How To: 8 Alternate Wall Covering Ideas For Renters

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If you rent, chances are that you’re not painting walls, adding wallpaper or getting real in depth with your interior design choices. You’re likely buying cool furniture pieces, funky artwork and fun throw pillows to make up for whatever lack of color is happening elsewhere. But there’s something to be said about walls with a little…

Bright White Villa In Mallorca, Spain

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With a foundation built in the 60s by architect Alberto Rubio, Cala Marmacen Villa is one of the beautiful gems of Mallorca, Spain. With much of the home facing the water and elements– this vacation styled home is an all-white oasis. Having clearly been renovated since its birth in the 60s era, this exquisite Villa is…

15 Crisp All White Wonderland Spaces

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People with pets, children, and careless significant others will tell you to stay away from the color white, where others might beg to differ. While white is a sensitive color that just about any dirt, grease or food stain will show up on– there is also the option for being able to bleach your whites, too….