Contemporary Water Balloon Pendant Lighting

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Lighting is a great way to spruce up any space. Though it can be pricey and difficult to find just the right fixture that matches up with the scale and design style of an interior. Torafu Architects created this water balloon inspired light that emits a liquid droplet look on the interior of a bulb. The…

Limited Edition Fabric Drawstring Pendants

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Swedish furniture design company Merry-Go-Round creates plenty of mod items that are a little less bland than your average Ikea desk. Their focus is on locally sourced pieces whether from the dump or a production artist in the area. For their “Drawstring Lamp” collection, they utilized the resources of textile designer Svensson Markspelle. Each piece is…

Playful “Memory” Balloon Lights by John Moncrieff

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Balloons are universally happy, though they don’t last forever. With John Moncrieff‘s “Memory” design, these childhood inspired light fixtures are available to attach to your wall as a sconce or to the ceiling as a pendant to cherish daily. A great addition to a kids room, pop art inspired space or your favorite room in the…

Gorgeous Branch Light Accent Lighting by Presse Citron

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Accent lighting, accessories, furniture, rugs, art, and the necessities for the home. Add all to the mix at once, and things can look pretty overwhelming quickly if you don’t edit out all of the unnecessary items. The Branch Light by Presse Citron doubles as two of these to keep the additions at a minimum. Consider this…

Halley: Comet Inspired Outdoor Lighting by Vibia

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Outdoor lighting can be a tricky purchase, especially if it’s not a built in lamp that just blends in with the landscape. But if it’s a statement that you’re looking for, the “Halley” light designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal for Vibia is a great option that adds just a touch of whimsy and class…

16 Spectacular Light Fixtures To Improve Your Space

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Lighting can be a great way to spruce up any interior. The fixtures you select can be something simple and elegant to add to the overall look of a space, or something wild and crazy to evoke a mood. If left out or placed as an afterthought– it can be a difficult thing to find that…

‘LC Shutters’ Pendant by Louise Campbell for Louis Poulsen

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Louise Campbell has got a wide array of lighting applications under her belt, and the most recent is the mod looking ‘LC Shutters’ pendant. Whether you’re applying in the sleekest of spaces or the quirkiest of children’s rooms– this fixture has got a place in so many different settings. The starting point is a flat sheet…

Studio Drift Design’s ‘Flylight’ in Moscow Residence

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Netherlands design team Studio Drift has a strong sense of belief in focusing on the “immaterial”– or getting people back to a simpler time; not so built up around the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These forward thinkers simulate majority of their design solutions in lighting, with one of their most renowned being the Flylight….