Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly in 2023

Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly

If you live with or have an elderly relative you might want to ensure they can still have independence but be safe when using the bathroom. A common worry in a bathroom is the risk of slipping and falling but there is a really simple solution to this. Selecting a bath or shower mat for the shower stall or bath itself is a great way to ensure you have a sturdy and secure place to stand whilst reducing any risk of slipping. You can also get nice mats for the bathroom floor that not only keep you safe but can add colour and luxury to your bathroom and also feel really comfortable underfoot.

The principle is quite simple; the non-slip shower mats go on your shower floor, bathroom floor, shower stall or bath, and their non-slip surface and design (like the inclusion of suction cups and a textured surface) give more grip and traction, essentially making them anti-slip.

Rainbow bath mat with 2 sets of brown slippers

9 best shower mats for seniors

When making your choice of the best non-slip bath mats for elderly people in your life we have put together a list for you to digest and think about what is most important for you. There are many different features and this guide should help you navigate them and make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

1. Shenggen Memory Foam Non-Slip Bath Mat

Why we like this:

This is a popular foam mat option because it is relatively affordable and offers a lot of value for money spent. The first thing that strikes you is the simple yet elegant design and its aesthetics backed up with top-shelf functionality. The shower mat is made from super soft and comfy memory foam material which is near massaging to touch and soothes your feet. The Shenggen foam uses mesh technology on the back to give the bath mat slip resistance and protects the user against bathroom accidents.


The bath mat is super absorbent as it soaks up a lot of moisture

The Shenggen memory foam is machine washable

It comes in different colours and sizes that can blend in all kinds of bathrooms


The fabric design would mean you need to clean more frequently

Shenggen Memory Foam Non-Slip Bath Mat



2. Yinnen Extra Large Non-Slip Shower Mat

Why we like this:

One of the major issues with owning non-slip mats is that they can be tricky to maintain, but that is not the case with this bath mat. It features over a hundred small drainage holes that ensure it quickly dries when you wash, or any other time it comes in contact with water. In addition, the YINNEN mat has about 200 suction pads that offer protection and slip-resistance on any smooth surface. These, coupled with the fact that the shower mat can be machine washed, makes it one of the best non-slip shower mats on the market. Easily used in bath tubs or a shower stall, this is a great option.


The shower mat features drain holes that make its maintenance a breeze

Yinnen shower mats are machine washable


You might need to bleach the mat from time to time to maintain its colour

YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat



3. TreeBud Non-Slip Bath Mat for Shower Tub

Why we like this:

If falling when you are entering or exiting your tub is one of your biggest fears, you no longer need to worry and can sleep easy with the TreeBud shower mat. One advantage this has over similar products is that it is much larger and spans the entire bathtub. In addition, this non-toxic shower mat is latex-free and has powerful suction cups that stay glued to the smooth surfaces of shower floors. Finally, the 176 drain holes mean the mat is securely fixed in the shower and safe for showers by an elderly person.


The mat is larger than average

The bath mat is machine washable


It will not attach to non-smooth or textured surfaces

TreeBud Non-Slip Bath Mat for Shower Tub



4. KMAT Bathroom Rugs, 2 Pcs

Why we like this:

The KMAT shower mat looks good first and foremost. It looks appealing on your bath floor, but it is not all looks and comfortable feel; it is made from water-absorbent material that mops up water quickly. In addition, the material is environmentally friendly, odourless and skid resistant.


KMAT mats are very soft and comfy

They are machine washable

The design ensures that the fibre clusters are tight-knit and don’t fall apart


The fabric type would require you to clean a bit more frequently

KMAT Bathroom Rugs



5. SlipX Solutions Anti-Slip, Quick-Dry Bath Mat

Why we like this:

The SlipX Solutions mat is advertised as having 30% more coverage than the average mat, making it an ideal option for larger tubs or shower floors. In addition, the mat is made from quality, durable, non-slip vinyl that guarantees protection against slippery surfaces. It has 200 powerful suction cups that grip the floor of your bath or shower stall floor.


Access to customer care if you have questions about the product

The many drains on this mat make it dry faster after getting any water on it


It can not be used on a textured tub.

SlipX Solutions Anti-Slip, Quick-Dry Bath Mat



6. Yimobra Fluffy Bathroom Rug, Non-Slip Bath Mat

Why we like this:

If your most important criteria when choosing mats for your bath or shower is the number of suction cups, then you have hit the mother lode as this bathroom rug has 240 holes to drain water off the mat. Even more than the drainage holes are the suction cups at a whopping 260. Two problems you would not have with this mat are sliding off or having difficulty draining water after use or when washed.


The mat can be washed with a machine to ease your cleaning process

It has holes that make the water runoff easy after a wash or after use


The suction cups make them unsuitable for use on rough or non-smooth surfaces

Yimobra Fluffy Bathroom Rug, Non-Slip Bath Mat



7. Luxury Non-Slip Mat, Mold and Mildew Resistant

Why we like this:

The LuxurYou mat took a different path to achieve the same result as most other shower rugs. Instead of having holes drain water, it features a runoff area that channels the water easier than most mats on the market. Another innovative feature of this mat is its unique rubberized surface to maintain grip rather than the common suction cup feature.


The mat is innovative with a rubberized texture that maintains grip

It is resistant to mold and mildew

The drain makes it easy to dry the mat after use or after wash


The surface of the mat is harder than most

Luxury Non-Slip Mat, Mold and Mildew Resistant



8. Gorilla Grip Chenille Bath Mat

Why we like this:

If you asked a few people for bath mat suggestions, the chances are that gorilla grip chants would meet you by more than a few people. However, the brand had made a name for itself in the market, not just because it has a catchy name. To go with its aesthetics and a host of intelligent designs that ensure safety for seniors when they use the bathroom.


The gorilla grip has an astonishing 324 suction cups to give you an unrivalled grip

At 35 by 16 inches, it provides great coverage in showers and bathtubs

It is easy to clean as it features water runoff drain holes and can be machine washed

It features a range of exciting colors that allows customizability to suit your bathroom


You might need to bleach the mat from time to time

Gorilla Grip Chenille Bath Mat



9. ENKOSI Square Shower Mat, Non-Slip Firm Grip Mat

Why we like this:

Why the ENKOSI stands out is the near limitless color options it has available on the market. The brand focuses on the aesthetics the same way they do the mat’s functionality, and the result is a mat that does what it is designed to do without compromising the overall outlook of your bathroom. If you are looking for great shower mats for elderly people, you would not have to worry about grip as the mat features 200 perfectly placed suction cups to keep the mat firmly placed. The mat is made from a sturdy, durable, anti-slip rubber material guaranteed to stand the test of time.


The mat measures an impressive 40 inch by 16 inch that gives you more coverage than other mats on sale, making it great for square shower stalls

You have several color options to choose from when making your selection

It can be machine washed and has drain holes to channel water off the mat

The bath mat is made from a durable rubber material that can withstand prolonged use


It does not work on non-smooth tubs or surfaces with patterns or textures

ENKOSI Square Shower Mat



Considerations when choosing the best anti-slip mat

There are many anti-slip bath mats on the market, and settling for one is usually more challenging than it might initially seem. The following are some factors to consider when choosing a non-slip mat for the elderly.

Lightbulb in a cloud drawn on a board

Pick a long-lasting material

Picking the material is more than just aesthetics or how the anti-slip bath mat looks but more about the general feel. The best non-slip bath mat is one that incorporates different materials, so any elderly person that used the mat enjoys the advantages of all the different textured surfaces combined. Your choice of bath mat should be a rubber mat underneath, so it does not slide around when users clean their wet feet. It should be soft and plush on top, so it is comfy on the feet.

Ease of cleaning

Unless you plan to buy a new bathtub mat daily, you will have to clean the mat after prolonged use. As a result, you want the mat to have easy clean options that make your job easier. Shower mats for the elderly should not have any downtime; you can not afford to have your bathroom surfaces bare while you clean, so the best bath mat would be one that is machine washable and can have the water runoff and dry up in no time after being machine washed.

Anti-slip features

You can not walk into a store or order online the first item that claims to be a non-slip shower rug; you have to confirm these claims and ensure it does have anti-slip features. These mats will be placed on slippery surfaces, smooth surfaces, and wet surfaces; as such, the user’s safety hinges on its anti-slip design. If you want to prevent slips, your best bet would be rubber mats or fabric mats with extra-strong suction cups underneath.

Select the right shape and size for your space

You do not want the bathtub mat sticking out like an eyesore. It is crucial that it blends in with your bathroom space and compliments the overall design. If your bathroom is relatively small, it will be good to have non-slip bath mats that suit the size of the space. Aside from the bathroom size, you also need to consider the size of the feet of the person standing on them and ensure it suits their needs. If it is a bath you want to use the mat for vs a shower you may look for a square vs a rectangle shape too.

Does it feel comfortable underfoot

Although the primary function is safety, there would be no incentive to use the non-slip bath mat if it is uncomfortable. Therefore, you should favor non-slip bath mats with soft, plush materials that encourage use when making your choice. You should also ensure the bath rug or mat is hypoallergenic if the user has allergies.

Anti-bacterial properties

If we disagree that the bathroom is the most dangerous place in the house, I am sure we are on the same page when I say it is the most filthy. The bathroom is where we have our bath and other reliefs, and so it makes it vital that you purchase an anti-bacterial bath mat. These non-slip mats or bathtub mats would come in contact with soap scum on the wet surface or bathroom floor and can quickly become breeding ground for microbes that cause mildew, odor, and mold. Considering purchasing an anti-bacterial bath mat will help with the frequency of cleaning.


I’d rather I did not have to include this, but it would be incomplete without it. I believe it is necessary to go all out when safety is concerned, but sometimes that is impossible due to budget constraints. So regardless of your budget, there is always a non-slip bath mat option that fits right in and won’t hurt your pocket.

Non-Slip FAQS

Why do you need a non-slip bath mat?

Non-slip bath mats are not a frivolous want; they are a need. It is a bathroom essential for everyone, not just kids or the elderly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 20 million at least aged 15 sustained injuries in the bathroom to the tune of $67 billion (£48.3 billion) in lifetime medical bills. If you or your loved ones don’t want to be part of this particularly unfriendly statistic, you need to purchase non-slip shower mats. Also, the right shower mat compliments the overall look of your bathroom. The right shape, colour and texture is another aesthetic layer to your bathroom setting.

What type of shower mat are best for an elderly person?

There is a recipe for a mat to be considered the ‘best non-slip bath mat’ for the elderly. First, of course, it has to be comfortable when used; it should have rubber underlay and powerful suction cups for the most grip. An added benefit for the most value is drainage holes for easy water runoff and machine washable material that ensures the mat dries off quickly when washed. It is also essential that the bath mat have antibacterial properties that make the mat mould, odour and mildew resistant. Any bath mat that has all these features is more than ideal for elderly people.

How to choose a non-slip shower mat for a textured surface?

Choosing a non-slip shower mat for a textured surface is more challenging because using suction cups, most shower mats can stick to your bathroom or tub floor. While suction cups are great generally, they are not the ideal option for textured surfaces. What you want when you have a textured tub or floor is a mat that has patterns underneath. A popular option is shower mats with reverse honeycomb patterns under, and it gives the user more grip than mats with suction cups. Your choice of mat must be made from a flexible material that allows it to collapse on the surface and give the user some grip.

Should the bath mat be a certain size?

Adding the right bathroom rug can be quite challenging, and one factor that makes or mars your choice of bath mat is the mat size. The most important factor when choosing the size is how much space you have available. The larger bathrooms have more options as they can be fitted with varying bath rug sizes, while smaller bathrooms do not have that luxury and can only be fitted with small shower mats. Fitting a small bathroom with a large bath mat would choke the bathroom and make the space seem cramped.

How to keep your bathroom mat clean?

Keeping your bath mat clean is quite simple. The following tips are all you need to know to keep them clean and hygienic.

  • Check the product tag: The first thing to do is check the product laundry care tag for a guide on what is acceptable when cleaning your mat and what is not. The label would give you precise and concise information on ways to wash and dry your bath mat.
  • Shake the mat vigorously: You can shake the mat outside every day before use. It is elementary to do, and it gets rid of the dirt accumulated on the mat from use the day before. You should also do this before you toss the mat in your washing machine if the mat is machine washable.
  • Wash in warm water: If your bath mat is machine washable, you should toss it with hot water and a soft, quality cleaning agent in the washing machine. Coldwater can be used in place of warm water if you are worried about bleaching the rug or damaging the rubber backing on the mat.
  • Dry the bath mat: After washing, you should dry the mat in a dryer but only in a regular setting. If your mat has a rubber backing, it could very easily be damaged by the dryer, so you should spread it out in the sun to dry.
  • It would help if you vacuumed: There is no right time to vacuum. Any time you have the vacuum out, you should run it over the rug or mat. This works the same way as shaking the mat as it clears dirt, dust, and other debris that would have settled on the mat over time.
  • Don’t use fabric softeners: The use of laundry additives like fabric softeners can tamper with the quality of your bath mat and reduce how effectively it soaks and mops up water. You should avoid laundry additives in general to prolong the lifespan of your bathroom mat.

What are some other bathroom safety tips for the elderly?

While having bathroom mats in bathrooms for the elderly is a step in the right way, it is only ONE of the many steps to guarantee safety. Deploying bath mats should accompany one or more of the following tips. They are:

  • Installation of grab bars: One essential in the bathroom for seniors is the inclusion of grab bars. They are a great add-on beside toilets and bathtubs. Their presence makes it very easy for the elderly to transition in and out of the bathtub or on or off the toilet. The grab bars must be installed at an effortless height to reach, not too high that they have to stretch or too low to stoop to access the bar.
  • Installation of a transfer bench: A transfer bench works almost in the same way as grab bars. The only difference is that it allows the user to sit on the bench when transferring in or outside the tub. Therefore, installing a transfer bench drastically reduces the risk of an accident.
  • Get a shower chair: This is an excellent idea for seniors that are unable or would rather not stand too long even in a shower. A shower chair allows them to sit while doing their business.
  • Replace all throw rugs with bath mats: Throw rugs have aesthetic value in your bathroom, but you can not leave anything to chance when seniors are in the mix. In addition, it is straightforward for the rugs to come away under them and cause serious falls. As such, you should replace all throw rugs with non-slip bath mats.

Final thoughts

Like earlier stated, a non-slip bathroom mat is not just an aesthetic feature. It is a functional, necessary piece you need to have in a bathroom frequented by the elderly. The inclusion of bath mats allows them to live independently and gives them a lot of protection against bathroom accidents. The bathroom mats on this list have been expert vetted and will deliver all the comfort and safety you will need.


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