20 Kid’s Bathroom Design Ideas in 2023


It might sound crazy to devote a room to your kid’s bathroom, but it is actually a genius idea! Why have your master bathroom messed up when you can create a brilliant kids bathroom design just for your little ones.

Whilst the decor is essential, you will also have to consider designing the kids bathroom to function in a kid-friendly way. A step stool to help them reach the sink, fun storage solutions, great bath toys and a place to put their dirty clothes are all just as essential as the style.

Kids bathrooms don’t have to break the bank. There are some stylish ways to make them appealing for your kiddo and give them the independence they want whilst keeping them safe.

Storage is vital in kids bathrooms, and whether you opt for shelving or hooks, kids have plenty of stuff to store away.

We have created a list of 20 kids bathroom ideas that will get your children excited to get in the bath and make the morning and bedtime routine a seamless experience.

The best kids bathroom ideas

If you are looking for ideas for your kid’s bathroom design, we have got you covered. From colorful, whimsical and fun, we have great ideas for everyone’s style. So prepare to be inspired and release the interior designer from within with our 20 kids bathroom ideas.

1. Kid’s Fun Wall Decor

Kids pictures on bathroom wall

A brilliant way to make your kids bathroom unique is to use wall decor like pictures of their favorite characters framed and hung on the wall. Wall art is something you can easily update as they grow older to reflect their personality.

Let your kids be creative and hang their own drawings or paint their own pictures. A gallery space on the wall for their favourite character or superheroes is brilliant for kids bathrooms.

2. Colorful Shower Curtain

Sea animals on a shower curtain in a bathroom

An inexpensive way to create a kids bathroom look is to add a pop of color and style with a shower curtain. It is a fantastic way to incorporate the fun aspects for your child. There are so many different types of shower curtain that will enhance your kids bathroom design.

A shower curtain is also easy to swap and change as your child grows and their tastes change. Finally, pick something easy to clean in your washing machine.

3. Add patterns to your bathroom decor

Seashell bathroom tiles in a light blue colour in bathroom

The seashell pattern tiles used in this kids bathroom give the room an under the sea ocean feel. In addition, the dual walk-in shower and tub area are a great idea to keep splashing and water in one space.

A simple storage basket is terrific for hiding dirty clothes and towels out of sight. Kids bathroom ideas can be all-out themed like this one. If you go down that route, bear in mind you will then have to spend more if updating it in the future.

4. Nautical themed bathroom

Shells and nautical mirror on a dark blue wall in bathroom

The nautical look appeals to adults and children alike, and children’s bathrooms can be transported to the sea with lots of simple design aspects.

One of the most popular kids bathroom ideas is a nautical theme. A porthole style mirror and a pop of navy blue will create a sailor looking design with ease. Simple blue accents like a toothbrush holder, step stool or sailor theme bath toys will make kids bathrooms cute and unique.

5. A splash of bright colors bathroom decor

Orange bath tub and vanity in a loft bathroom

Whether your kids favorite color is blue, purple or yellow, adding a pop of color to a kids bathroom can be done quickly with accessories or more permanently with the fixtures and fittings.

The bright orange tub, sink and furniture really make this kids bathroom idea stand out.

6. All white kids bathroom

White bathroom suite in a white painted bathroom

If you want to use your kids bathroom for other people, then going for a simple white bathroom suite and paint will be easy to update in the future.

A white bathroom can then be accessorized with bright towels or color from pictures and bathroom rugs.

7. Sophisticated bathroom for bigger kids

Blue shiny mosiac tile inset in a teenage girls bathroom

If you have teenagers or older kids, then the kids bathroom ideas you choose will have to be a bit more sophisticated.

This kids bathroom opts for a beautiful tile statement that your kids will love. The space is utilized well, and it is stunning.

8. Black and White kids bathroom

Black and white tiles with black round mirror above sink

When you go for black and white for your kid’s bathroom you are going for a classic style.

The polka dots in the tile make this look a lot less boring and create a whimsical feeling. This interior design choice will age well, and regardless of your kiddos age, they won’t outgrow it. And it will be a brilliant addition to your house.

9. Accent with colorful towels

bathroom towels rolled up in a wicker basket

Bath towels are an excellent way to take an otherwise boring kids bathroom and create something a little more exciting. This easy and cheap way can breathe life into the room on a budget instead of redecorating the whole space.

Go with bold colors and roll them up in baskets for storing.

10. Feature wallpaper kids bathrooms

Sail boats wallpaper in a bathroom

When designing your feature wallpaper, having it on one or more walls will bring personality to the room. I wouldn’t put wallpaper up behind the sink in kids’ bathrooms as it will just get wet.

The wallpaper in this room is just on the top half, making it much more practical. If you love wallpaper, then you can easily change it as they grow.

11. Magic forest kids bathroom

Plants hung on wall above copper freestanding bath

For kids bathroom ideas with a theme, try to make them easy to update and change in the future.

This forest vibe is magical and has been created by using plants on a wall to make you feel like you are inside a jungle or forest. If you are using plants in a kids bathroom, just make sure that they are not poisonous.

12. Animal faucet kids bathroom ideas

Faucet extender for tap

Faucet extenders not only look fantastic, but they are practical and allow little hands to reach the sink for washing. In addition, it is one of the most affordable kids bathroom ideas.

They come in many shapes and sizes, and you can find your favorite animal or cute character.

13. Kids bathroom bath mat ideas

Kids green tortoise bath mat

A bath mat is not only for safety but will add color and can work with your theme. In addition, it is one of those elements that can be replaced should it get damaged or become old and worn.

Bath mats can be put into the washing machine, too, making them easy to clean.

14. Kids bathroom statement tile designs

blue and white statement floor tile in bathroom

Kids bathrooms can have tiles, but if you are going to use them on the floor, just make sure they have a textured surface or plenty of bathroom rugs.

A statement tile on the floor looks lovely and pops.

15. Bold blue kids bathroom ideas

Blue painted walls in a loft bathroom with white vanity

The blue walls make this bathroom feel serene. Blue matched with white is a clean and crisp look. This kids bathroom is transformed with just a lick of blue paint and a big non-slip bath mat to keep it kid-friendly.

Kids bathroom ideas don’t have to be all out theme-driven, and by simply adding some color, you can create something beautiful.

16. Decorate with shiplap

White wood shiplap on walls of small bathroom

If you love the farmhouse look but still want a modern child’s bathroom, then shiplap works brilliantly.

The black and white is a timeless vibe, and the drawers in this vanity are ideal for bathing accessories to be stored away.

17. Transform the children’s bathroom with baskets and hooks

Number hooks with bathroom towels hanging on them

A perfect way to hang up towels and clothes is by adding some hooks to the wall. You can pick fun ones or let your little one get creative and make your hooks out of materials in the house.

A basket is also a brilliant and easy way to store tons of bathroom essentials, and you can easily coordinate them with the style of the room.

18. Feature a bathroom vanity

Navy blue bathroom vanity with fish wallpaper

This beautiful bathroom vanity makes a statement. The fish on the walls and

Vanities are excellent for storing items out of sight. As kids bathrooms ideas go, this is a practical but enjoyable item to add.

19. Girls pink dream bathroom

Pink and black bathroom with hexagon tiles

This beautiful bathroom is every girl out there dream. It would be perfect for your young adult.

The pink hexagon tiles are so contemporary, and the pink accent shower shelf is perfect for hair styling products.

20. Fun stripes kids bathroom ideas

black and white stripes on bathroom floor and walls

The stripes on the walls and floor are cool and playful. These stripes are classic black and white, making the kids’ bathroom perfect for dual-use.

The large vanity is ideal for hiding away all the essentials and making the room feel less cluttered.

Kids Bathroom FAQs

We have highlighted some of the most common kids bathrooms frequently asked questions to help you with your bathroom design with so many decisions to make.

Should I choose and shower or a bath for my kid’s bathroom?

It is often easier to bathe your little ones in the tub than a shower if they are younger. Therefore, it will very much depend on the age of your children whether you should install a shower or a bath.

If you have enough space, we would recommend having both. As your child grows, they will likely get use out of a shower as well.

Can my kid’s bathroom double as a guest bathroom?

You can absolutely double your children’s bathroom as a guest bathroom. If this is your plan, you might want to keep the decor as neutral as you can. Decorating in white and adding a vanity to hide all the kid’s accessories will make the room suitable for guests. In addition, a white bathroom is timeless and can be easily updated with accessories.

What flooring is safest for my kid’s bathroom?

One of the essential considerations for flooring in the kid’s bathroom is that it is waterproof. At bath time, there can be a lot of splashing, leaving pools of water!

The best options are either tile, rubber or vinyl flooring. If you do go with tile, make sure it has a textured surface to avoid slipping. Kids bathrooms need to be safe, and adding a non-slip bath mat will also help prevent falls.

Vinyl or rubber floors are generally cheaper for your kid’s bathroom and have a variety of colors and patterns to suit all tastes.


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