Spain’s Modern Brick House 1101

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A home where the outdoor area is the extension of the indoor space is one that always steals our hearts and whisks us away to a place that is equal parts practical and whimsy. The ‘House 1101′ by Spain’s H Arquitectes showcases the beauty of this home in a standout setting and a minimalist way. The…

Tiny Modern Madrid Loft by Elii

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Elii Architecture of Spain showcases their contemporary, out of the box ways of thinking via their architectural projects such as ‘Didomestic.’ In this teeny tiny little loft space, Elii has thought of everything, including having mirrors under floor boards and more. The walls are fairly bare, aside from the built ins and pulley systems along the…

Graphic ‘Nest’ on The Streets of Salamanca, Spain

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Having a creative facade is half the battle when trying to stand out in a creative, un-horrific manner on a beautiful street. Street art and graffiti art alike are art forms nonetheless, and this awesome facade paint job was performed by artist Pablo S. Herrero. Located in Salamanca, Spain, this residential building has been doted with…

A Functional Kitchen Under The Stairs

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The feeling that you get when dining at home is rarely duplicated out in public, so Barbara Appolloni Architect’s design for an Australian cafe in Barcelona is a wonderful treat for those looking to an intimate setting for a nice meal and/or drinks. The relaxed and informal vibe of the space is apparent, with a kitchen…

12 Century Oil Mill Residence in Extremadura, Spain

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Practically ancient buildings of the 12th Century aren’t all in tact nor as well cared for and curated as this particular home in Extremadura, Spain. What was once a home for Monks turned into an Oil Mill, and is now the perfect spot for a family in the old stone shelter. Architect Ricardo Elizondo transformed the…

Beautiful Balcony House by Acero

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Anytime we see or hear the word ‘Acero‘ we are already impressed. This Madrid firm’s quality of creative and contemporary work is unsurpassed, and with a home titled ‘balcony’ we knew it was right up our alley. The facade of this space is similar to the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall with a more understated elegance….

Mediterranean Escape by Guallart Architects

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Vincente Guallart of Spain has a hefty portfolio when it comes to design, but this contemporary gem in the countryside of La Nou de Gaia is the one to beat. Situated on its own little plot up a long and windy road is the ‘House M‘ which showcases gorgeous hillside views and promotes its own splendid…

Multi-Terraced Home in Casavella

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Cobble stone streets and contemporary architecture are what make this mixture so wonderful. Having a unique combination of styles and a one of a kind interior space can be a rarity, but this home in the region Girona is a perfect ten. It may look like any other ordinary home from the beautiful exterior, but the…

Blend of Contemporary Rustic Design in Spain

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We think that this home by Ana Girod just exemplifies Spain, in a nutshell. With modernist works and brilliant cutting edge designs abound in the city, and rustic stone works of their cultural history in the country– this home is a wonderfully pleasing blend of both. Ana Girod created this beautiful space that mixes the two…

Tiny Vertical 200 Square Foot Home in Madrid

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Small spaces are always the most fun and intriguing to look at, personally. There’s something about an entire home that’s so compartmentalized, organized and spacious all at the same time that begs for a closer look. This particular home in Madrid, Spain, is a more vertical take on your average 200 square foot home, with ladder…