Multi-Level Cedar Chicken Coop Design

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There are so many ways to house chickens, and with the multitude of DIY and store purchased options out there– we thought that this one was a unique little space for your hens to call home. Brought to you by Williams Sonoma, this chicken coop is crafted from cedar wood and a galvanized metal roof. Beyond…

The Great Outdoors: Sou Fujimoto’s Outhouse

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There’s no place like the great outdoors, and there’s no telling just what you’ll find out in the open land. For Sou Fujimoto Architects, it seemed an easy spot to put a bathroom. A public bathroom at that. Located in a Chinese garden, there are restrooms available that are quite the opposite of any other public…

Shaded ‘Green Screen’ Home Provides Privacy and Ventilation

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Hideo Kumaki Architect created this unique concept of a curving home in Saitama, Japan that incorporates a vertical garden that’s one-of-a-kind. In an area where the population is quite dense, planning ahead for ventilation, noise reduction and privacy are all important. This home’s program incorporated something different that provides a new way of living for this…

25 Unique Garden Pathway Design Ideas

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Outdoor design can be a soothing experience, and everywhere you turn there’s a new plant, grass, tree or flower that you can add to make your space more appealing. When it comes to creating your own secret garden, it can’t be complete without a beautiful pathway. Whether it’s leading to a seating area, fire pit, labyrinth,…

30 Summer Ready Infinity Pool Inspirations

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“Summer ready” is usually equated with pools or the beach. When you’re not in the mood for sand and salt water, or if you’re not near mother nature’s swimming hole– infinity pools are a luxurious way to relax and feel like the experience is never ending. We dream of luxe infinity pools with gorgeous backdrops, city…

Design Inspiration: 15 Balcony Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

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Outdoor spaces are such a great opportunity to enjoy the weather without having to get out and do much. An upstairs balcony can even be an amazing oasis away from all of the noise, stresses and prying eyes that are happening elsewhere. While most balconies are on the smaller side, it can be a tough thing…

A 14×14 Off The Grid New York Cabin

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While small spaces are becoming the norm, it’s not often we see them so disconnected from technology and the outside world. Prominent fashion designer Scott Newkirk has a space to call his own when he wants to step away from the hustle and bustle of it all– and the best part is? It’s in New York….

How To: 10 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

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It’s a constant struggle to balance interior and exterior spaces. In homes where cold weather doesn’t allow much outdoor exposure in the cold months, it can be a great idea to bring in natural elements to enjoy. Or even for homes in these warmer climates, ties to the outdoors can make a space feel cohesive and…

Whimsical Rooftop Garden In Dallas

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It can be tough to break the norm with an outdoor design, but with a little bit of imagination, the right look can certainly fall into place. For the most part the proper setting is essential, and this Dallas rooftop is the perfect example. With luxurious modern furnishings, boxwood topiary style columns and “rugs” of greenery,…

German Glass Pavilion by Keller First Class

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Pavilions are a great place to get away and lounge. Whether you’re outdoors, indoors, halfway in or out– a pavilion is the perfect escape in many situations. Keller of Luxembourg’s designs are always a stunning review of what can be done with glass and glazed panels, showcasing seamless sheets of glass doors and windows. This particular…