A Futuristic Styled Apartment in Russia

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Visually interesting spaces are some of the most successful, but along with the form comes function. This home in Moscow, Russia, has got an overload of futuristic accents, major patterns and some really funky displays. This space has so many built in features by Geometrix Design that it all looks like one big integrated space ship,…

Impressive Minimalist Moscow Cabin

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Moscow, Russia is home to some seriously cold and freezing winters so it only makes sense for a cabin to be the prime choice of dwelling during the colder months. Exquisite craftsmanship makes for a beautifully stacked log exterior, while the interior is a stunning combination of contemporary clean lines and the more widely known facade…

Contemporary Moscow Home Re-Design

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There are times when a home just needs a bit of updating, and for this 1990’s shell of a home in Moscow– it was about time for a major overhaul. 4a Architekten took this project by the horns and created a uniquely contemporary home that has an updated personality all its own. Seemingly asian in its…

650 Square Foot Transformer Apartment

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Small spaces can be a great way to live, and they can also be trying at times. Without a whole lot of space comes a lot less privacy in some circumstances, but there are so many ways to overcome the blandness that can be associated with small footprint dwelling. This conceptual space designed by Vlad Mishin…

The Ark Floating Housing by Alexander Remizov

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Disaster relief is never really an exciting topic of choice to discuss, but with global warming a very real issue at hand– there are people and architects out there thinking about the future. For those thinking of extreme climate changes and environmental conditions, the Ark may be a great solution. Created as a building that has…

Sleepbox Wooden Hotel Pods Near Moscow Railway

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Hotel accommodations that appeal to multiple styles of travelers are starting to appear all over the world, and the creativity in some of the “pod-like” overnight stays is impressive. Packing people into tight quarters for their sleeping time is the perfect solution for those on the go for business travel or sightseeing individuals in a new…

Luxe Loft Living by Uglyanitsa Alexander

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Interior renderings are getting better and better, and this project of an industrial style loft is a prime example of a life-like visualization. Uglyanitsa Alexander is the Russian designer behind the vibrantly styled loft, for a Belarus based project. IF you’re looking for a city living inspiration, look no further. This space has it all. Contemporary,…

Pirogovo Resort Greenhouse by Totan Kuzembaev Architects

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Totan Kuzembaev Architects was commissioned not too long ago to create a beautifully elegant greenhouse for Russian resort, Pirogovo. Though it’s one of the more popular resorts close by Russia’s Klyazminskoe Lake, owner Alexander Ezhkov is still striving to provide his guests with locally grown, organic foods. Thus, the sleek glass greenhouse was born. The entire…

Peter Kostelov Oak Tube Apartment In Moscow

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Wood panels aren’t the most exciting of materials to line the entire interior of a home, but when you’ve got the ‘Oak Tube’ apartment complete with flowing cutouts throughout– the oak siding seems to work better than if it were anything else. The 1200 square foot apartment in Moscow was designed by Peter Kostelov with an…

Colorfully Patterned House Showcases 30,000 Bottle Caps

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If you’re familiar with Outsider Art forms and the various parts and pieces that artists use to create any and all of their art forms. A Russian woman named Olga Kostina lives in a small village called “Karmarchaga” where she recently put her plastic bottle cap collection to good use on the facade of her home….