Spacious Netherlands Barge Boat Home

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Typical boat homes are small and inventive with their storage solutions, and although this residence still makes creative uses of space there is much more square footage to go ’round. A growing family in the Netherlands purchased a 130 foot Belgian Spitz Barge to allow ample room for kids and even space to rent out as…

Whimsical Gnome Parking Structure

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Parking is a daunting task in most any public locale, and parking garages tend to make things a bit worse. There’s the task of figuring out how each individual garage works, and successfully get down around and back up again. With this fabulous little gem created by Mei Architecten of the Netherlands, you can easily get…

Fall Into Winter: Rustic Dutch Home Design

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Couple Robert and Gaay reside in this lovely and completely rustic Dutch home. While it’s hardly deciding to become fall here in our neck of the woods– the fall fashions and Pumpkin Spice Lattes have got us ready for some cooler weather, cozy fireplaces and time spent with loved ones. The Netherlands is where these two…

Floating Catamaran Ecolodge in The Netherlands

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The Netherlands offers up a wide array of architectural wonders, and whether you’re looking to be on land or float around in a gorgeous space– there’s something for everyone. APEcolodges has got some interesting spaces for an overnight stay, and their ‘freefloating’ lodge is a wonderfully designed spot that while simple, is a spectacular experience close…

House N Extension By Maxwan Architects

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A Seaside residence in The Netherlands is a renovated gem thanks to Maxwan Architects. The once boring and bland home is now partial to unobstructed views and lots of glazing out to the seashore. Not only are the interior spaces updated with their seemingly effortless views, but the staircase is now a spiral piece of art….

Cubist Inspired Rieteiland House by Hans van Heeswijk Architects

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The Netherlands offers some of the best unobstructed views available. With their constant desire to allow more natural light into their spaces via large, expansive windows it’s not hard to create beautiful homes. Hans van Heeswijk Architects is behind the gorgeous Rieteiland House that features panoramic views and an amazing glazed facade. The side of the…

Pay to Sleep in Jail: Former Dutch Prison Turned Luxe Hotel

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The Dutch have never been nervous about design, taboos and other interesting topics, especially when the topic of discussion is design. The Netherlands is home to some of the most simple yet unique concepts out there. This former prison turned luxurious hotel is just one example. Het Arresthuis of Roermond, NL is an old jail that…

Un-Intrusive Pop Up Street Furniture of The Netherlands

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Street art and furniture in public places tends to be the last thing on the minds of public planners. Many artists have been branching out into more creative and innovative ways of putting inviting and interesting designs for the general public. Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martin of The Netherlands have come up with an interactive design…

A Home For The Urban Bird: A Birdhouse Rooftile by Klaas Kuiken

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If there’s ever a time where those in urban dwellings feel the urge to house the native birds that are in the area, there is now a solution for you. Artist Klaas Kuiken created individual nesting areas for the bird populations that are trailing off. Instead of feathered friends nestling into your roof, they’ve got their…

1 Story Frenay Villa by 70F Architecture

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The imagery that comes to mind when the word “villa” is expressed might not be the same for everyone, and for the Frenay family in The Netherlands it means a light and airy space with clean lines. 70F Architecture planned the home within the lush green landscape, and kept to the general program created by the…