25 Best White Bathroom Ideas in 2023

best white bathroom with a white bath

An all-white bathroom can bring about a  safe heavenly-like feeling, making those soothing soaks in the bath a little bit more relaxing. While there are many white bathroom designs out there, you may be looking for inspiration to bring about something a little different. 

Below you’ll find 25 stunning bathroom ideas, all using the color white uniquely. So, dive in and find some inspiration of your own to create a white oasis in your home!

 25 Stunning White Bathroom Ideas

1. Traditional White Bathroom Look

This bathroom shows a typical white bathroom design for an immaculate and clean finish. The fixtures and fittings match exceptionally, with the colored tones all being consistent. A classic look here uses typical white tiled walls, a walk-in shower, and a freestanding bathtub. The designer’s extra touch is the panoramic window which floods the whole room with natural light, reflecting from the floor to brighten the whole space.

Interior of a contemporary bathroom with washstand and bathtub

2. White And Grey Combination

Using grey tones in your stunning white bathroom can be a really effective way to achieve a sleek, stylish look. You won’t have to provide much maintenance to the room as with all white walls, making it a fantastic option for families. Children can be mucky, smearing dirt over the bathroom, which can cause frustration when it comes to cleaning. Add tones of grey for a sophisticated and contemporary look while helping to reduce the need for excessive scrubbing. 

White and Grey Bathroom in Country House

3. Dark Floors With White Walls Bathroom Design

To fully appreciate the excitement that a white bathroom brings, you have to blend it seamlessly with a floor of a darker color shade. As seen in the image below, most of the fixtures in this elegant bathroom are white or of a lighter shade than the darker tone for a chic feel. This color blend sees the bathroom look warm and inviting at the same time while keeping the design minimalistic and clean. 

Dark Floors With White Walls Bathroom Design

4. Brick Patterned Walls For A Bathroom

A pure, smooth wall can be a quicker, easier finish for your white bathroom and will still give good results. However, if you are willing to put that bit of extra time and effort into the design, a textured wall could give you the next level of bathroom goals. Another way to mix up or add interest to your wall space is the addition of shelves. Floating shelves are really easy to install and also bring practicality to your stunning new white bathroom. Is this bathroom the dream relaxation space for you?

white brick patterned walls with floating shelfs and freestanding bath.

5. A Blank Canvas Bathroom Suite

A completely white bathroom can also have a big statement if the experimental touch of color is not for you. In this wonderful bathroom, each fixture and fitting and each unit and decoration use the same shade of white, working seamlessly together. The break in the flooring with the straight floor panels adds to this wonderful blank canvas in a great way.

White Toilet Bowl In A Bathroom with plants.

6. Minimalistic Bathroom Features

A bathroom as a whole can be a real statement piece to your home. No one feature will complete your luxurious white bathroom. The bathroom shown below is a very simplistic design, yet the finished product is quite exquisite. The frameless mirror above the square marble sink is a wonderful point of interest that added to this is a floating singular shelf. Simple, clean, and minimalistic – this white bathroom is a true representation of beauty. 

Modern luxury bathroom with nature view 3d rendering image. There are white marble tile wall and floor.The room has large windows. Looking out to see the nature.

7.  White Master Bathroom With Wooden Flooring

It would help if you weren’t scared to think outside of the box when it comes to your wonderful new white bathroom. The most typical choices for the floor are tiles, vinyl or even marble, but why not try a patterned wooden floor? This style of flooring will complement your white bathroom giving it the ultimate style and class. There are a few more things to think about when considering a wooden floor, such as the maintenance to prevent rot and standard wear and tear that can occur. But, with a bit of extra design, you’ll have a spectacular bathroom to be proud of. 

Minimalist scandinavian white bathroom with bedroom in the background, classic interior design

8. White and Brown Bathroom Design

The bathroom below combines white with wood in an amazing way. A feature wall where the freestanding bath is placed attracts attention when entering and gives an overall beach house atmosphere. This wooden pattern is the same design used on the flooring to give continuity in the room. As the only two color features used in this bathroom, nothing else is needed except a few finishing accessories such as the plant. The wooden design keeps the intrigue while bringing elements of the outdoors to the interior. 

A beautifully designed bathroom in an expensive new home that has been dressed by a leading Interior Designer. A white oval bath sits in the centre full of water with a tap flowing. White and brown towels on the towel rails match the bronze tilework and stone floor. A his and hers basin sit on either side of the room.

 9. White Marble Luxury Bathroom Design

Feature walls can bring any bathroom to life. With this said, they are an essential thing to think about when designing your luxurious white bathroom. The wrong choice could make or break all the spectacular design you’ve put in place. A marble wall could be the answer for what you need to give that finishing look to your overall design for a unique bathroom and a sight to behold.

Luxury bathroom 3d render,There are black and white marble tile wall and floor.Decorate with chrome tree pot.

 10. A Bathroom Fit For Royalty

Gold can take your white bathroom from rags to riches in an instant, giving that royal look. This bathroom shows that with all the external features surrounding the room featuring gold. This color idea is also a great way to break up the continuous white used throughout. In this bathroom design, an elegant square frame used on the bottom of the wall adds a super-smart look for a refined finish. 

A glam white bathroom done with white luxurious marble tiles and golden details. 

11. Traditional Black And White Flooring

Black and white create a great contrasting composition to any bathroom. This wash area uses this contrast in abundance. The flooring has a black and white tile look, but instead of traditional tiles, it uses vinyl for a simplistic and modern look. The use of vinyl is a cheaper alternative to getting tiles fitted, too, which can be a great money-saver. So what do you make of this chic interior space?

A clean, simple bathroom with a checked pattern tiled floor.

12. Wooden Walls For A Zen Atmosphere

This bathroom has an amazing look and feels thanks to a simple design that is so effectively done. The horizontal wooden panels on the wall flow through the shower and bath areas, connecting them really nicely. The minimal shower uses a black frame but ties in with the rest of the room’s features. Shapes are emphasized with the designer using the architecture to position fittings. The square geometric-shaped bath sits in an alcove created by the cascading angular wall as if it was meant to be there all along. This zen bathroom is an excellent example of using the space you have to its full potential. 

Black frameless shower with wooden wall

13. Modern White Vintage Bathroom

The bathroom below is a great example of what a bathroom should look like. The full-length window draws light into the room in abundance. This works seamlessly with the magnificent marble flooring, which reflects the light beautifully. There are a few different tones of white in this bathroom, showing that white can be an exciting and inviting theme to your bathroom.  Wooden panels are created on the walls, adding a really vintage feel, and the thick marble sink area works perfectly to reveal light black imperfections in the stone. 

Modern bathroom in attic of farm house

14. White Scandinavian Bathroom

This next bathroom is a lovely example of white marbled flooring, with each tile having a unique design, drawing interest right from the first steps into this space. Subtle yellow tones are used on the flooring also which adds a great look to these Scandinavian-inspired patterns. The stunning white brickwork used as a feature wall complements a walk-in shower and the bath on the same side of the room. A chair is even in place in this bathroom, showing how much of a relaxing space it truly is.

White brick wall and patterned floor tiles in a neutral bathroom

15. White Square Bathroom Tiles

A painted white wall could be a quicker, easier finish to your bathroom and will still give your space a great finish. For that extra luxurious feel, gorgeous square white tiles can be added. When fitted correctly, they can give any bathroom a new lease of life. They are also more practical, being easier to clean than normal painted walls. The light will bounce off each tile with the reflective surfaces, making the other features look better than ever before. From floors to walls, beautiful well-installed tiles would be welcome anywhere.

Modern white bathroom 3d render. There are white tile wall and floor.The room has large windows.Sunlight shines into the room.

16. A Splash of Vibrant Red

This splash of color on the bathroom mats placed down draws the eyes to them instantly. In any white bathroom, a bold, vibrant color will really bring the room to life, with rugs really effective.  The little touch of blue just beneath the ceiling is a nice touch separating the white tiles from the white ceiling. When designing your all-white bathroom, why not think about introducing a little bit of color?  

Interior of a luxury white bathroom with hot tub bath

17. White Patterns And Tiles

A pattern could be used in your bathroom to create a different point of interest or intrigue for anyone who enters. This black and white flooring adds a wonderful vintage touch to the room and the window frame matching the shower gives a sense of symmetry. This black and white patterned floor also adds a sense of space in the bathroom, so anyone looking to increase the look and feel of space would benefit from this style of flooring. 

Scandinavian loft style bathroom 3d render,There are white brick wall, black and white tile floor pattern, There are black metal frame window nature light shining into the room.

18. White And Gold Bathroom Infusion 

Spotlights make a great feature in this modern white bathroom. They are placed all over this bathroom, lighting up all the most used areas, and creating shadows. Lighting can really bring a new dynamic to any interior space, as pictured here. The wood used in this bathroom complements the white tiles immaculately. The white wall tiles used are spread across the room’s entirety, including the toilet area and through the shower, space to bring the whole room together for a sense of unity.

Modern Bathroom Interior design

19. Extravagant Gold Bathroom Design

The scenery is a big feature in this beautiful white bathroom, with the big panoramic windows allowing lots of light into the room. A grey marble floor is the only thing not dedicated to this white aesthetic. A picture frame on the wall breaks up the space giving more interest to the white wall, while gold finishing on the external features gives a real look of luxury to finish this classy and stylish white bathroom. 

bath with gold fittings in front of a window

20. A Spacious Monochrome Finish

A spacious and minimal effect is in this bathroom, which is completely on-trend. Mainly using black furnishings against the immaculate white wall finish, this room focuses on keeping things simple. Another black component used in this bathroom is the luxurious wooden floor, where the subtle grains of wood can be seen gently peeking through the black staining. A vibrant green plant is used, drawing in most of the room’s focus towards it for a perfect finishing touch. 

White bathtub in spacious bathroom with a black floor.

21. Simple And Modern Bathroom

The bath in this lovely white bathroom is placed onto a platform with little shelf or storage space. The platform can be used to keep bath supplies on view or maybe just a place to rest candles for long relaxing soaks in the bath. The wooden floor uses a subdued pattern giving an interesting look, and breaks up the simple white-colored walls. A small ladder is used as a towel rack in this room for a simple and elegant finishing touch to the design.  

White bath on wooden floor.

22. Blue And White Tones

Having a picturesque view is a luxury in any bathroom, and this all-white bathroom brings the outside inside. The little touch of blue colors adds a gentle subtlety to this white bathroom, and the super-long mirror above the sink area gives a stunning view from more places in this amazing space. The actual design of this bathroom is simple but effective, with white and blue tiles and lots of natural light brought in from the glass doors. 

white bathroom with large blue bath rug on white floor.

23. Diamond Flooring In Black And White

This bathroom design is black and white throughout the whole room, with only chrome finished legs on the sink differing from the rest. The walls are covered with simple white tiles, complementing the gorgeous white diamond floor tiles beautifully. The black framework of the shower contrasts with the tiles and uses glass windows to expose the white tiles in the shower. A hanging mirror design is used for a cool and unique touch, and lamps have been placed on either side, giving a really trendy feel to this bathroom. 

diamond tile flooring in black and white. Black frame shower.

24. Black And White Vinyl 

This black and white themed bathroom is a really amazing example of this kind of theme. The Vinyl checkered floor works perfectly with the black and white furniture used throughout this whole bathroom. Plants are positioned all over this space, with the color green becoming more vivid and vibrant compared to the rest of the bathroom’s design. The balance of colors has been chosen perfectly, with the room features mainly white, and the furniture used all being in the black for a really great looking and effective design. 

Black furniture in white bathroom.

25. White With A Splash of Nature

Nature is the main theme of this beautiful white bathroom, with a full wall of greenery used alongside the bath and a plant arrangement designed with pebbles and cacti. The light-colored wooden flooring also adds to this natural aesthetic giving great continuity to this bathroom’s interior design. This space really shows how natural light can brighten up a room, having a full wall-length window to one side of the room and a skylight that has been perfectly placed directly above the bathtub, bringing in light.

Minimalist white bathroom with vertical and succulent garden, wooden floor and pebbles, hotel, spa, modern interior design

Having a stunning white bathroom is much more than just painting the whole room and everything inside white. You want to know what shade you desire and should understand that you can create a unique feel as soon as you walk into the room by using different tones. These ideas above will give you a great start in choosing the perfect bathroom for you. Whether you take a little inspiration from each or follow a set design, your new space will be everything you wanted.

Considerations For Designing A White Bathroom Suite

When it comes to the design of your new white bathroom, there are many things you need to consider. Here are some of the main considerations to keep in mind when designing your new white bathroom.

Will Children have access to it?

Children need to be factored into your decision when making your white bathroom. Inevitably, younger kids will create a mess, and younger adults will most likely not have the same caring attitude to your bathroom that you do. In most cases, the actual bath, sink, and shower unit will use the color white. Tiles on the floor and walls could be a better option if your bathroom is likely to get a little mucky, as they will wipe away easily. If painting, go for gloss finishes for the walls, some ground in hard-to-clean dirt patches would require a new lick of paint, so this could be a better option for you if you have younger children.

How many people will be using the bathroom? 

When choosing a white bathroom, the amount of use the bathroom has is a big factor. Using white will fade quicker than any color but will look better when kept to its high quality. If maintaining and looking after your bathroom is something you can keep on top of, and fewer people are using this space, it will be the right kind of bathroom for you.

The Walls

When choosing your bathroom wall designs, you have many options out there. A plain painted wall could be a quick, easier finish for any DIYer. With a wall hanging or a floating shelf, a really high standard finish can be produced. If you are looking for something a little unique, a textured wall could be for you with either tiles or brickwork. Professional interior designers will advise that the white wall should be a darker shade than the rest of the bathroom’s fixtures to act as a background so that features take the main focus.

The Floor

The floor in your white bathroom has to look just right to complete your room. You can go for two different options. Firstly,  go for a darker theme to highlight the rest of the white room and the other features of your bathroom. Or, you could also go for the all-white finish walls, creating a pure, more heavenly feel to your stunning new bathroom. Both of these ideas work great and are just a matter of preference.

What are these other features?

These include but are not limited to the following:

The BathTub and Shower

When choosing a bath or shower for your bathroom, you have lots of options to choose from. A walk-in shower could be a great choice and is definitely something to think about if you have children, as they can walk into the shower quickly and easily. The same thought can also be considered for elderly people not wanting to climb over into the back. The combo bath shower could also be an option if you want to save space but want both ways to clean yourself.

The Sinks

Every bathroom needs a sink, this could be a singular sink that everyone can share, or even a couple’s bathroom could contain two separate sinks with mirrors. Multiple sinks will allow more than one person can get ready in the morning before work which can be a great touch.

The Essentials

Little details matter as much as the big bathroom fittings for a complete look in your beautiful white bathroom. Art or plants are a great way to break up space on the walls, and even a different use of texture on the walls can give interest to your room. Mirrors are a great feature to make any space seem much bigger, reflecting natural light or being tactically positioned to reflect a window view.

There is no one choice for a white bathroom you desire, and taking even a few aspects of these ideas could help you achieve exactly. It is what you are looking for in a luxurious white bathroom. A timeless look that can bring joy into any home.


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