Indoor Outdoor Terrace House by Architology

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Spaces that integrate the indoors and outdoors seamlessly are some of our absolute favorites. To see lush greenery peeking through the inside of a home and natural light flooding in is a euphoric feeling, and this Singapore home has got that edge. Whether it’s the colorful patterns on the rugs, artwork or furniture combined with the…

Modern Diamond House Design

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Formwerkz Architects typically create homes with a modern aesthetic and a charming appeal, and this home is no exception. Their ‘Diamond House’ showcases a unique shape and multiple facets in a dark color palette. Iron wood and reflective glass make up the fun of finishes on the outside, while the inside showcases rich wood tones and…

Singapore Open Air Rattan House

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Guz Architects are responsible for creating some of our favorite contemporary homes around. When you involve their innate sense of outdoors, contemporary style and thoughtfulness to detailed design– you can truly appreciate all of the projects in their portfolio. The ‘Rattan House’ is one that we love for its open and airy vibes, as well as…

Subtly Sustainable Modern Singapore Home

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Sustainability is a high concern for many of those who have the opportunity to build their own homes, and with so many of the applications being affordable alternatives, green design and Earth consciousness is becoming the norm. The residence at 36 Cove Way in Sentosa Cove, Singapore, is a modern showcase of sustainable design in a…

Multi-Story Concrete Home in Singapore

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Different cultures call for different home designs, layouts and obviously within those parameters falls the generational gaps when you’ve got multiple generations living under one roof. For one family in Singapore 3 generations share a large, multi-story concrete home that provides everything that each member of the family needs (to an extent). CHANG Architects created this…

Sleek Corner Bungalow in Singapore

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Bungalow homes are a beautiful choice for dwelling when given the option, especially in a country such as Singapore. This particular home designed by a_collective is the perfect showcase of the contemporary architectural style, their wonderful use of materials and a perfect filtration of natural light. The L-shape floor plan of the home is perfect for…

Sleek Styled Singapore Sunset Vale Home

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This Singapore space is so simple, yet so intricate. The beautiful linear lines of the architecture melds perfectly with the indoor and outdoor integration of the plan. Openness is a factor both within the interior and with regards to the exterior as well. This James Bond-like residence sits nestled among green landscape, large trees and a…

Green Sky City Garden Parkroyal Hotel in Singapore

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Designed to be more than just your average Singapore hotel suites, this built space was conceived as office space mixed with hospitality for the ultimate green roofed garden and city garden experience. It is from the Parkroyal on Pickering that guests can enjoy a lush green view from the upper floors, and skyline views just beyond….

Copper Patina Home Regulates Energy Consumption

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The tropical climate of Singapore is enough to make anyone really take a look at ways to keep things cool when it’s hot and humid outside. With plenty of indigenous plants, local bodies of water and proximity to the ocean, one would think that regulating the heat isn’t much of an issue. For this home by…

Singapore Natura Loft Apartment by AO Studios

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Singapore is filled with all kinds of over the top designs and architecture. AO Studios takes a different approach with many of their designs, and the “Natura Loft” titled space is a simple and neutral colored interior in a high rise loft of Bishan Town. While contemporary can be stark and uninviting in many cases, Alvin…