Wood Cabin and Treehouse Inside of a Brooklyn Loft

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New York has some of the smallest interior spaces in the states, and you can forget about gaining a backyard or any outdoor square footage if you’re in the city or a borough such as Brooklyn. For one loft dweller in the concrete jungle, a makeshift treehouse-slash-cabin has been concocted to provide a bit of nostalgia…

Contemporary Classic: Ukrainian Loft Space

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Lofts are practically limitless when it comes to design. As long as there’s an open mind and an interesting concept in hand, there are endless possibilities for layouts and even storage space (who would have thought?). For designer Alex Bykov this little home in Kiev, Ukraine, is a home of constant motion. A bedroom, lounge and…

Subtle and Soft Pink Industrial Loft

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The color pink is favorited by plenty of women around the world, and it’s rare to see such bold usage of the color within a home. To end off October’s Breast Cancer awareness month, we selected this soft pink industrial loft to showcase the bold mix of cool steel palettes and ultra feminine touches that truly…

Rustic Barcelona Loft Living by AM Asociados

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The city of Barcelona has got space at a premium, and loft living is a common way of life in Spain. This particular space by the creatives at AM Asociados is a narrow home that features plenty of industrial qualities and combines it all with a contemporary finish, leaving a homey quality in every nook and…

Sophisticated Downtown Houston Loft by CONTENT

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Houston isn’t standardly known for their high rise lofts. With a Downtown that’s making great strides, this loft by Houston’s own CONTENT Architects is a beautifully compiled piece that showcases a sleek sophistication. This residence is a small, yet spacious home that has everything in it that you could want in such an industrial urban vibe….

Cozy Eclectic London Loft Design

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Putting together an interior is like putting together a puzzle. When decorating with your own personal style, it’s important to layer like this eclectic London space. The rooms of this home aren’t chock full of knick knacks, but it’s accessorized enough to keep things cozy and interesting at every turn. This space belongs to photographer Simon…

Romantic Chilean Loft by Matias Silva & Arquitectos

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Loft spaces are always a beautiful addition to any property, and this Chilean built loft is a nice little contemporary gem tucked away into the lush hills of the countryside. Titled “Lo Curro,” this Matias Silva built home is built of concrete block, wood and steel. The home itself is 1,500 square feet with an expansive…

Masculine Boutique Home Office in New York

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Homes and offices meld together so often these days, that it can be difficult to distinguish where work ends and home begins. Between businesses that are born in the home to telecommuting to work and the lives of bloggers, having a space that functions as both is a must. The boutique billboard company, Prince Media Co.,…

Luxe Loft Living by Uglyanitsa Alexander

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Interior renderings are getting better and better, and this project of an industrial style loft is a prime example of a life-like visualization. Uglyanitsa Alexander is the Russian designer behind the vibrantly styled loft, for a Belarus based project. IF you’re looking for a city living inspiration, look no further. This space has it all. Contemporary,…

Downtown Density Loft by Mesh Architectures

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A spacious loft renovation by Mesh Architectures is one that combines the old structural building with a new and hip Downtown vibe for a single father whose children are grown. Though it was comprised of one large open space initially, Mesh-Arc has gone in an divvied up the square footage to create a guest space, kitchen,…