Wood Cabin and Treehouse Inside of a Brooklyn Loft

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New York has some of the smallest interior spaces in the states, and you can forget about gaining a backyard or any outdoor square footage if you’re in the city or a borough such as Brooklyn. For one loft dweller in the concrete jungle, a makeshift treehouse-slash-cabin has been concocted to provide a bit of nostalgia…

Outrageous Tribeca Apartment Listed For $49.5 Million

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New York has some of the most expensive real estate we’ve seen. With the amount of money that the city brings in and some of the richest people in the world seeking a home in the city, this Tribeca space is an extravagant home that is filled with everything and more. When thinking of a New…

Celebrity Spotlight: Quirky NY Apartment of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan

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The couple known for their quirky ‘happy chic’ style and fearless take on fashion shares a couple of homes together– and their main New York residence is one that epitomizes their youthful, not so serious take on life. Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan once purchased separate spaces in a New York neighborhood, but now that they’re…

East Meets West: A Coastal Fashion Design Transplant

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Nestled into 550 square feet of space in Brooklyn, New York, this residence is not only an eclectic mixture of earthy prints and tones but a beautiful melting pot of west coast found treasures moved and assimilated to the East Coast. Gretchen Jones of “Project Runway” crafted this tiny rental herself, and finds gems within the…

TBHCo 15th Street Beach Style New York Apartment

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Unique studio style apartments are this design firm’s specialty. With quirky and industrial flare, The Brooklyn Home Company has a distinct look to show off in style. TBHCo‘s 15th Street apartment design holds more of a beachy vibe on the interior, a style that’s a little less likely for the concrete jungle that is New York….

Small Spaces: 240 Square Foot NYC Apartment With a Library

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Small spaces can certainly be constituted by square footage, lack of storage and possibly even by the number of people sharing said space. But what about adding in some obvious, exaggerated low ceilings into the mix? This super small New York City Space has a shortage of square footage but still manages to fit in some…

Tribeca New York Hudson Loft by Schappacher White Ltd.

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An amazing old 3,000 square foot warehouse formerly used by American Express was the canvas for Schappacher White‘s residential project in Tribeca, New York. Transforming the age old building into a loft style residence was their challenge, and they rose to it, keeping everything in line with the original style and feel of the interior. Materials…

8 Rooms in a 420 Square Foot Transformer Apartment

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Small footprint homes are an ever growing trend that seems to be popular whether you are reducing your own footprint or are living in an ultra expensive area like New York or San Francisco. In this case, Treehugger‘s own Grant Hill came up with an inventive way to fit everything needed and then some within his…

Eclectic Multi-Million Dollar New York Apartment

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The trendy Greenwich street in the Tribeca area of New York isn’t quite on the Manhattan level of penthouse prices, but the area is full of its artsy quirks and fun friendly design. This particular apartment is only two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms– but it spans an entire floor and is chock-full of…

Spacious Greenwich Village Repurposed Water Tank

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New York might be known more for it’s massive high rise buildings and historic buildings of large proportions– but there are a ton of little gems that tend to go unnoticed, all still with a large price tag of course. The hip Greenwich neighborhood is home to Messana O’Rorke‘s interesting 12th Street project. An old water…