower tile needs to have a non-slip coating or texture. As the whole room is tiled, it is often better to go with an extra-large tile to void too much grouting.



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