Italian Stone House by Arturo Montanelli

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Rustic stone facades are typically one way to define traditional architecture and design. With the architecture of Arturo Montanelli’s Lake Como residence being so much more contemporary than what’s expected, it gains all notions that here in Italy lies a home that’s nothing less than interesting. With plans to work within the already designated landscape while…

Brazilian Sun House by David Guerra

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This charming rustic home is a beautiful example of eclectic Brazilian design. A sprawling 6400 square feet of space sits in a lush green landscape sprinkled with indigenous plants and the home adorned with gorgeous French drains. Architect David Guerra dubbed the “Sun House” for its marvelous light filtering properties, this home looks like an amazing…

Futuristic Villa F in Rhodes, Greece

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We like to think that this home is the ultimate in terms of international sophistication and contemporary presence. Villa F is a beautiful dwelling that juts out over a stone wall only to disappear into the landscape. With a singular color scheme on the exterior that carries over to the interior, it’s the ultimate in sleek…

45 Year Old Tiny Serbian Drina River Home

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Floating structures are a great accomplishment, but what about a building that has withstood not only intense Serbian weather but 45 years perched upon a natural rock in a river? This Drina River Home was built in 1968 and is still perfectly situated, minus the exterior wear and tear. Located in the small town of Bajina…

Sleek 11 Women House by Mathias Klotz

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South America is full of some of the most gorgeous beaches that the world knows, and some great contemporary architecture. This amazing space designed by Architect Mathias Klotz takes full advantage of ocean views and a steep sloping hill that cascades down to the Pacific Ocean. Located in Chile, The Casa 11 Mujeres (or “11 Women…

New Zealand’s Cardboard Cathedral Holds 700 People

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Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has been commissioned for the re-construction of what was the old Christ Church Cathedral after an earthquake shook down the historical structure. Now that all new construction has been approved and two years later the completed space is a beautiful work of art in the city of Christchurch. Cardboard tubes are utilized…

L-Shaped Swedish Home by Franson Wreland

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Swedish Designs are typically some of the simplest, yet most ingenious ever, and Franson Wreland‘s private residence in Danderyd, Sweden exemplifies that even further. This single family home is one that is a plain wood clad geometric shape on the exterior, and an absolute gem on the interior. Wreland’s design is an open plan that allows…

Swedish Townhouse by Elding Oscarson

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Nestled in between two more traditional Swedish homes is “Townhouse.” Landskrona, Sweden is home to this contemporary structure situated on a tiny, narrow lot. Elding Oscarson was the design mastermind behind this stark white, contemporary home– built to be treated as a gallery for an ever growing art collection. The interior space feels wide and open,…

High End Armada House in Victoria, British Columbia

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Super luxe homes are always a sight for sore eyes, and this warm and inviting space located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is a great example of high end design done right. Planned by KB Design the amazing architectural details go a long way. Simple finishes are combined in the most striking of ways to create…

Five Story China Home Stands In The Middle Of A Lone Road

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In the city of Wenling, China stands a five story row home in the middle of a lonely road. With the East rapidly expanding, developers are coming in and offering current homeowners monetary compensation for moving out of their residences. In most cases, the families living in these purchased areas simply vacate for too little money….