Uniquely Split Norwegian Cabin Plan

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Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has had plenty of creative experience planning interesting architectural spaces, but this split mountain home in Norway is a beautiful addition to the portfolio. A mountain lodge of this stature isn’t particularly overwhelming, but the simplistic nature of the exterior and interior make for a wonderful experience. A rich pine knotted wood covers…

Unreal Lamp Installations In The Norwegian Countryside

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Lighting can set a mood, create a feeling and even more so set the precedent for an entire event. Rune Guneriussen of Norway has created multiple installations of lighting that really give off a surreal effect. While your typical art and lighting installation might be a standard suspended fixture, Guneriussen’s sculptures feature a whole collection of…

Norwegian Geodesic Dome Residence

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The design and principle of the Geodesic dome has been around for quite some time, and while Buckmister Fuller was the father behind this amazing architectural creation; others have followed in his footsteps in order to create greener structures. A Norwegian family has also taken such a keen interest in the Geodesic dome design that their…

Norwegian National Tourist Route: Trollstigen

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Norway has some beautiful landscapes, but what might be better than that is the architecture that surrounds the lush greenery and water in Romsdalen, Norway. Planned by Reiulf Ramstad Architects, the “Trollstigen” building is a part of a popular tourist route that is only accessible at Summer time. This space is virtually a visitor’s center, and…

Stunning Glass Visitor’s Center for Norway’s Trollwall

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When you’re in a location that’s famed for its base jumping and extreme activities, it only seems sensible to have a visitor’s center nearby. Reiulf Ramstad Architects took care of that in Norway, where the “Troll Wall” lies, in Trollveggen. The location looks like something out of “Game of Thrones,” but the structure is all contemporary….

White House by JVA Located On Oslo Fjord

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Constructed out of simple materials concrete and oak paneling, this home has been dubbed the “White House” by JVA Architects of Norway. While the 2100 square foot single family home is set on the Oslo Fjord, it’s located in Strand, Norway in a woodsy neighborhood. The contemporary space has all kinds of angles and twists and…

Small Summer Home by Tommie Wilhelmsen

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Summer Homes can be that one of a kind place that just brings you back every time, and Tommie Wilhelmsen‘s 2004 project in Kolonihagen, Oslo Norway is a great second house if you’ve got the dough to spare. Overall a small space, but there’s a great usage of its modular form that’s got a great loft…

Ski Slope Mountain Hill Cabin by Fantastic Norway Architects

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Nestled deep within the snowy mountains of Ål, Norway is a cabin that is half relaxing retreat, half ski slope for adrenaline junkies. Designed by Fantastic Norway architects, this awesome project is currently set for completion this year. The 2 bedroom retreat can only be reached by skis in the winter. The structure of the residence…

Seljord Lookout Point in Norway

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Many of us have heard the rumors and myths of a giant sea serpent that occupies the lake of Seljord. The myth of  this giant seam monster named Selma has been around for hundreds of years, and the locals decided it was time to optimize the viewing experience constructing a new lookout tower to help spot…

Norwegian ‘Red House’ by JVA Architects

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Scandinavian Design has been overrun by all things Ikea, but when looking into a contemporary designed home by JVA Norwegian Architects the beauty is all brought back into every facet of the home. Forget neutrals and standard stucco, this home tucked away in Oslo, Norway is completely red. There are plenty of gorgeous views surrounding this…