Tiny Modern Madrid Loft by Elii

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Elii Architecture of Spain showcases their contemporary, out of the box ways of thinking via their architectural projects such as ‘Didomestic.’ In this teeny tiny little loft space, Elii has thought of everything, including having mirrors under floor boards and more. The walls are fairly bare, aside from the built ins and pulley systems along the…

Retro Rock & Roll Chic Interior

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It’s not all too often that an art deco styling and rock and roll fit into the same home. Design typically swings one way or the other. But in this gorgeous home, tons of patterns, time eras and pieces all mix and match to create a look that feels like Kelly Wearstler and a Rolling Stone…

Beautiful Balcony House by Acero

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Anytime we see or hear the word ‘Acero‘ we are already impressed. This Madrid firm’s quality of creative and contemporary work is unsurpassed, and with a home titled ‘balcony’ we knew it was right up our alley. The facade of this space is similar to the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall with a more understated elegance….

Tiny Vertical 200 Square Foot Home in Madrid

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Small spaces are always the most fun and intriguing to look at, personally. There’s something about an entire home that’s so compartmentalized, organized and spacious all at the same time that begs for a closer look. This particular home in Madrid, Spain, is a more vertical take on your average 200 square foot home, with ladder…

290 Square Foot Mobile 2 Person Residence

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There’s something to be said about those who wish to live a lifestyle in a tiny home, and share it with another person. This 290 square foot space titled ‘ÁPH80′ was created by Ábaton of Madrid, Spain, was crafted for two people to dwell and move whenever and wherever they please. Made from sourced wood of…

Eclectic and Layered Madrid Home

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When it comes to interior design, anything goes. It’s an art form in itself, and having an eye to beautifully display visual goods that make a space feel like home (and art all in one) is an amazing thing. Maria Lladó of Spain has put together a residence on Calle Fortunay, and the overall look is…

Super Sleek La Finca Residence by A-cero

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A-cero architecture of Spain always has an interestingly sleek approach to their residential architecture and interiors. This is just one of the many homes designed by the Spanish firm that sits in the exclusive La Finca neighborhood. Like many of the built spaces in A-cero’s portfolio, is a large sprawling space with plenty of sleek and…

Monochrome Paper Chandelier Ceiling, Madrid

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Chandeliers can be an expensive addition to any room, unless you’re willing to get a little creative like artist Cristina Parreno. Her latest installation included paper tubes and lighting to create a unique, three-dimensional ceiling to wow guests of Arco Madrid’s art fair this year (2013). Parreño set up this entire room with hundreds upon hundreds…

Simply Constructed House of Would in Pedrezuela

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Simple homes can be some of the more stunning pieces of architecture, and the Spanish firm Elii proves that with their “House of Would” in Pedrezuela, Madrid, Spain. Planks fill up the line of vision with delicately laid angles, unfinished wood pieces and colorful turquoise accents. The home appears almost as a sculpture, with the lower…

Madrid’s Casa i-Home Is Controlled by Apple Devices

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In a world today where we are all so reliant on technology, it’s no surprise that there are homes out there becoming more and more integrated with our smart devices. Architects Hita & Partners were commissioned to create the “Casa i-Home” which functions completely off of either an iPhone or iPad device. Climate control, LED lighting,…