Bay Village Green Roof Residence

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Robert Maschke Architects of Ohio have some contemporary gems up their sleeves, and this Bay Village residence titled ‘Brahler Residence’ is a stunning sight of green design and LEED inspired architecture. What was an existing cottage style home has been transformed into a contemporary work of art that features plenty of natural light and beautiful materials….

Shaded ‘Green Screen’ Home Provides Privacy and Ventilation

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Hideo Kumaki Architect created this unique concept of a curving home in Saitama, Japan that incorporates a vertical garden that’s one-of-a-kind. In an area where the population is quite dense, planning ahead for ventilation, noise reduction and privacy are all important. This home’s program incorporated something different that provides a new way of living for this…

10,000 Plants Adorn London’s Giant Living Wall

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We all know that having more plants and more trees on our earth helps with the air quality, indoor/outdoor temperatures and health of the population. The Victoria area of London has caught onto the idea, and wanted to cut down on their flooding issues– so they have teamed up with Green Roof Consultancy and The Rubens…

Green Sky City Garden Parkroyal Hotel in Singapore

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Designed to be more than just your average Singapore hotel suites, this built space was conceived as office space mixed with hospitality for the ultimate green roofed garden and city garden experience. It is from the Parkroyal on Pickering that guests can enjoy a lush green view from the upper floors, and skyline views just beyond….

Art of Plants For Isetan Japan Department Store

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Intricate flower arranging is an art within itself, but pair that with architecture and retail design — and with a successful installation you’ve got something spectacular. Japanese Department Store Isetan has opened the doors to its newest store, and Azuma Makoto has created an enticing interior throughout. Titled “Art of Plants” these detailed works involve structural…

Italian Green Box Garage Is a Vertical Garden Wonderland

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Old, repurposed buildings are the future of sustainable design; and this garage renovation turned home is the perfect example. Set up in Italy, act_romegialli took the existing space and revamped it to be a huge inspiration and camouflaged the space with the land. After meshing the residence with its deciduous plants and a cool contemporary interior…

Upcycling Plastic Soda Bottles As An Urban Garden

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Going green is of course a huge trend and big lifestyle change for many, and there are so many ways to get involved. While some include changing out entire aspects of your home– such as appliances and windows, there are other ways that are less expensive and make for really interesting visual design elements as well….

Vertical Garden Living House in Portugal

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Incorporating greenery in the architecture and ultimate design of your home is a huge commitment, and its overall advantages are worth it in the long run. The exterior facade of this home is covered in lush greens, only to be broken up by entrances and horizontally placed windows. Not only is it beautiful from a visual…

Saigon Tropical Stacking Green House

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Few walls and actual structure are involved with the building of House Ha by Vo Trong Nghia. With a design style that’s truly unique to Vietnam, this stacked home has just enough room for all of the flora and fauna that creates the privacy needed in this open to the elements home. Essentially one giant vertical…

Singapore’s Supertree Grove Is A Contemporary Vertical Garden

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Singapore is home to exquisite architecture that incorporates greenery everywhere you look. With the popularity of vertical gardens being an increasing trend in the design community and in public spaces, the Southeast Asian country has quickly incorporated greenery into many of their beautiful designs. The Supertree Grove in the recently redeveloped Marina Bay area is open…