Mid Century Modern Lake Home Addition

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Adding onto an existing space can be as stressful as you make it, and Hammer Architects seems to have had things under control with this addition. Located in Truro, Massachusetts the home’s new built space has a whole new outlook sitting right near two small ponds. This new space tacks onto the simple wood facade home…

Square Normandy Home by Beckmann N’Thépé

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Normandy, France, is known for the coastal vibes and beautiful greenery. This particular space almost detracts from the beauty of the surrounding nature with its dark and boxy appeal. Architects Beckmann N’Thépé created the home as a vacation spot for a family that functions just like a regular dwelling. The exterior facade is simple and clean,…

Gallery Style Tapered House Design

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Index Architecture has created a small vacation home located in China. This particular space is simple and neat, with plenty of architectural details to be seen throughout the interior. And who are we kidding, anything that has a Herman Miller Spun chair in us has got us digging deeper. And the special yellow color has an…

Rescued Idaho Mountain Retreat by M.Elle Design

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Vacation homes aren’t always a gorgeous completely custom space that you can deck out yourself, but for mother and daughter design team of M. Elle in California, it just so happens that was the case. For their family’s vacation space in Idaho, there was many a cabin inspiration from Provence, France to multiple other European adventures….

Treetops Vacation Home of Cottage Point

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Architect Bruce Rickard created an amazing ‘treetop‘ style home at 2 Cottage Point, originally for his family and it has been available to rent out for short visits, wedding functions and more for awhile now. The cottage home was built onto an existing little fibro cottage, and offers up beautiful views of the surrounding Cowan Creek…

High End Rural Queensland Retreat

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This rural home is an unbelievable design that offers up a huge, five bedroom open plan on almost 50 acres of land in Queensland, Australia. This beautiful spot features plenty of glazing and natural light to create an airy, natural feel throughout. Polished concrete and steel make up much of the architectural elements in the beautiful…

Contemporary Winged Residence by Milligram Studio

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Vacation destinations aren’t always a big production when you’re getting away to a spot that isn’t your main residence. As for this popular spot in Japan’s mountainous and forest-like Karuizawa, the homes can be quite spectacular– like the ‘Villa on the Wing’ just one of many in this area by Milligram Studio. The elongated space offers…

Garden House Getaway Resembles A Fish

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Vacation homes tend to be a little bit more outlandish than the everyday home of its owners. Located in the Czech Republic, this home is situated just on the edge of a pond in an area that was once a spot for industry in the European country. OK Plan Architects created this little home as a…

Concrete Shell Summer House in Japan

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Vacation homes are great for a short period of time, and the best part is that they can be small yet still comfortable since they don’t have to replicate the same comforts of home. This “Omizubata N House” by Archiship Studio is perfect for those Summer holiday vacations with its outdoor space and minimal interior. The…

Beach House Brimming With Pattern by Miles Redd

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We’ve always been intrigued with Miles Redd’s innate sense of style and ability to put a pattern (or 5!) all over a room without any kind of apprehension. With a unique approach to design and a whole lot of ornate details found at every turn– this Bahamas beach house is certainly a sight to see. Though…