Mixed Media Cottage & Shipping Container Home

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A cottage of 750 square feet would probably be difficult for two people to cohabitate in at times, so there’s no way that a family of five would want to even try. For a unit of 5 in Topanga, California, an addition was needed to all comfortably fit into a sweet little home together. Instead of…

ProRail Shipping Container Waiting Station

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Train stations are hardly the picture of comfortable and convenient rest stops in between rides. As a project started by ProRail in The Netherlands, this particular station in the egg capital of the country, Barneveld; is a new and fresh take on ways to make commuting a more pleasurable experience. Shaped like a cross with various…

Tiny Off The Grid Home Has it All

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Wisconsin homes aren’t typically thought of as small, green shipping container spaces that are off the grid. But this particular home fits the bill for all of the above, and even has a little dipping pool to boot. This residence has a combination of shipping container, solar and OSB boards on an elevated platform along with…

Recycled Shipping Container Residence in Savannah Woods

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Shipping container homes offer up an economical and interesting space to live in on a budget and in style. Price Street Projects has created this residence for a young couple that’s filled with style on both the inside and out. It’s sleek and modern, unique and insightful, and best of all– it is situated in the…

Six Unit Sustainable Shipping Container House

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Flagstaff, Arizona is where this multi-unit shipping container home is located and the end result of this student-designer collaboration couldn’t be any more interesting. Crafted completely of six shipping containers for a family to live in, the desert home features cool and clean materials along with large windows for the beautiful view and natural light factor….

Twelve Unit Shipping Container Housing Complex

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Canada is home to a twelve unit shipping container community by the Atira Women’s Resource Society, that’s ben created with the intent to house women who have been the subject of abuse and are of the low-income level of earnings. Each unit is about 280 to 290 square feet of space, and offers some extra amenities…

Smartkabine Shipping Container Workspace With A Green Roof

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Shipping containers have so many uses these days that they’re practically inescapable. The recycled containers can provide housing, shelter, storage, restaurants and even retail space for those who are creative or bold enough to go sustainable. Belgium design house ‘Ruimtewerkers‘ created this vertical office from a shipping container and wood planks to create a flexible space…

Creative Chilean Caterpillar Shipping Container Home

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Creative mastermind Sebastian Irarrazaval Architects put together this contemporary Chilean residence, with a main focus on prefabrication. This Caterpillar Residence was built with prefab parts in mind; based off of shipping containers. Multiple modules sit hillside, with portions residing at angles and slopes that would otherwise have been leveled or built around. Retaining walls were placed,…

Canadian ‘Zigloo Domestique’ Shipping Container Home Prototype

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Zigloo Domestique is one of Canada’s very first shipping container homes, and with this prototype comes some beautiful details in the recycled material. Built from 8 varying 20-foot containers, this residence is sitting at 1,920 square feet. A mixture of salvaged, new and upcycled pieces all makes up the unique beauty of the space. Designer Keith…

Simple Shipping Container Prefab Disaster Relief Housing

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Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects decided to be one of the firms that created an innovative solution to the thoughts and inherent need for disaster relief housing. With all of the excess shipping containers that exist– Yoshimura Architects crafted a prototype for disaster relief housing. Two containers are placed side by side, and able to be transported to…