20 Inspirational DIY Pallet Projects For The Home

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Pallets are everywhere, and with the popularity growing it’s easy to want to have some pallet built pieces added to your home. Whether you’re inspired by the outdoors, entertaining friends, an organized workspace or a well appointed living space; you name it, pallets have already been there, done that. While there are of course plenty of…

How To: Craft A Stylish DIY Wood Pallet Dresser

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Crafting pallet furniture is as easy as you want it to be. The wood pallets that are used as such durable, versatile shipping bases just so happen to be great dimensions for furniture projects. With the amount of waste that’s produced from shipping pallets alone each year, we should all be creating furniture out of these…

Wood Pallet Style Rolling Storage Crates

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Storage items aren’t always the greatest visual pieces to add to your home. If you’ve got a whole lot of storing to do, and your closets are all full up with any and every piece sold at ‘The Container Store,’ it’s about time that you get a bit creative and decorative with your bins. These industrial…

Hand Made DIY Kitchen Crafted From Upcycled Wood Pallets

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Kitchen design is a completely unique thing to each and every homeowner. Every person has their own ideas and ideals of what is necessary in their own space, and when you get down to design styles, tastes in appliances and storage needs– it can be practically impossible to get two people to agree at times. The…

Create a Rustic Home With ‘ProduktWerft’ Pallet Furniture

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Industrial pallets have made their way into the home in so many ways– but DIY and furniture are among the top. If you don’t consider yourself the craftiest of dwellers, yet want to do your part in recycling used items such as pallets; consider making a purchase by someone who builds these items for a living….

20 Inventive Ways To Upcycle Pallets

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Shipping pallets have become a bit more popular with the quest for sustainable elements and materials in one’s home. With the popularity of Green Design and creative prototypes floating around out there, there are some great d.i.y. opportunities for things that can be found locally– like pallets. We’ve rounded up 20 great inventive uses of the…