Contemporary Chicken House in Bangkok

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Thailand is known for having so many connections to nature, embracing the climate and surroundings. This particular home called the ‘Chicken House’ was created by Studio Krubka Co. and showcases plenty of exposed edges in its construction as well as a blend of raw materials. The multi-level home has an interesting structure to it, with a…

Phuket’s Tropical Oasis: Villa Yin

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If you’re looking for a dream oasis to spend some time taking a break from the rest of the world, Villa Yin in Phuket, Thailand is likely the answer. A four bedroom spread over multiple levels of contemporary architecture and plenty of contemporary furnishings make for a leisurely stay without having to bump into your bunkmates….

6 Week Project Turns To Thai Dome House

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Explorer and traveler Steve Areen has seen much of the world in his nomadic lifestyle, but his latest adventures have put him at rest in Thailand where he built a home built out of natural materials. With the help of some locals and friends, Areen laid out some roots with compressed earth blocks eventually making up…

Float Among The Trees in The Naka Phuket

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A space that looks just like home in the serenity of Thailand is a new, daring hotel that sits up high designed by Duangrit Bunnag. With only 94 villas that cantilever out over the mountain, this hotel is surely one of a kind. The Andaman Sea glimmers beneath the hovering structures, but it’s the interior that’s…

Thailand’s Wonderwall Home is Open to the Elements

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It’s hard to envision a home that lacks four walls and additional doors from the outside in. But what if your home was located in a warm, tropical climate and had just enough privacy to be comfortable with only 3 walls? Well, Thailand‘s Wonderwall Residence is something similar to that; with plenty of partitions and just…

Andara Phuket Thailand Resort & Villas

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Foreign getaways are always a great bet, and when there’s a gorgeous resort involved it’s hard to resist. The Andara Phuket Resort & Villas just so happens to be the best of both worlds, and there’s even a rooftop infinity pool to boot. Located in Phuket, Thailand, this resort posted along the Andaman Sea overlooking the…

Organic Shaped Kantana Film Institute In Thailand

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Educational buildings in America can be some of the more ‘value engineered’ when it comes to design and interiors– but there’s a creative based film school in Thailand that’s got a completely different vibe. Instead of being completely hi-tech looking on the exterior, the building fits in perfectly with its surroundings. The whole concept from Bangkok…

Contemporary Villa Amanzi Overlooks The Andaman Sea

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The long sleek look of Villa Amanzi in Thailand is an ode to the constant beauty of the architecture that comes from this country. In a definite league of its own, this home is inset on the cliffs overlooking the Andaman Sea and the views are spectacular. The house itself, designed by Original Vision is a…

The Library 26 Room Minimalist Hotel In Koh Samui

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There are hotels popping up again and again that pique interest with their interesting design concepts and less-is-more approach. One of those happens to be a Thai hotel right on the beachfront of Koh Samui. Though ‘The Library’ was constructed in 2007, Tirawan Songsawat has given it a very fresh approach to vacationing. There are 26…

Contemporary Luxury Villa with Breathtaking Views in Phuket, Thailand

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Over the past few months we have encountered several stunning properties in the beautiful setting of Phuket, Thailand including one of our personal favorites in the $18.5 Million Beach Villa equipped with ocean views. Today is more breathtaking architecture and design from Thailand, but this time in the form of a smaller, albeit still large, single…