Mixed Media Cottage & Shipping Container Home

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A cottage of 750 square feet would probably be difficult for two people to cohabitate in at times, so there’s no way that a family of five would want to even try. For a unit of 5 in Topanga, California, an addition was needed to all comfortably fit into a sweet little home together. Instead of…

Tiny Off The Grid Home Has it All

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Wisconsin homes aren’t typically thought of as small, green shipping container spaces that are off the grid. But this particular home fits the bill for all of the above, and even has a little dipping pool to boot. This residence has a combination of shipping container, solar and OSB boards on an elevated platform along with…

Six Unit Sustainable Shipping Container House

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Flagstaff, Arizona is where this multi-unit shipping container home is located and the end result of this student-designer collaboration couldn’t be any more interesting. Crafted completely of six shipping containers for a family to live in, the desert home features cool and clean materials along with large windows for the beautiful view and natural light factor….

Colorado Shipping Container Home by Studio H:T

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A local Colorado home was built by Studio H:T with the environment in mind. Architects created this small residence based on the questions and planning principles of sustainability and space efficiency. A centrally built structure serves as the main hub for this home, while two shipping containers flank either side to provide the more private areas…

Simple Shipping Container Prefab Disaster Relief Housing

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Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects decided to be one of the firms that created an innovative solution to the thoughts and inherent need for disaster relief housing. With all of the excess shipping containers that exist– Yoshimura Architects crafted a prototype for disaster relief housing. Two containers are placed side by side, and able to be transported to…

Extreme Green Shipping Container Home in Bastrop, Texas

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Architecture firm Danze & Davis stepped up to the plate for Extreme Makeover, Home Edition’s episode that built a completely new residence for a deserving family in Bastrop, TX after their previous home was destroyed in a fire. Plenty of the building materials and finishes contain recycled content and other green materials, and the end result…

Six Oaks Shipping Container Residence by David Fenster

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David Fenster of Modulus in California was commissioned by a local family to create a dreamy getaway home in the woodsy area of the Santa Cruz Mountains. With the area lending itself to a more rustic and natural feeling retreat, the homeowners decided to juxtapose the green elements with some metal shipping containers as the foundation…

Modular Shipping Container Homes By ARQtainer

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ARQtainer is a company that specializes in prefab, shipping container homes. The Liray House in Chile was a project that was built in practically no time, and for only about $75,000 (USD). The designer came up with a solution for users who were looking into earthquake-proof homes– and the multiple containers served a great purpose for…

Maison Container Life Residence in France by Patrick Partouche

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As people continue to explore more sustainable building practices, the utilization of shipping containers is only growing in popularity down to some of the biggest corporate giants like Starbucks implementing these sustainable practices. Nestled in the countryside of France is this shipping container residence known as ‘Maison Container Life.’ Designed by French architect Patrick Partouche, this…